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Dmitry Shemyaka

( Udelelny Prince Galitsky)

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Biography Dmitry Shemyaka
Dmitry Shemyaka (? -1453) - Destiny. Prince gal. (Galich, Kostroma), son of the lot. gal.-Zvenigorod. kn. Yury Dmitrievich. He participated with his father and older brother Basil skew in dinastich. dispute over lead. wash. reign of Vasily the Dark. In 1433 fought with his brother and father against Basil II defeated and led. Prince on the River. Klyazma, 20 km from Moscow. After his father's death (1434), when Vasily Kosoy announced behaved. Prince, refused to recognize it and went to Basil II. Soon, however, the latter suspected him of secret connections with the older brother Dmitri and briefly imprisoned in Kolomna. But after Vasily Kosoy fled from Moscow, Dmitry Shemyaka reacceded. In 1436 together with him was made from the Great Ustyug against the troops of Basil II, but was defeated by a. Skaryatin. In 1437, together with his brother Dmitri with red, while in the service of Basil II, commanded a 5-thousand. Ratiu in Belev battle against the thousand s. equestrians banished from the Horde of Khan Ulu-Muhammed, and was crushed. After the capture and blinding (of the order led. Prince), his brother Basil Dmitry Shemyaka headed udel.-Knyazh. and boyars. opposition to Basil II. After the sons of the Ulu-Muhammed took (1445) captured Basil II in battle near Suzdal, but soon released him for a large ransom, Dmitry Shemyaka deception detained led. Prince of the Holy Trinity Monastery and blinded him (1446) in retaliation for the blinding of his brother Basil. Then Dmitry Shemyaka with Mozhaiskogo kn. Ivan Andreevich conquered large-Knyazh. table. In 1447 was forced to flee from Moscow, not having received the support of its population. In addition, Moscow's men came under the command of Pleshheeva nobleman, who was walking on the heels of Dmitry Shemyaka until Galic and defeated his army there. He found refuge in Novgorod the Great, from which unsuccessfully tried to fight the Dark Basil. In 1452 was surrounded by Muscovites on the river. Kokshege, threw his army to its fate and fled to Novgorod, where he died.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Dmitry Shemyaka (knee 17)

From the kind of Moscow led. kn. Son Prince. Yuri Dmitrievich and Prince. Smolensk Anastasiya. Kn. Galicia in 1433 - 1450 he. Kn. Uglich in 1441 - 1448 he.

Wife: from 1436 g. daughter of Prince. Zaozersky Dmitry Vasilyevich, Prince. Sofia

+ July 1453 g.

* * *

In 1433, together with his father and brother Basil II defeated Dmitry Vasilyevich Klyazma. In the same year he killed Basil skew beloved father's boyar Semen Morozov and hid from his father's anger in Kostroma. Together they defeated the Muscovite army on Cusi, and then at St.. Nicola on a mountain in the Rostov region.

After the death of George in 1434, when Vasily Kosoy sat on the great reign, Shemyaka sent to tell him: "If God does not want, so that reigned our father, then you do not want". He and his brother Dmitry Krasny send themselves to call for the great reign of Basil. For this he received from the Grand Duke Rzhev and Uglich. Kosoy continued war. In 1435, when he took Kosoy Ustyug, Vasily ordered to detain Shemyaka, who came to call the Grand Duke to his wedding. After the capture and blinding Kosoi Shemyaka released and returned to his old inheritance.

