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( Grand Prince of Kiev)

Gleb Yurievich (? -1171) - Led. Prince of Kiev., son of Yuri Dolgoruky. In 1147, Mr.. escorted from Kolteska in Suzdal body of the deceased brother Ivan, and then his father sent him to Chernihiv. kn. Svyatoslav Olgovich in Devyagorsk, where he, together with Svyatoslav went to Mezen and Crome, and after the assassination of former lead. kn. Kiev. Igor's Cathedral - in Kiev, in Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, took Kursk and Poseme, who surrendered to him voluntarily. He managed to capture a Izyaslav Mstislavovitch Ostersky Gorodets, where he unsuccessfully tried to take Pereslavl-Southern, then went to Ryazan, the Red ravine and the Great Raven, but in the end with nothing in return Gorodets. In 1148, Mr.. Izyaslav besieged him there, and Gleb Yurievich fled to Chernihiv. kn. Vladimir Davydovich. In 1149, Mr.. participated in the battle of Pereyaslavl and after voknyazheniya father in Kiev was Kanev. At the same atom, the father gave him another Peresopnitsu and Dorogobuzh. In 1150, caught in Izyaslav Peresopnitsy, narrowly escaped capture and went to Ushesku. In 1151, Mr.. received from Mstislavich Pereyaslavl, and after the expulsion of Yuri Dolgoruky from Kiev was again transferred to Ostersky Gorodets. In 1152, Mr.. lost this city, which Mstislav II of Kiev razed. In 1154, Mr.. hired Polovtsy and besieged them Pereyaslavl, but was kept spbit. Kiev. kn. Rostislav Mstislavich. In 1155, together with Izyaslav Davidovich fought with Rostislav on p. Belous and after the victory of Yuri Dolgoruky again received Pereyaslavl. In 1166, on the orders led. kn. Kiev. Rostislav Mstislavovitch, stood with others. princes in Kanev for protection from Polovtsy merchants on the Dnieper. In 1168, Mr.. participated along with other. princes in the campaign against Polovtsy and defeat them on the river. AurцLlie. In 1169, Mr.. helped the army to his brother Andrew Bogolubsky fight Kiev, after the capture of which was left to Andrew to lead. Kiev. table. In 1170, alarmed by the news of the approach of troops of Mstislav Izyaslavich to Kiev, he fled to Pereslavl, and after the death of his enemy again sat in Kiev, where he died.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Prince. Son Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruky and Polovtsian book., Daughter of Khan Aepy Osenevicha. Kn. Kursk in 1147, Mr.. Kn. Kanevsky in 1149, Mr.. Kn. Perei and 1155 - 1169 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1169.1170 - 1171 he.

1) unknown (+ 1154);
2) with 1156 g. daughter of Prince. Chernigov Izyaslav Davidovich.

+ 20 January. 1171 g.

* * *

In 1147, Yuri Gleba sent to the aid Svyatoslav Olgovich Seversky. Expelled from his principality Izyaslav Davidovich, Svyatoslav gave Kursk Poseme Gleb, and he planted here Posadnik. After that, Hleb took the town Ostersky. Izyaslav Mstislavich invited him to come to Kiev, . and Gleb initially promised to come, . but then changed his mind, . because it entered into an agreement with Pereyaslavets, . part of which was somehow dissatisfied Izyaslav or his son, Mstislav, . reigned them, . and called Gleb, . promising to send him the city,
. Gleb immediately went to Pereyaslavl, but Mstislav out to meet. The two saw each other, decided not to join the battle. Gleb stood up in the morning the next day and returned. Mstislav chased after him, took over part of his troops, but most managed to escape in Gleb Gorodets. Izyaslav hearing about these apparent challenge Pereyaslavl assembled squad, as well as Berendeys, went to Gorodets and pulled him. Seeing no help from anywhere, Gleb three days later surrendered Izyaslav and reconciled with him, as you can see, he left behind him his father's city. But Hleb was not grateful to him for that: as soon Izyaslav returned to Kiev he sent word to the princes of Chernigov: "I'm reluctant to kiss the cross Izyaslav: he surrounded me in the city, and from you no assistance, but now again I want to be with you ".

In 1148 Izyaslav reconciled with the princes of Chernigov, and Gleb deduced from Gorodets and sent to the princes of Chernigov. It is not known whether they gave Gleb any city.

In 1149 Yuri conquered Kiev and put Hleb in Kanev, and in 1150 transferred to Peresopnitsu that he guarded the western borders of the Russian land from Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Hleb was standing near the river Stube in tents when Izyaslav suddenly came upon him, seized the camp, detachment, horses, Gleb barely managed to escape the city and sent to Izyaslav with a bow. Izyaslav took it graciously, offered me dinner and let him go with God. His son, Mstislav spent Hleb for Korchesk. Hleb moved to his father in Kiev, and later stood by him.

In 1154 Yuri Gleba sent to the steppe for Polovtsy, but it was delayed. Izyaslav meanwhile died in Kiev, and now had to fight with his brother, Rostislav. In 1155 Gleb came with Polovtsy to Pereyaslavl, could not take it and sat in Piryatin. In the same year Izyaslav Davidovich drove Rostislav of Kiev, and gave Pereyaslavl Gleb. When established in Kiev, Yuri Dolgoruky, he married the daughter of Gleb Izyaslav Davydovich. But in 1159, when the latter tried to drive Rostislav of Kiev, Hleb has not had any father-in-aid and even stand on his two-week siege in his Pereyaslavl. In 1167 Gleb went with Mstislav II of Kiev against Polovtsy, and in 1169 was among the 10 princes who had taken and plundered Kiev ordered Andrew Bogolubsky.

In exile Mstislav Izyaslavich, Andrew gave Kiev Gleb. Gleb sent against Polovtsy brother Michael, while he was waiting for him in Pereslavl. In the meantime, come Mstislav II of Kiev and captured Kiev. This time he stayed in Kiev for long, because all Rostislavich ganged up against him. Mstislav went to Volhynia and died in August 1170. Hleb did not long survive him - he died in January 1171, leaving about a good memory. He was buried beside his father at St.. Savior in Berestove.

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