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( From the kind of Novgorod-Ceverskih princes)

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Biography Igor's
Igor's (03/04/1151 - 29/12/1202 +), knee 9

From the kind of Novgorod-Ceverskih kn. Son of Svyatoslav Olgovich Novgorod mayor and his daughter Mary Istrilovny Genus. in 1151, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod-Seversky in 1180 - 1198 he. Kn. Chernigov in 1198 - 1202 he.


1) with 1169 g. unknown;

2) with 1184 g. daughter of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl, kn. Euphrosyne.

+ 1202 g.

* * *

In 1185 Yaroslav Vsevolodovich Chernigovskij excused from participation in the campaign against Polovtsy, who arranged the Kiev prince Svyatoslav. Sviatoslav returned with rich booty, and Seversk princes envied Jaroslav Chernigov for his intransigence. "Are we not a prince? - They said. - And we eat our own the same honor ". And on April 23 of that in 1185 Igor left Novgorod Seversky, . ordered him to go with a brother Vsevolod of Trubchevsk, . nephew Svyatoslav Olgovich of Rylsk, . son Vladimir from Putivel, . and Yaroslav Chernigov having obtained Boyar Olstina Olexic with kouyami Chernigov,
. Seversky princes walked quietly gathering squad, because the horses they were obese. Igor Donets crossed over and came to Oskol, where two days waiting for his brother Vsevolod, who went a different way from Kursk. From Oskol all went to the river Salnitse, where we arrived the guard who were sent to catch the language, declaring the princes: "We have seen the enemy, the enemy your ride ready: go one way or soon, or go home, because it is not our time now". Igor and the other princes said this: "If we now, . not Beat, . return, . a shame we will be worse than death, go to the mercy of God "- and drove all night, . the morning lunchtime met shelves Polovtsian: Trash gathered from young to old, and stood on the side of the river Syuurliya,
. Russian princes built six regiments: Igor said to his brothers: "Brothers, We are looking for it themselves, and go," and went. From the Polovtsian regiments left archers, . allowed to boom in the Russian, . and ran, . Russian had not yet moved the river, . as running and other Polovtsians; best Russian regiment pursued them, . started beating them and grabbing in-captivity, . and senior princes, . Igor and Vsevolod, . walked slowly, . not disbanding of his regiment; Polovtsians ran past his vezh, . Russian occupied the Tower and took many prisoners,
. Three days were here Seversk shelves and fun. When the regiment returned from the best chase, the princes decided to spend the night on the spot, and in the morning to continue the campaign. But the next day at dawn, suddenly began to speak shelves Polovtsian; Russian princes were amazed to set - as if the whole earth Polovtsy gathered against them. The princes were consulted as to be. "If you flee, - they said - then we shall be saved themselves, but black people will leave and be on our sin before God that they were issued;'s better to die there, whether we are alive - but all together". All dismounted from their horses and went into battle: fought hard all day to evening, and there were many wounded and dead in the Russian regiments, fought the evening and night, but at dawn ran Chernigov Cowie. Igor at the beginning of the battle was wounded in the arm and therefore sat on the horse, seeing, . that Cowie run, . He galloped up to him, . to restrain fugitives, . but then was captured, surrounded Polovtsy, . which kept him, . Igor saw his brother Vsevolod, . repulsing enemies, . and begged his death, . only so as not to see the death of his brother,
. But Vsevolod not perish, but was also taken prisoner, of the many regiments Seversky escaped very little: Russian took about 15 people, and even less Kouevi

