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Roman I.

( Prince of Novgorod-Seversky)

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Biography Roman I.
Roman I. (? -1211) - Prince novg.-Seversky., Then Zvenigorod. Son novg.-Seversky., Then Chernihiv. kn. Igor's - the hero of 'Lay'. In 1183, Mr.. with his father participated in the campaign against Polovtsy. After participating in the congress Olegoviches in Chernigov (1202) went along with others. princes of Galich and at the same time he was called Galicians to rule, but stayed there for long: because of the feud with his brother Vladimir was forced to flee to Hungary. Returning from there (1203) with a detachment of the Hungarians, drove his brother and got to reign in Galicia. 2 years after he was attacked by hung. voivod Benedict, captured and sent to Hungary, where Roman I. ran through the year and in alliance with his brother Vladimir in a skirmish utterly defeated Benedict. Ok. 1206 g. was planted nobility Gal. earth to reign in Zvenigorod, parish, but it seemed to him that ownership is not enough, and he began to challenge his brother Vladimir right Galich. Roman I. went to Hungary, led opuda army and with it captured the town. Soon, however, hung. cor. Endre II conquered it in Galicia and sent to Hungary. Ok. 1209 g. Roman I. managed to escape from captivity, and he was imprisoned gal. boyars to rule in Zvenigorod. But after a while he began serious disagreement with these nobles, and therefore, taking zvenigrod. table, Roman I. treacherously seized approximately. 500 gal. boyars and executed them. Besieged in Zvenigorod hung. King, he was captured. Galicians bought it from the Hungarians and hanged.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Roman I. (knee X)

From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky princes. Progenitor Putivl princes. The son of Igor's. Rod, in 1175, Mr.. Kn. Putivl in 1198 - 1206 he. Kn. Zvenigorod in 1206 - 1207, 1208-1211 gg. Kn. Galicia in 1207, Mr..

+ 1211 g.

* * *

In 1206, Galicians invited Roman to rule together with his elder brother, Vladimir. Vladimir sat in the Galicia, and Roman - in Zvenigorod. The following year the brothers quarreled among themselves. Putting the beginning of the Troubles, he himself could not bear to reign in the birthplace of his brother. Rurik Rostislavich Kiev sent to Galich his son Rostislav. Galicians kicked Roman and took Rostislav Rostislav then drove back and took Roman. Then the king he decided to end the independence of Galich and attach it to his possessions. He sent the Roman Palatine Benedict Bohr, who grabbed a Roman bath, and was named king over control in Galicia. Roman escaped from a Hungarian exile to Russia and are reconciled with Vladimir. In 1208 Galicians again called for a I., as suffered greatly under the power of the Hungarians. I. came to the call with a strong host, Benedict was forced to flee to Hungary, and sat down again in Galich Duchy. Roman went to Zvenigorod. In 1211 Galician boyars Sudislav and Philip brought from Hungary, a minor Prince Daniel Romanovich Hungarian regiments. The troops landed and the Prince of Volyn. Peremyshltsy switched to their side, grabbing their prince Svyatoslav I., but zvenigorodtsy decided to stand firm for their prince. On aid to the besieged Roman came nephew Izyaslav Vladimirovich Polovtsy. But despite the success Polovtsy and zvenigorodtsev, . Roman saw, . that can not last long in the city, . and ran, . but the road was arrested and brought to the camp to Daniel and the magistrates Hungarian, . who immediately sent zvenigorodtsam say: "Surrender, . Count your captured ",
. Those were not believed at first, but then, having learned that Roman is really a prisoner of war, passed town. After the Hungarians occupied and Galich. Governors of provinces would carry prisoners Igorevich to the king, but the Galician boyars, bribing governor, a Roman jewels and Svyatoslav and hanged them.

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Roman I., photo, biography
Roman I., photo, biography Roman I.  Prince of Novgorod-Seversky, photo, biography
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