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VLADIMIR Mstislavich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography VLADIMIR Mstislavich
From the kind of Rurik. The son of Mstislav I Vladimirovich and daughter Novgorod mayor Lubava Dmitrievna. Kn. Dorogobuzhsky in 1150 - 1154, 1170 - 1171 he. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1154 - 1157 he. Kn. Slutsky in 1162, Mr.. Kn. Tripoli in 1162 - 1168 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1171, Mr..

Wife: from 1150 g. daughter of Hungarian King Bц╘la the Blind.

+ 10 May 1171, Mr..

* * *

In 1157 Mstislav II suddenly attacked Vladimir, took his wife, mother, all their belongings, and drove himself to Hungary. Returning to Russia, Vladimir was left without a parish. In ate, he went with Izyaslav Davidovich at Turov, wanted to drive out Yaroslavich Yuri, but Yuri strayed. In the same year he lost Izyaslav Davidovich Kiev parish, exiled Mstislav II of Kiev. Vladimir fled with him in the steppe.

By the year 1162 reported that Rostislav Mstislavich sent against Vladimir to Slutsk son Rurik with shelves and allied princes. When and how Vladimir mastered this city, it is unknown. Seeing that it was impossible to resist such a large army, he gave the city allied princes, and he went to Rostislav in Kiev: he gave him the four cities of Tripoli.

On the death in 1168 by Rostislav Vladimir remained highest in the genus Monomakh, but with no hope of defending his nephew from Kiev Mstislav Izyaslavich, he sent him an invitation to the great reign. At the same time he secretly conspired with the sons of Rostislav, that they will stand at the same time u take a Mstislav parish on their own. Vladimir wanted in addition to Tripoli Torchesk with all Poros. This conspiracy was known to Mstislav. Hearing of this, and fearing the wrath of Mstislav, Vladimir fled with his family from Tripoli to Vyshgorod and shut himself here with Rostislavich. Mstislav of Kiev went straight to Vyshgorod, after several bouts of strong princes entered into negotiations and agreed on how to stay with the old parishes. Leaving Vyshgorod, Vladimir, resentment towards his nephew, he began to contrive new trick against him. Boyar Davyd Rostislavich Vasil Nastasich to learn about these designs, they announced their prince, and he told all Mstislav. When Vladimir learned that his intent was opened, he came to Kiev to justify herself to her nephew. Almost at the same time, they arrived in Pechersk Monastery Mstislav entered the Father Superior's cell and told to sit down and Vladimir ekonomskoy and sent to ask him: "Brother, why have you come?" I did not send for you ". Vladimir told the answer: "Brother, I heard that evil people have spoken to you for me". "I told my brother Davyd" - ordered to answer this Mstislav. They were sent to the Davydov V Vyshgorod; Davyd sent Vasil for evidence to him and placed a tysyatskogo yet another nobleman, and the trial began. Three days later, Mstislav again came to the Caves Monastery, Vladimir sent two of his boyars, who began to argue with Vasil, but there was a new witness. It is finally tired of Mstislav, . He said his uncle: "Brother, You kissed the cross, . and yet you have no lips became dry, it's his father's and grandfather's assertion: who violated the oath, . that God will judge; so now, . if you do not think no evil and do not think, . then kiss the cross ",
. Vladimir answered: "With pleasure, my boy, kiss, all this on my invention and falsehood," - he kissed the cross and went to Kotelnitsu. But in the same year he began again to refer to the black hoods, getting them against the nephew, and when the latter gave him the floor to act in concert, then announced that his boyars. But the squad answered him: "You, prince, thought it itself: we do not go for you, we do not know". Vladimir became angry and went to Berendeys, which met following Rostovtsev. But those, . seeing, . he came one, . greeted him with the words: "You told us, . that all the brothers with you at the same time, where is Vladimir Andreevich, . where Yaroslav Davyd? And the guards, then you do not, . You deceived us "- and began to let in Vladimir arrows, . of which two and hit him,
. Vladimir said then: "God forbid believe foul, but I have lost body and soul," and ran to Dorogobuzh, losing their young men, who killed black hoods. But Vladimir destroyed the bridge on the River Horyn and not to let yourself Mstislavovitch, who was forced to go through the land Radimichi in Suzdal parish to Andrew Bogolyubsky. But the latter did not take him to her, and sent word to him: "Go to Ryazan to Gdaе└sk prince and I'll put on". Vladimir listened to his cousin and went to Ryazan. Mstislav II of Kiev did not want to post this, . so that mother and Vladimir remained somewhere in Russia, . and ordered him to tell her: "Go for the Dnieper to the Campus, . and then go where you want, I can not live with you in one place, . because your son is always looking for my head, . forever forswear ",
. That went to Chernihiv.

Vladimir himself briefly lived in Ryazan. After the capture and destruction of Kiev by Andrei Bogolubsky troops in 1169, he went to the Volyn region, and settled in the city is full, which belonged to Kievan Tithe Church. Upon learning of the death of Prince Vladimir Andreevich Dorogobuzhskaya, he came to Dorogobuzh, but the squad late Prince would not let him into the city. Then Vladimir sent to tell her: "I kiss the cross for you and your princess, . that neither you nor she will not do anything wrong ", he kissed the cross, . entered the city and at once forgot his oath, . because, . says the chronicler, . he was vertlyav between all the brothers, he pounced on the name, . of the herd and the village of the late A. and drove him from the princess of the city,
. Taking the body of her husband, she went to Vyshgorod.

In 1170, Mstislav died Izyaslavich, and in 1171-m - Gleb Yurevich. Three Rostislav, prince near Kiev, was summoned to the grand principality of Vladimir, as his uncle. Secretly Yaroslav Izyaslavich, who before he swore that he would not seek the great reign, Vladimir arrived in Kiev, leaving Dorogobuzh son Mstislav.

But his happiness and there was no long. Kiev is now based on northern Prince Bogolyubsky, which, says the chronicler, was a pleasure to know that Vladimir villages in Kiev he sent to tell him that he should go there, and in his place ordered to go to Roman Smolensky Rostislavich. Death of Vladimir rid of exile: he died in Kiev, having spent just over a month on the throne. "A lot of troubles he endured, - says the chronicler, - running from Mstislav then Galich, in Hungary, in Ryazan, by Polovtsy, but all my fault, because it is unstable in the procession were kissing."

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VLADIMIR Mstislavich, photo, biography
VLADIMIR Mstislavich, photo, biography VLADIMIR Mstislavich  From the kind of Rurik, photo, biography
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