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Ivan Andreevich

( From the kind Mozhajskij princes)

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Biography Ivan Andreevich
Of the kind Mozhajskij kn. Son of Andrei Dmitrievich and Prince. Starodubskaya Agrippina Alexandrovna. Kn. Mozhajskij in 1432 - 1454 he. J.: from 1448 g. daughter of Prince. Fedor Vorotynsky Lvovich.

In 1434, Ivan and Vasily Vasilyevich II was defeated by his uncle Yury Dmitrievich in the Rostov region in St. Nicholas Mount. Basil fled to Novgorod, and Ivan - in Tver, along with mother. Basil sent to the nobleman with his request not to back away from him in trouble, but Ivan replied: "Mr. and sir!" Wherever I will, everywhere I'm your man, but now it is impossible to me to lose my paternal and his mother get to roam on a foreign land. Summoned Yuri, Ivan went to see him in the Holy Trinity Monastery and together with the uncle began to Moscow, which surrendered after a week.

Soon after, Yuri died, and Ivan once again moved to the side of Basil II. In 1435 he, together with the Grand Duke went to St George's son, Vasily Kosoy, and in 1444 - against the sons of Khan Ulu-Muhammed. The battle ended in total defeat russskih, Ivan was injured, knocked off his horse but he managed to transfer to another and fled. In 1445 he was commissioned by Basil Kozelsk, but in spite of this, entered into talks with Dmitri Shemyaka son Yuriev, and agreed to participate in the deposition of Basil II. People Ivan tied Moscow guards at a time when the Grand Duke was in the Trinity Sergius Lavra. Sam Basil managed to lock themselves in the Trinity Church, and from there Ivan begged for mercy. Ivan replied: "The Emperor!" If we want to make you the evil, then let this evil will be upon us, and. what to do now, so we are doing for Christianity. Basil was praying before the coffin chudotvortsa. Ivan, too, prayed a little bit in the church, went out, said to his servants: "Take it". Grand Duke was seized and taken to Moscow, where he was blinded. For their assistance received from Ivan Shemyaka Suzdal.

Linked so their fate with Dmitry Shemyaka, Ivan was now reluctant to serve his cause. In the autumn of that year they both went against Basil to the drag but not waiting for him, and fled first to the Galich, and thence to Chuhlomu and Kargopol. Here they tied the negotiations and made peace with the Grand Duke. Ivan refused all counties except Mozhaisk. Some selected Basil back in 1447. In 1449, Ivan, again united with Shemyaka, besieging him with fire, but will fail again reconciled with Basil. For this he received from him Bezhetsk Top. For the time Basil patiently endured throwing and constant betrayal of his cousin, but in 1454, after the death Shemyaka, he remembered it all. Moscow forces had come to Mozhaysk. Ivan got out of the city with his wife and children and fled to Lithuania. Mozhaisk was annexed to Moscow. Formally, Ivan was charged with that did not appear at the call of the Grand Duke, when he went to the Tartars. In Lithuania, Ivan was in possession first Bryansk, then Starodub and Gomel.

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Ivan Andreevich, photo, biography
Ivan Andreevich, photo, biography Ivan Andreevich  From the kind Mozhajskij princes, photo, biography
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