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DAVYDOV Rostislavich

( Prince of Smolensk)

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Biography DAVYDOV Rostislavich
Davyd Rostislavich (? -1197) - Prince of resins., Son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Rostislav Mstislavovitch. With voknyazheniem father in Kiev on them in 1154, Mr.. in Novgorod the Great, but after a year of Novgorod drove him out. In the spring of 1158, Mr.. Rostislav been put in Novgorod. ground immediately and sons: Sviatoslav - in Novgorod, and Davyd Rostislavich - in Torzhok. In the same year Davyd Rostislavich went with his brothers, Roman and Rurik help directing body. kn. Rogvolod Borisovich against his relatives. As for was forced to leave the limits of Novgorod. land. In 1164, Mr.. he managed to gain a foothold in Vitebsk, where he reigned ca. 2 years. In 1167, returning the directing body. table driven off with him Polochans kn. Vseslav Vasilkovich, defended with others. princes Dnieper bargaining. way in Kanev on Polovtsy. When voknyazhenii Mstislav of Kiev was there and got Vyshgorod Kiev, lost most of the Vitebsk parish. In 1168, Mr.. participated in Kiev. Knyazh. Congress at which a decision to march forward on Polovtsy. In 1169, Mr.. with supporters Vlad. kn. Bogolyubsky, gathered his troops at Vyshgorod, took by storm Kiev. In 1170, who spent one in Vyshegorod when Mstislav besieging the city, along with his brothers burned Mikhailov, the last refuge of a nephew Mstislav - Vasilko Yaropolchicha. After the death of lead. kn. Kiev. Gleb Yurevich, along with his brother Mstislav planted on cues. Table Dorogobuzh. kn. Vladimir Mstislavovitch. In 1173, Mr.. Andrew Bogolyubskii demanded that Davyd Rostislavich left the Eng. land. He went for help in Galich to Yaroslav Osmomysl, but did not receive it. After the withdrawal of troops from South Bogolubsky. Russ returned to Vyshgorod. In 1173, Mr.. with novg.-ssversk. kn. Oleg Svyatoslavich fought Chernihiv. Region. A year later, together with his brothers, was defeated by Polovtsy with Rostovtsev, and Sviatoslav II of Kiev publicly demanded the removal of Davyd Rostislavich of the Dnieper region. In 1180, nearly caught Svyatoslav escaped and fled to his brother Ryurchku Rostislavich in Belgorod, from left to Smolensk, and there sat down on the reign. In 1183, Mr.. not helped gal. kn. Vladimir Yaroslavich, fleeing in Smolensk. In 1184, Mr.. one son asked him Novgorod, and the other he sent to Polovtsy. In 1183, Mr.. walked along the Dnieper to Polovtsy, and then in directing body. land, but did not participate in battles. In 1186, Mr.. Smolensk occurred revolt against Davyd Rostislavich, but he brutally suppressed it. In 1189, Mr.. away from Smolensk went contender for gal. Table - Rostislav Ivanovich. The campaign ended in failure, and Rostislav was mortally wounded. In 1190, Mr.. threats of attack warded Chernihiv. kn. Svyatoslav Small. land. In 1193, Mr.. received in Smolensk nephew, Rostislav Ryurchkovicha with Polovtsian, trophies. In 1195, Mr.. visited his brother Rurik in Kiev for the distribution of Russian. land between the princes and participation in feasts. In 1196, Mr.. suffered from the invasion of Olegoviches on Small. land, opposed a separate peace with its ally - led. kn. Vlad. Vsevolod the Big Nest.
To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

DAVYDOV Rostislavich (knee 10)

From the kind of Smolensk Prince. Son of Rostislav Mstislavovitch. Genus. in 1140, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod in 1154, Mr.. Kn. Torzhsky in 1158 - 1161 he. Kn. Vitebsk in 1165 - 1167 he. Kn. Vyshgorodsky in 1167 - 1180 g. Kn. Smolensky in 1180 - 1197 he.

+ 23 April. 1197 g.


In 1154, departing from Novgorod, Rostislav left here in the reign of his son, Davyd. However, the circumstances were dire, because Novgorodians expressed strong displeasure with the recent orders Rostislav. Soon after the departure of Rostislav Novgorod showed the way and Davydov.

In 1165 Davyd gave Polotsk Prince Vasili and red, and sat down to reign in Vitebsk. In 1167 it started the war with Volodar Glebovich. Prior to the decisive clash, however, has not arrived, because during the storm began Polochans suddenly ran. Davyd sent after the chase and captured many warriors.

In 1177 Davyd and his brothers went to fight with Polovtsy, but on the way whoop it up and prevented the success of business. Polovtsi attacked Rus. Berendey took six cities, and triumphed over Rostaslavichami at Rostov. Svyatoslav of Chernigov used Rostislav failure and presented their claims to Kiev. Older brothers, Roman and Rurik, eventually gave way to him, but continued to hold around the city of Kiev. Svyatoslav did not like the close proximity of Rostislav, and in 1180, after learning that Davyd hunt near the Dnieper, he decided to take it. The plan failed - Davyd and his wife managed to sit in a boat and sail away, the enemy's arrows did not cause them any harm. Davyd ran in Belgorod to his brother Rurik. Rurik sent him to Smolensk to help his older brother Roman. But Davyd met on the road a messenger who was bringing him news of the death of the novel Davyd tears continued its journey, at the entrance of Smolensk was greeted by the clergy, as well as all citizens, and took place bratnee. In 1182 the princes reconciled.

Davyd haircut before his death to become a monk and gave the table nephew Mstislav Romanovich. The patient was taken to his monastery, and here he reposed. Buried in the Church of St.. Martyrs Boris and Gleb.

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DAVYDOV Rostislavich, photo, biography
DAVYDOV Rostislavich, photo, biography DAVYDOV Rostislavich  Prince of Smolensk, photo, biography
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