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( From the kind of Chernigov princes)

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Biography Izyaslav III DAVYDOVITCH
From the kind of Chernigov Prince. Son Davyd Svyatoslavich. Kn. Chernigov in 1152 - 1154, 1155 - 1157 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1154 - 1155, 1157-1158, 1162 r. + March 6, 1162, Mr..


In the strife that followed the death of the prince of Kiev Vsevolod II of Kiev in 1146, Izyaslav always acted in a couple of his older brother, Vladimir, prince of Chernigov. Together they kissed the cross Igor Olgovich, but did not come to his aid when Izyaslav Mstislavich broke his near Kiev. Then promised to support Svyatoslav Davidovich Olgovich, his brother, but changed it, an alliance with Izyaslav Mstislavich, and became his sworn enemies. Svyatoslav went to Suzdal to Yuri Dolgoruky. In 1147 he returned with a strong retinue. Then Davidovich secretly reconciled with him, and Izyaslav Mstislavovitch like deception to lure and catch, but he learned of their cunning and did not go to them. In 1148 Izyaslav Mstislavich went to Davydovich to Chernigov, burned and destroyed all of their parish, after which they asked for peace and made peace with. In 1149, when Izyaslav Mstislavich fought with Yuri Dolgoruky under Pereyaslavl, Izyaslav Davidovich was with his namesake. Therefore, expelling Izyaslav Mstislavovitch from Kiev, Yuri took the first step in Izyaslav Davydovich land south Dregovichy. Nevertheless Izyaslav Davidovich willy-nilly had to submit to Yuri Yves 1151 went with him and his brother Vladimir on Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, who unexpectedly captured Kiev. At this time, Yuri won, but when in the same year the war was renewed again, Davidovich in the first and last time is divided: Vladimir Chernihiv remained loyal to an alliance with Yuri Dolgoruky and Izyaslav defected to the side Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Both rati met in 1152 on the river Small Rutets. On both sides in the battle fell, many people. Among the killed and Vladimir Davidovich.

Izyaslav, burying her brother, sat on the table Chernigov. Yuri had to completely leave the South Russia. But then, having collected a large army, he went straight to Chernigov. Rostislav Mstislavich and Svyatoslav, ahead of him, came to Chernigov with their mi squads and closed there with Izyaslav Davidovich. Jury sent Polovtsy burn neighborhood. Besieged princes, seeing many Polovtsy ordered all the inhabitants of the night to move from the Kremlin ostrogav. The next morning Polovtsians broke jail, burned all the suburbs and began to fight with Chernigov, which were kept tightly. The next day, stormed the shelves of the Jury. Chernigov made a sortie, but were driven back to town. After that the frightened townspeople did not dare to go beyond the walls of more. Yuri Chernigov besieged for 12 days and then learned that to relieve himself is Izyaslav Mstislavich. When this news Polovtsians fled to the steppe, Yuri went to Suzdal.

In 1154, soon became aware of the death of Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, Izyaslav Davidovich was sent with Sviatoslav Olegoviches and Yuri Dolgoruky. Yuri immediately despatched to the south with a lot of her son Gleb Polovtsy. Rostislav Mstislavich, brother of the late Izyaslav gathered against the Chernigov princes and sent Izyaslav say: "Kiss the cross, that will be sitting in his paternal in Chernigov, and we will be in Kiev". Izyaslav refuses. The next day he joined with Gleb and Polovtsy and opposed Rostislav. Rostislav after two days of battle was decisively defeated Polovtsy and barely managed to escape in Smolensk. Polovtsi took over a lot of people. Izyaslav saved all who could, and did, according to a chronicler, a lot of good to alleviate the evil inflicted on them. Among others, he was rescued by Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich And generally, if one of the prisoners escaped in the city, those are no longer issued nomads. By Kievans Izyaslav Davidovich sent to say: "I want you to go".

The people of Kiev were in a quandary: Rostislav abandoned, they saw the approach Polovtsy, from which could save them only to the immediate adoption of Izyaslav. Kievans sent to tell him: "Go to Kiev, so as not to take us Polovtsy, thou our prince, come". Izyaslav came to Kiev and sat on the table, and Gleb Yurevich sent to reign in Pereslavl, a neighborhood which had been devastated by Polovtsy. Yuri Dolgoruky, however, it was impossible to satisfy one Pereyaslavl. He sent Izyaslav say: "I paternal Kiev, but not for thee". Not having the rights to Kiev and not feeling special arrangement Kiev, Izyaslav could no longer stay in Kiev, and therefore sent a message to Yuri: "Am I myself went to Kiev? Put me Kievans; Kiev yours, only I do not do evil".

