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IVAN Rostislavich Berladnik

( From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince)

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Biography IVAN Rostislavich Berladnik
Of the genus Peremyshl'skii and Prince Galitsky. The son of Prince Rostislav Volodarevicha Zvenigorod in 1129 - 1145 he. Kn. Galicia in 1145, Mr.. + 1161 g.


After the death of his father, Ivan inherited a town of Zvenigorod (Galicia), although, apparently, was entitled to more. But his uncle, Vladimirka Volodarevich Galicia was not one of those who are willing to share before the time Ivan conceal his displeasure. But in 1144 Vladimirka suffered a severe defeat by Vsevolod II of Kiev. Failure Prince Galitsky cheered his domestic enemies, the followers of Ivan Rostislavich. When someone in the winter Vladimirka went hunting, the people Galic sent to Zvenigorod for Ivan and let him into the city. Vladimir heard about it, came with his retinue to Galich, struggled with the besieged for three weeks and still could not take the city, until one night, Ivan did not even think to make a sortie. He went too far from the city was cut off from him Vladimirkovymi shelves; lost a lot of guards, Ivan made his way through the enemy's army and rushed to the Danube, and from there fled to the wilderness Kiev Vsevolod. Since that time began wandering life of Ivan. He found refuge in the Moldovan city Berlade, which, like Tmutarakan, was a hangout for all fugitives, princes and common people. Of these desperate renegades Ivan scored squad, which was employed in the service of various princes. His contemporaries, he received the nickname Berladnika.

In 1146 Berladnik was in the squad Svyatoslav Olgovich. While Olegovich fought off enemies, . Ivan was faithful to him, . But when the princes of Vladimir and Izyaslav Davidovich and Izyaslav Mstislavich drove him vyatichskie forest, . Berladnik, . has taken Svyatoslav 200 hryvnia hryvnia of silver and 12 gold, . moved to Rostislav Mstislavich Smolensky,
. (Tatischev said that he simply took the money from. Svyatoslav.) In 1149 Berladnik was already in the service of Yuri Dolgoruky. The chronicler says that the prince of Suzdal sent him to the Dvina land grab of Novgorod, a tribute to gather there. But Ivan did not do - Novgorod got out, while there were many dead on both sides.

Despite the fact that Ivan was running far to the north, the Galician prince continued to look for his head.

When Yuri finally confirmed in Kiev, he was in need of help of his son-Yaroslav Vladimirovich Galitsky, agreed to give him Berladnika. Ivan caught in Suzdal and brought in chains to Kiev, where he waited for the ambassadors from Yaroslav with a large retinue. But the clergy were against this treacherous act, metropolitan and all abbots Yuri said: "It is sinful for you, kiss the cross, keep Ivan in such need, and even now you want to extradite him to the murder". Yuri obeyed, not given Berladnika Galicians, and sent him back to Suzdal in chains. But Izyaslav Davidovich Chernigovskiy learn that Berladnika being taken back in Suzdal, sent to intercept him on the road and bring to a. Upon the death of Yuri, when Izyaslav took his place in Kiev, Berladnik stayed here for freedom and had a full opportunity to communicate with the discontented Galicians. It is easy to understand, . that Yaroslav Galitsky could not stay in this quiet: he began looking for his cousin, Ivan, . says the chronicler, . and in 1158 persuaded the princes of all Russian, . King of Hungary, . Polish princes, . so were his assistants at Ivan,
. Izyaslav Davidovich continued to defend Berladnika, and when came to him after nearly all Russian princes, as well as Polish and Hungarian king, demanding issue Berladnika, said decisive rejection. Berladnik, however, took fright and fled to the steppe, to the Polovtsy, took with them Transdanubia city, intercepted two Galician vessel, took a lot of the goods and began to pursue Galician fishermen. Collected many Polovtzy and joined them for another 6 000 berladnikov, such as exiles, fugitives, as he himself, Ivan went with them in the Galicia region, conquered the city and besieged Ushitsya Kuchelminu. Garrison Yaroslav hard fought from the city, but smerdy started to move to the side of Ivan, these turned out 300 people. Polovtsi like to take the city, but Ivan did not allow for that steppe wroth at him and went.

Ivan died in 1161 in Thessalonica. The chronicler adds that there is a rumor of his death by poison.

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IVAN Rostislavich Berladnik, photo, biography
IVAN Rostislavich Berladnik, photo, biography IVAN Rostislavich Berladnik  From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince, photo, biography
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