. Igor was a prisoner of the Polovtsy, . that, . as if ashamed of his province, . in the words of the chronicler, . did not do him any harassment, . pestering him 20 guards, . but gave him the freedom to go hunting, . where wants, . and to bring their servants, . people in five and six, and besides, the guard followed him and showed him all the honor: where someone sends, . executed orders unquestioningly,
. Igor was summoned to her already and the priest, thinking that a long stay in captivity. But God, says the chronicler, he delivered him to a Christian prayer, because many shed tears for him. They found between Polovtsy one person on behalf of Laurus, came to him a good idea, and he said Igor: "I'll go with you in Russia". Igor agreed and began to seek an opportunity to escape. It was impossible to run day and night, because the guard watching him, only it was possible that at the sunset. And Igor sent his groom Lavrov said, so he moved to the other side of the river with his horse povodnym. There was a scheduled time, began to darken, Polovtsy drunk kumys, stud groom came and announced that Laurel is waiting. Igor stood in fear and trembling, bowed to the image of the Savior and the cross honest, saying: "Lord serdtsevedche, save me, unworthy," put on the cross, icon, raised the floor of the tent and climbed out. The guards were playing, having fun, thinking that Igor asleep, and he was already beyond the river, and raced across the steppe. In twelve days he reached the city of the Donets, where I went to Yaroslav in Chernihiv, and then - to Svyatoslav of Kiev to seek the assistance of Polovets, all princes were glad to see him and promised to help.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. , Igor (1151 - 1202, Chernigov) - Prince of Novgorod-Seversky in 1180, Prince of Chernigov, 1198, the hero of "Lay" (XII cent.)
. The son of Prince Svyatoslav of Chernigov Olgovich. Member of internecine wars for possession of Kiev. Due to the onslaught of the nomads in 1185 and. with his brother, son and nephew made a campaign against Polovtsy. This campaign, which served as the basis for the "Lay", ended the rout of the troops, Igor, he was captured, and his lands, as well as ownership of its dependencies princes were devastated Polovtsian raid. In the same year, escaped from captivity and. again took over their parishes and towns. Had 5 sons and a daughter.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

(cm. genealogical table 20)

Parents: Sviatoslav II of Kiev (? -1164 +),? ;

Children: 1. ? =>

Vladimir (1170-1212), Prince Siverskiy;
with 1188g. married the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Konchak =>
Vsevolod (? - Referred to under 1206g.) Kn. Siverskiy;
Izyaslav (? - Referred to by 1255.)
Oleg (1174 -?);
Roman (?-1211h);
Prince Seversky. In 1183 he took part in the campaign of his father Igor's against Polovtsy; in 1202, . after attending the congress Olegoviches in Chernigov, . went along with the other princes of Galich and at the same time he was called on the principality Galicians, . but stayed there for long: as a result of quarrels with his brother, Vladimir, . fled to Hungary,
. Returning from there in 1203 with a detachment of the Hungarians, he defeated his brother and took Galician Desk. Two years later he was attacked by Hungarian voivod Benedict, captured and sent to Hungary, where next year he managed to escape and, in alliance with his brother Vladimir, punishing Benedict. After taking Zvenigorodsky table, Roman in 1208 executed about 500 Galician boyars. Besieged in Zvenigorod king of Hungary, he was taken prisoner and, at the insistence of Galicia, hanged.
Svetoslav (1176-1211h?), Married at 1188g. daughter of Rurik Rostislavich =>
Oleg (referred to under 1228g.) Kn. Kursk;
Rostislav (?-1211h);
After the 1205 novel, Svyatoslav and Rostislav invited as grandchildren Yaroslav Osmomysl in Galich prince on specific tables. Simultaneously hanged local nobility - the exceptional case in the history of Russia.

2. Efrosinia of Kiev, daughter of Yaroslav Osmomysl, wife of 1184

. Key moments
. Prince Seversky (1179-1198);
. Prince of Chernigov (1198-1202);

. Participated in many wars and campaigns.
. In 1185 organized an unsuccessful campaign against Polovtsy, which served as the theme of "Lay";

. There is a hypothesis that it is the Prince Igor is the author of "Words ..." Interesting arguments and conclusions in favor of the authorship of Igor are shown in the novel-essay V. Chivilikhin.

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Igor's, photo, biography
Igor's, photo, biography Igor's  From the kind of Novgorod-Ceverskih princes, photo, biography
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