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Igor Ruricovich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Igor Ruricovich
From the kind Ruric (knee 2). Son of Rurik. Kn. Vezelay to 912 g. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 912 - 945 years.

Wife: with 903 r. Olga (+ 969).

+ 945 g.

* * *

By Oleg's death in 912, Igor became the Grand Prince. Drevlyans receiving about news seceded from Kiev. In 914, Igor went to Drevlyane and defeating them, gave them a tribute to more previous. After that, voivod Prince Sveneld moved south against the convict and after three years of siege, took their city is crossed. As a reward for this victory gave Igor Svenel'da Drevlyane tribute. In 941, Igor went to campaign against the Greeks. And the king sent a message to Roman Bulgarians, that is Russia in Constantinople, says a historian, and became Russia to fight the Greek country along the coast, and burnt all Sudiyskuyu Harbor. Roman also could not counter the force of Igor, as waged wars in other places. But here came from the east and surrounded by fresh forces Rus. Russia, consultation, went against the Greeks with a weapon in a fierce battle and barely overcame the Greeks. Fleeing. from defeat, the remnants of Igor squads embarked on ships and sailed at night, but Theophanes Protovestiary met the Russian fleet in the sea. Fiery ships of the Greeks began to let the fire on the Russian ships, and plunged Russia into the greatest horror. Many, seeing the flame, thrown into the sea water, trying to escape. And so the rest of the Rus returned home to Kiev.

Igor did not fold, but he began to prepare for the second campaign. By 944, he gathered many warriors: Normans, Rus, clearings, word Krivichy, tivirtsev, hired Pechenegs, took them hostage and went to the Greeks in the barges and on horses. Hearing about this, Korsuntsev (ie residents Chersonese, a Greek colony in the Crimea) was sent to the king, Roman, saying: "Here, there is Russ, covered all sea vessels, and can not be counted". Similarly, the Bulgarians will send the message, saying: "There is Russia, and hired with a Pecheneg". Upon hearing this, the king sent to Igor top boyars with a plea: "Do not go, but take the tribute, which took Oleg, and I'll add more to the tribute". Just to Pechenegs sent many gifts. Igor same, reaching the Danube, called a squad, and was with her to keep the council, and told her it tsar. She said the same squad of Igor: "If it says the king, . then what we still need, . - Beat not get the gold and silver, and velvet? Does someone knows, . who beat: us or them? Or the sea who, in alliance? Do not walk on the ground after, . but the depth of the sea: all the general's death ",
. And listen to them, Igor, says the chronicler, and commanded Pechenegs fight Bulgarian land, while he himself took from the Greeks and gold fabric on all soldiers came back and went to Kiev. In 945, the Greek king sent messengers to Igor to restore the peace. Igor, after talking with them, sent their husbands in Constantinople, and was entered into a new commercial treaty between the empire and Rus.

In the same year, said the squad Igor: "The boy Svenel'da izodelis arms and clothing, and we are naked. Come, Prince, with us for the tribute, and you dobudesh, and we ". And listen to them, Igor tells the chronicle, and went to Drevlianys for tribute, and added a new tribute to the former, and do violence to them, the men of his. Taking the tribute, he went to his city. When he came back, on reflection, he said to his squad: "Go with a tribute to home, and I'll come back and still posobirat". So he sent his squad back home, and himself with a small part of the retinue returned, desiring greater wealth. Drevlyans also heard that he goes again, took counsel with his Little Prince: "If a wolf got into the habit of sheep, it makes the whole herd until they have killed him. So this: if you do not kill him, it will destroy us all ". And they sent to him, saying: "Why are you going again? Already taken all the tribute". And do not listen to them, Igor. And drevlyans came out of the city sparrows against Igor, Igor was killed and his retinue, as was her little. And Igor was buried in the ground at Drevlyane sparrows.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

* * *

IGOR (mind. 945) - led. Prince of Kiev, according to the chronicler, was the son of Rurik's successor Oleg, "in adulthood husband hast taken a dangerous power" (Karamzin). A successful warrior, and. suppressed the revolt Drevlyane conquered tribal associations between the Dniester and the Danube, twice invaded the Caucasus. In the 913 made a trip along the coast of the Caspian Sea, reaching Baku and seized enormous booty. In the midst of these campaigns, new enemies, a strong number, terrible insolence and plunder "invaded Kievan Rus - these were Pechenegs, with the f-eq and. managed to conclude a truce. During the campaign against Byzantium in 941 a few rooks were burned "Greek fire", and the prisoners vigilantes executed in Constantinople. To traverse 944 and. collected a large army. and forced the Byzantines to conclude a mutually beneficial peace "on all summer, while the sun shines and the world is". Killed about. Sparrows trying again to collect tribute from Drevlyane, reasoning that if "the wolf got into the habit of sheep, makes the whole herd". According to the Byzantine historian, and. tied to the two birch trees and tore over the howling.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Igor Ruricovich (877 - 946h)
Parents: Rurik, Efanda; Children: Olga Pskov (? -969 +), A native of s.Vybuty near Pskov, wife kn.Igorya with 903g. =>

Svyatoslav (942 (?)-972h)
Volodislav (?)
Hleb (?)
(cm. genealogical table)

Key moments
Prince of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev (912-946)

Since paternity can question the Rurik, Igor is the founder of a real Russian princely dynasty. Probably, in the XII century chronicler Nestor in "The Tale of Bygone Years" in an effort to strengthen the ideological unity of the Russian land, created his legendary pedigree, which reigned in Novgorod Rurik becomes a "father" of Igor, prince of Kiev.

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Igor Ruricovich, photo, biography
Igor Ruricovich, photo, biography Igor Ruricovich  From the kind of Rurik, photo, biography
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