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Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich

( From the kind of Rurik.)

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Biography Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich
From the kind of Rurik. Son Izyaslav I Yaroslavich and the Polish princess. Genus. ~ 1050 g. Kn. Polotsk in 1069 - 1071 he. Kn. Novgorod in 1078 - 1088 he. Kn. Turovsky in 1088 - 1093 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1093 - 1113 he.

1) daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexis I Comnenus, Princess Varvara;
2) with 1094 g. kn. Polovtsian Elena Tugorkanovna.

+ 16 April. 1113 g.

* * *

In 1069 her father took Svjatopolka in Polotsk in place of the deceased Mstislav. In 1071 Vseslav of Polotsk, the old Prince of Polotsk, regained the parish. One can assume that the following two years spent with Sviatopolk Izyaslav Yaroslavich in Kiev, and then shared his exile. Even after returning to Kiev Izyaslav Sviatopolk received in 1078 and Novgorod in the winter of that year went along with Vladimir Monomakh to Polotsk and burned it Posada.

Upon the death of Grand Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich in 1093, his son Vladimir Monomakh invited to Kiev Svyatopolk as the eldest of all the grandchildren of Yaroslav the Wise. Sviatopolk then sitting in Turov, and came: in Kiev on April 24. According to the chronicler, Kiev residents came out to meet the new prince and took him with joy. Sviatopolk barely had time to sit down in Kiev as they arrived Polovtsians the Russian land, and sent ambassadors to him, offering the world. Svyatopolk same, not brought together senior squad, his father and his uncle, began to confer only with Turov boyars, who brought with him. Those prisovetovali he did not tolerate Polovtsy. Svyatopolk told the ambassadors took over and put them under lock and key. Found out about this, Polovtsy went to war against Russia and besieged Torchesk. Sviatopolk changed his mind, he dismissed the ambassadors, but Polovtsians not want to have peace, and began to advance, fighting everywhere. Holy regiment sent to Vladimir Monomakh and began to call him in the campaign have with you. Vladimir gathered his warriors and he sent for his brother Rostislav in Pereyaslavl, leading and help him Svyatopodku.

The princes went to Trepolyu, and all the host crossed Stugna, which was at that time full of water. Square up, they put the middle of the squad, Rostislav, the right of it - Svyatopolk, and the left - Vladimir. May 26 Polovtsy, in turn, built for a decisive battle, attacked Svyatopolk and crashed into his regiment. Sam Sviatopolk held firmly, but his men could not stand the onslaught Polovtzy, ran. After ran and Svyatopolk, followed by all other Russian troops.

That same night Svyatopolk got to Kiev. A Polovtsians nine weeks of siege Torchesk, then divided into two parts: one remained in the city, while others went to Kiev. Sviatopolk came out to meet the enemy and July 23, fought with them the desire. And again the Russian ran under the onslaught of the pagans, so that the deceased was greater than in previous wars. Sviatopolk galloped in Kiev itself, third, and returned to Polovtsians Torchesk. The next day the exhausted defenders surrendered. Polovtsi took the city, burned it, and people divided and separated from the steppe. Sviatopolk, having no more power to wage war in 1094 made peace with Polovtsy and took his wife's daughter Tugorkana, Polovtsian Khan.

In 1096 Svyatopolk together with Vladimir Monomakh went to Oleg Svyatoslavich and expelled him from the Chernigov land. Not having had time to finish this case, the princes have learned that the Khan Bonyak Polovtsy fought with a lot of land around Kiev and burned the prince's court in Berestove. At the same time came Tugorkan. father-Svyatopolk to Pereyaslavl and was near the city. Sviatopolk and Vladimir Starodub went on to the Dnieper and secretly Polovtsy crossed the Dnieper. Polovtsi, seeing the prince shelves, barely had time to line up for battle. Vladimir to go hit on the enemy, and Cumans fled, unable to withstand the onslaught. Were that day killed Tugorkan, his son and many other Khans. The next morning found the body Tugorkana. Sviatopolk took him, brought to Kiev and buried in Berestove.

June 26 Bonyak Khan for the second time has come to Kiev and burned the whole plain and the foothills. After Polovtsians rushed to the monasteries of Kiev - Stefanov, Germany and the Pechora - and ransacking them, went back to the steppe.