In 1156, Yuri reconciled with Izyaslav and went to Kiev. Despite the visible world, Izyaslav went quietly plotting against the Grand Duke and soon attracted to the union Rostislav of Smolensk and Mstislav Izyaslavich Volyn. Gathering strength, in May 1157 he was already preparing to speak out against Kiev, when a messenger rode up there with the message: "Go, Prince of Kiev, Yuri is dead". Izyaslav receiving this news, he wept and said: "Blessed art Thou, O Lord, that I reasoned with him death, but not a bloodbath". North in Kiev for the second time, began to send Izyaslav with Sviatoslav Olegoviches. We agreed on the fact that the latter will get Chernigov, and Severskaya region - Svyatoslav Vsevolodovichu. V1158 was to Izyaslav were ambassadors from almost all the Russian princes, as well as from the Hungarian king and the Polish princes, demanding to extradite him hiding Ivan Berladnika. Izyaslav outargue them all and sent them away with firm refusal. Then Monomakh opened an opportunity to drive Izyaslav from Kiev. Mstislav II of Kiev, Vladimir and Yaroslav. Osmomysl agreed to go to the prince of Kiev. Izyaslav went to Belgorod, already occupied by the allied princes, Volyn and Galicia, those besieged in the city and had no doubt of success, with 20000 Polovtsy, but betrayal Berendeys changed the whole thing. Berendei entered into relations with the siege and sent Mstislav Izyaelavichu say: "From now depends on us, Prince, thy good and evil, if you want us to love as he loved us thy father, and give us a better city, we depart from Izyaslav". Mstislav delighted such a proposal and the same night he kissed the cross, which fulfill all desires, then Berendei did not hesitate and jumped at midnight with a cry to Belgorod. Izyaslav realized that steppe started a rat, sat on his horse and rode to their camp, but, seeing that the camp fire, came back and ran to Vyshgorod in Gomel waited for his wife and. rushed into the ground Vyatichi. Mstislav II of Kiev came to Kiev and appealed to the reign of his uncle, Rostislav Mstislavovitch, who sat on the table at the beginning of the Grand Duke in 1159 after long negotiations.

While the princes ryadilis, Izyaslav scored many Polovtzy entered in the Smolensk district and terribly devastated her. Polovtsi led away in captivity for more than 10 000 people, not counting the dead. Soon Izyaslav entered into an alliance with Sviatoslav Vsevolodovich Seversky and his son Svyatoslav Olgovich - Oleg Svyatoslavich Kursk, scored Polovtsy and went to Russia. Two weeks later, he stood under Pereyaslavl, fighting with Gleb Yurevich. Rostislav advantage of this, has collected a large army and delivered to the Dnieper in Tripoli. Izyaslav without accepting battle, fled to the steppe, but worth Rostislav dissolve the army in February 1162 he went to Russia, crossed the frozen Dnieper and went to Kiev. Rostislav this time was alone, without allies, and after a bloody battle Izyaslav became too strong. Polovtsi already broke through the fence into the city, when Rostislav left and went to Belgorod.

Izyaslav the third time, went to Kiev, forgive all the townspeople, who were captured, and went to besiege the Belgorod. Svyatoslav of Chernigov sent him to put up with Rostislav. "If you do not even make peace with you, - he wrote - go beyond the Dnieper, when, going beyond the Dnieper, the whole truth will be yours". Izyaslav ordered to answer him: "My brothers, returning for the Dnieper, go to their parish, but where do I go back? By Polovtsy can I go and have Vyrya do not want to die of starvation, I'd rather die here". Four weeks later, he stood for nothing in the Belgorod Kremlin, and yet come to the rescue Rostislav Mstislav II of Kiev from Vladimir and Rurik Rostislavich from Smolensk. Izyaslav learned that against him is a huge army, frightened and ran from Belgorod. Rostislav let him trace Torks. Gorki overtook the fleeing, and beat them and take prisoner. One of them, Voibor Negechevich, caught himself Izyaslav and struck him on the head with my sword, and another torus-chin pierced his spear and knocked off his horse. Already at its last gasp Izyaslav found Mstislav, who sent him to the monastery in Kiev Cemenivskiy. His body was sent to Chernigov and buried in the church of Boris and Gleb.

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Izyaslav III DAVYDOVITCH, photo, biography
Izyaslav III DAVYDOVITCH, photo, biography Izyaslav III DAVYDOVITCH  From the kind of Chernigov princes, photo, biography
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