In 1445 Shemyaka went to the river with Vasily Kamenka fight with the sons of the Ulu Mahmeta, but after the Grand regiment went into battle, did not come to his rescue. This was one of the reasons for the heavy defeat of the Russian. Basil was captured and was released only after. promised to pay a huge relegated. While Basil was in captivity, Shemyaka entered into talks with Khan and fussing that Basil did not reach the great reign. But Vasily safely returned to Moscow. Ambassador Shemyaka to the Khan was intercepted, and the Grand Duke was aware of all its intrigue. Now more than ever, Dmitri had feared the Grand Duke. He hastened to engage talks with Prince Ivan and Boris Mozhaysk Tver. In February 1446 Shemyaka. Let me know that Basil went to a prayer service at Holy Trinity Monastery, Eve night of 12 th surprise, he mastered Moscow. That same night, Ivan Mozhajskij went to Trinity Monastery and took it Basil. 14 th he was brought to Moscow, signed on Shemyakin yard, and the 16 th blinded and soslali in Uglich. In autumn 1446, urged the Metropolitan Jonah, Shemyaka decided to release Basil and his children from captivity, and repented asked for his forgiveness. Basil, in turn, took all the blame on myself alone. On the joy of reconciliation Shemyaka gave Vasili, his wife and children a feast. Basil received rich gifts and Vologda and paternal, who gave a damn Shemyaka illiterate to find a great reign. But as Basil II was in Vologda to him from all sides began to throng his henchmen. Soon he had enough troops to start a war. Shemyaka with Prince Mozhaysk came to Voloka meet the enemy, but in their absence, Moscow suddenly and was easily captured by the followers of Basil. -Hearing of this, Dmitri ran to Galich, and from there to Chuhlomu and Kargopol. In February 1447 he started talks with Moscow. Peace was concluded. By its terms Shemyaka gave Vasili Uglich, Rzhev and Bezhetsk parish; promised to return seized the treasury and not to find a great reign.

Of course, he did not intend to fulfill these conditions. Everywhere - in Novgorod and Kazan, . between the princes of the specific and the walls of Moscow itself - he wound up sedition, . excited reluctance to Basil, and he never ceased to communicate with Novgorod, . calling himself the Grand Duke and requiring assistance, . repeated the old accusations of Basil, . not ceased relations with its former ally, . Ivan Mozhaysk,
. Renouncing any power over Vyatka, Shemyaka meanwhile sent her fix a troubled people to speak out against Moscow, pledging not to communicate with the horde, Shemyaka retained those Kazan Ambassador. After pledging to return all captured in Moscow a month later, Shemyaka not return, and after six months. His Moscow Chiune Vatazinu he sent letters, which ordered him to set the townspeople against the Grand Duke. These letters were intercepted, and Basil gave the case to the court to the clergy. Bishops sent Shemyaka reproachful letter, but he did not listen to exhortations of the clergy, and in 1448 the Grand Duke made a campaign. Then, Dmitry, Undaunted by the curse of the church, afraid Vasilyevs regiments and sent to ask the world to the Grand Duke. Peace was concluded on the same terms.

In the spring of 1449 Shemyaka violated kiss the cross, laid siege to Kostroma, long struggled under the city, but could not take it, because it was a strong garrison. In early 1450 the Moscow army approached Galich. January 27 voivod the Grand Prince Vasily Ivanovich Obolensky attacked Shemyaka, who stood near the city with all its strength. Shemyaka suffered a terrible defeat and could barely escape; Galich surrendered to the Grand Duke, who landed here his governors

. Deprived inheritance, . Shemyaka disappeared first in Novgorod, . but then, . Meeting with the forces, . conquered Ustyug; land, he has not fought, . says the chronicler, . but led good people to swear, . and those, . who did not want to change the Grand Prince Vasily, . thrown into the river Sukhona, . forced the stone on the neck of Ustiug went to war to Vologda,
. Only at the beginning of 1452 the Grand Duke spoke to Ustyug. Shemyaka scared and ran to the river Kokshengu, where he had been small towns, but was chased and there grand shelves, ran again in Novgorod. In 1453, went there from Moscow, Stepan bearded deacon, he persuaded Boyar Shemyakin Ivan Kotov poison prince persuaded the chef: Dmitry died, eaten chicken, nourished with poison.

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Dmitry Shemyaka, photo, biography
Dmitry Shemyaka, photo, biography Dmitry Shemyaka  Udelelny Prince Galitsky, photo, biography
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