In 1097 Svyatopolk and Monomakh gathered all the Russian princes in Liubech for peace. The princes said to each other: "Why should we destroy the Russian land, incurring give themselves a quarrel? A Polovtsians plunder our land and rejoice that we are torn strife. Unite the same and from then we sincerely protect the Russian land. And let everyone owns their paternal ". In fact, all the princes kissing each other cross, vowing: "If we who encroach on another's parish, be it against him cross all the honest and Russian land". It made up my mind, everything went back home.

After the Congress Sviatopolk and Davyd I. went together in Kiev, and then some men began to speak ill of the prince's Davyd Vasilko Rostislavich, if he conspired with Vladimir Monomakh against him and Svjatopolka. Davydov, believing false slander, began to speak ill Svyatopolk Vasilko: "Who killed your brother Yaropolk? Now Rostislavich evil to you and me and agreed already with Vladimir. Take care also of his head ". Sviatopolk believe all the slander Davydov, and the two began to think about Vasilko. It was decided on to grab it. Sviatopolk sent to Vasilyek, who was still in Roudnice near Kiev, the invitation to the birthday party. Vasilko came with a small retinue for the prince's court. Sviatopolk escorted him into the hut where he sat Davyd. After they both left, and Vasilko caught and locked up, putting him custody. The same night he gave Sviatopolk Vasilko Davyd. The prisoner was taken to the Belgorod and there was blinded, then Davyd took him to his Volyn.

Upon learning of the incident, Monomakh, Oleg Davydov and Svyatoslavichy sent their husbands to Svyatopolk the charges against him: "Why did you perpetrate this evil in Russian land and thrust the knife into us?" - They said. - Why has blinded his brother? If you had a charge against him, he would have denounced him in front of us and proving his guilt, then would have done with him so. And now unto us blame him ". Sviatopolk replied: "Tell me Davyd I., . Vasilko that killed my brother Yaropolk, . and now wants to kill me, . and then take my parish: Turov, . Pinsk and Biareе?cie, . and another said he, . that Vasilko kissed the cross with Vladimir, . that sit on my death, Vladimir in Kiev, . and Vasilyek - in Vladimir,
. I do not have their heads to observe. And I am not blinded him, but Davydov, who took him to her ". But the men Vladimirova, of Oleg and Watchmakers said: "did not refer to it as if Davyd blinded him. Not Davydov city he was captured and blinded, and in your ". And saying so, he's gone from Kiev.

The next morning the prince began to cross the Dnieper, to go to war with Svyatopolk. Sviatopolk just wanted to run away from Kiev, but Kievans detained him and sent him to Vladimir stepmother, the widow of Vsevolod, and with it the Metropolitan Nicholas, that they begged not to start again Vladimir strife and ruin of the Russian land. Vladimir heed pleas Princess. After this, the princes began to send each other and agreed on the fact that Svyatopolk should go to war nA Davyd and either capture or get rid of it.

In 1099 Svyatopolk with all his army approached Vladimir Volhynia (Vasilko had already vacated his brother Volodar) and stood by the city seven weeks. Finally Davyd began to ask: "Let me out of town". Sviatopolk agreed and released him. Davyd fled to Poland, and took Sviatopolk Vladimir. Expelling Davydov, Sviatopolk went to war against Volodar cornflowers and Rostislav, because I wanted to deprive them of their brother's parish. Shelves come together in the field at Rozhnov and began to fight. Seeing Rostislavich winning, Svyatopolk fled to Vladimir, and then - in Kiev. End of the war put vitichevsky peace of princes in 1110.

In the spring of 1103 Svyatopolk and Vladimir gathered in council Dolobske. The princes sat in a tent with his team and began to argue about a hike in the steppe. And they sent to Oleg and Davydov Svyatoslavich, saying: "Go on Polovtsy and come out alive or dead". Davyd listened to Prince's invitation and came to Svyatopolk with his retinue, and Oleg - no.

Gathered, princes on horseback and in barges down the rapids of the Dnieper and stood in midstream at Horticheva Islands. Hence, on horseback and on foot marched four days before Suteni. After some time, invaded the camp on the Russian Polovtsian shelves, . and they were like a forest, . chronicler wrote, . so that the end 'they could not see, . and Russ went to meet them and was a great battle 4 April Suteni, . which won a complete victory over Russia Polovtsy,
. In many ordinary soldiers that day were killed on 20 Polovtsian princes. Russian captured a rich booty: cattle, sheep, horses, camels and Tower with the property and servants, and returned from a hike with full and great glory.

