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Biography Vyacheslav
From the kind of Vitebsk (?) Kn. Son (?) Vladimir Vasilkovich. Kn. Kukeynossky

. * * *

. Henry of Latvia in his chronicle reported that Vyacheslav, not being able to fight its own resources with Lithuania in 1207 was in Riga, and invited the Bishop of half of their land and city, if he would undertake to defend him against the barbarians
. Bishop gladly agreed to this proposal, but from the subsequent story does not show that he immediately took advantage of it. Probably, Vyacheslav promised to take a German garrison only in the case of the Lithuanian attack. Be that as it may, the Russian prince soon saw by experience that instead of defenders, he found in the Knights of enemies, who were for him more dangerous than the Lithuanians. Between him and the knight Daniel von Lenevardenom had a quarrel, the latter suddenly attacked at night Kukeynos, captured them without resistance, rounded up residents, took their property, the prince entered into fetters. Bishop, . heard about this, . Daniel sent the order to immediately release the Prince, . the return of his city and all the property, then he called to his Vyacheslav, . received with honor, . richly endowed horses and dress, . reconciled with Daniel, . but recalled his earlier promise to surrender to the Germans half of the fortress and sent Kukeynos detachment of troops to engage and strengthen the city in case of the Lithuanian attack,
. The prince left Riga with a cheerful face, but privately harbored vengeance: he had seen in Riga, all was ready for the departure of the bishop and many of the crusaders in Germany, and decided to take advantage of this convenient opportunity to liberate their city from unpleasant guests. Thinking, . that the bishop with the crusaders already in the sea, . he, . on the advice of the brigade, . began to act, . when nearly all the Germans had descended into the pit, . where the stone was extracted for urban buildings, . and their swords and other weapons left at the top, . princely youths and the men ran to the pits, . seized weapons and killed his owners,
. Three of the latter, however, managed to escape and reach Riga: they told what had happened to them and their comrades in Kukeynose. Meanwhile, Vyacheslav sent to Polotsk Prince Vladimir horses and the enemy's weapons with an invitation to go as soon as possible for Riga. Polotsk prince began to gather their forces. But Slava was sadly mistaken in their hopes: contrary winds detained Albert Dvina mouth, and when the news arrived in Riga on incidents in Kukeynose, he immediately returned. The Germans, scattered throughout Livonia, gathered in Riga. Then, Russian, seeing that is not in a position to fight against the combined forces of the Order, gathered their belongings, set fire to Kukeynos and went far to the east.

From subsequent events, it becomes clear that Vyacheslav went to Chud land in Yur'ev, where he was held in 1224. Vyacheslav remembered resentment and implacable enemy of the Order: he took tribute from all the surrounding countries, says a German chronicler, but on those who did not give a tribute, sending troops and wasted, causing the Germans all evil, only what was in his power. It found itself protect all Ests, rose up against newcomers. This is especially excited the anger of the Germans to Viacheslav. Finally they decided to gather all their forces, . take possession of the hated city, . which, . According to the chronicler, . collected were all villains, . traitors and murderers, . all the enemies of the Church of Livonia, under the command of the Duke, . which from time immemorial been the root of all evil for Livonia,
. We went under Yurev all knights, servants of the Roman church, please crusaders, merchants, citizens of Riga, baptized Livs and years, and 15 August Yurev was besieged. The Germans prepared a number of siege engines, from large trees and built a tower on a par with the city walls and under its protection have begun to undermine. Nevertheless, . besiegers tried yet to start talks with Vyacheslav: they sent him several religious heads and knights and offered free to leave the fortress with all his retinue, . horses, . Property, . If he agrees to leave the apostate Ests,
. Vyacheslav, waiting for the arrival of Novgorod, did not accept their proposals. Then the siege began with renewed vigor and continued for several days without success: the art and courage on both sides were equal, the besiegers and the besieged still knew no rest day nor night: a day of fighting at night playing and singing. Besieged struck a large hole in the wall and rolled out the red-hot wheels to light the tower, which cause so much damage to the fortress, the besiegers had to concentrate all efforts to protect against fire and save his tower. Meanwhile, the brother of Bishop Johann von Apeldern began storming. Part knights stormed into the city through the breach made by the deposited. For the Germans invaded Letty and Liwa, and began the massacre: no one was spared, the Russian has struggled for a long time inside the walls, has finally been consumed by the Germans surrounded the fort from all sides and not allow anyone to escape. Novgorod chronicler wrote: "The same summer ubisha Prince Vyachka Germans in Gyurgeve, and the city vzyasha.

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Vyacheslav, photo, biography
Vyacheslav, photo, biography Vyacheslav  From the genus Vitsebsk princes, photo, biography
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