After a few l-o in the late winter of 1111 Monomakh again persuaded Svyatopolk and Davyd Svyatoslavich arrange a big campaign against Polovtsy. March 4 Russian reached Khorol here abandoned their sleds, as well as the land was bared, and continued on foot and on horseback ... March 24 Polovtsians packed their shelves and went into battle. Russian princes, placing their hope in God, so to speak to each other: "We see here the death of us, stand as firmly". And, having said goodbye to each other, each departed to his regiment. Both sides came together, a violent battle, and Cumans were broken again, as eight years ago. March 27 Polovtsians gathered in even greater numbers than before, and pitched against Russian troops. Again between the adversaries fierce battle began, and people fell on both sides. Finally, Vladimir and Davyd with their regiments began to attack, but Polovtsians fled. Svyatopolk, and Vladimir Davydov, glorify God, and seized a large full and returned back home.

This campaign was the last significant act, which was attended Sviatopolk. After Easter 1113 he started to hurt and died on April 16. The brigade and the nobles mourned and buried in the church of. Michael in Kiev. Tatishchev so characterizes Svjatopolka: "This prince was a tall, dry, blackish hair, and straight, his beard long, sharp vision. Reader was п¦п¦п¦я-п+пT books and a good memory ... By the war was not a hunter, and even for someone soon angry, and soon forgotten. If that was eight covetous and stingy ".

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svyatopolk Izyaslavich (1049 - 1113) - led. Russian prince, son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Izyaslav Yaroslavich. In 1069, Mr.. father put him in Polotsk, but already in 1071 Vseslav of Polotsk has driven him to this table. In 1073, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich fled with his father outside of Russia, and returned only in 1077, Mr.. At the same time taken with dvoyurod. brother Vladimir Monomakh campaign against Vseslav and after the death of Prince. Gleb Svyatoslavich (1078) was imprisoned father in Novgorod. In 1088, Mr.. moved to reign in Turow. In 1093, Mr.. death of his uncle, Grand. kn. Kiev. Vsevolod I of Kiev, whose son, Vladimir Monomakh, despite its enormous popularity in Kiev and the possibility, therefore, be kept. Prince did not want civil strife. war and sent in for Turow Svjatopolka Izyaslavich, who soon entered the capital city. His reign was marked by wars with the princes as a rogue (Peremyshl'skii and Terebovl), whose rights to the parish of their fathers were found at 2 congresses, and the Polovtsy, who constantly raided the Russian. land. It is in Svyatopolk Izyaslavich was first taken a big hike in Russian. troops into the Polovtsian, possessions. Simultaneously with the arrival in Kiev Svjatopolka Izyaslavich Polovtsians attacked ua southern. Parish Russia. Hearing about the death of Vsevolod Yaroslavich, they sent ambassadors to Svyatopolk Izyaslavich offering peace. He consulted only with the 'Molodshiy' entourage, ambassadors imprisoned in a dungeon and started a war with Polovtsy who defeated Russian. Men. Unable to defeat the enemy force, led. Prince decided to go to the world and made peace (1094), married the daughter of the Polovtsian, Khan Tugorkana. In 1094, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich in alliance with Vladimir Monomakh organized a march on Polovtsy and invite a Chernihiv. kn. Oleg Svyatoslavich. The latter went to, but separate from dvoyurod. brothers. The campaign was successful and the prince took Polovtsian, Tower and returned with rich booty. In the same year Polovtsians besieged g. Yur'ev, but could not take it because of the intervention led. Prince. When they crossed the river. Ros Yurievets left their small town BC fled to Kiev. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich ordered to build them on Vitichevskom hill town and named it after himself - Svyatopolch. There he settled, except Yurievets and their bishop, Marina, other residents of small towns, located on the border Kiev. Prince Island and subjected to constant attacks Polovtsy. In 1096, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich and Monomakh invited Oleg in Kiev at the Congress, but were proud refusal. Then they went to him Ratiu. Oleg of Chernigov fled and locked himself in Starodub, sat in the siege of 33 days and surrendered, after concluding a peace on condition that he would go to Kiev to the Congress with his brother Davyd. He went to his brother in Smolensk, but the residents did not let him into the city, and he resigned in Ryazan. Seeing that Svyatoslavichy not come to Kiev, Svyatopolk Izyaslavich and Monomakh went to Smolensk on Davydov, but it all ended world. At this time Polovtsy, exploiting the lack of princes, entered the Russian. land and devastated the neighborhood of Kiev and Pereyaslavl Southern. Princes, back, joined forces to defeat the enemy under Pereyaslavl. In this battle fell in-law led. Prince - Khan Tugorkan which family ties are not hung ravage son-in-possession. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich told to sculpt a body of Khan, and buried him in a. Berestovom. In 1097, Mr.. held Knyazh. sead in Liubech. It was attended Sviatopolk II of Kiev, Vladimir Monomakh, Oleg Svyatoslavich, Davydov Svyatoslavich, Davydov and I. Terebovlya. kn. Vasilko Rostislavich. In 1098, Mr.. because of the connivance Svyatopolk Izyaslavich Davyd I. blinded Vasilko why almost civil war broke out. The princes made peace on condition that Svyatopolk Izyaslavich vow to punish Davyd. Only in the next year led. Prince spoke against Davyd I., who locked himself in Vladimir-Volyn. Seven weeks Svyatopolk Izyaslavich besieging the city, while Davyd did not give up and not make peace on condition that led. Prince will release him from the city. Then Davyd passed Vladimir-Volyn, and he went to Cserveny. Having Vladimir Svyatopolk Izyaslavich wanted to master all Volhynia book-tion, but a broken Przemysl. and Terebovlya. princes (brothers Valadar and cornflowers Rostislavich), was forced to flee to Vladimir with 2 sons, Yaroslav and Mstislav. First, he left in Vladimir, and 2-nd sent to Hungary to persuade the king to go to Volodar and cornflowers, and he himself returned to Kiev. Soon he lost and Vladimir. In 1100, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich participated in the congress of princes Vitichevskom. After this Congress ended civil strife. War of Volyn, which now went to Grand. Prince, put there his son Yaroslav. In 1101, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich was forced to go march on his nephew Yaroslav Yaropolchicha. Shortly thereafter, on the river. Zolotche again gathered at the Congress Sviatopolk II of Kiev, Vladimir Monomakh and Svyatoslavichy: they decided to organize a march on Polovtsy. Those hearing about the atom, sent to ask about the world. Princes assigned them meet for talks with Mr.. Saks, where peace was signed, and both sides exchanged hostages. In 1102, Mr.. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich concluded with Vladimir Monomakh contract in which the son was supposed to go last in the Vladimir-Volyn, son of the same lead. Prince Yaroslav - in Novgorod Velikiy. In the same year Svyatopolk Izyaslavich gave his daughter Sbyslavu for Polish. cor. Boleslaw Krzywoustego. In Pos participated in the congress of princes at Dolobskogo Lake. In the same year organized a campaign against Polovtzy ended a great success: the princes returned with a huge booty. Svyatopolk Izyaslavich restored Mr.. Yur'ev burnt Polovtsy. In 1104, Mr.. organized a campaign yuzhnorus. princes, under the command of its governor Putyata against mines. kn. Gleb Vseslavich. In the same year married his 2 nd daughter, Predslava, hung over. Prince Ladislaus. Soon Svjatopolka Izyaslavich son Bryachislav. In 1106 at the border again appeared Polovtsians headed by Khan Bonyak. Conducted. Prince was forced to send against them a large army under the command Putyata, Jan Vyshatich etc.. governor. In 1107, Mr.. he went with his army in the steppe and achieved victory. In 1108, Mr.. laid the church in the name of St.. Michael (his St.. patron). In 1110, Mr.. Sviatopolk II of Kiev, Vladimir Monomakh and Davyd Svyatoslavich again launched a campaign against Polovtsy ended by anything because of frost and horse case; princes, reaching r. The warrior went back. In neither they again organized a big march in the Steppe. This was the last company led. Prince. Battle of Degee 24 and on the river. Salnitse March 26 once again showed that the combined Russian. units can crush any enemy. The victory was complete, and the princes were brought to their towns many captives, cattle, weapons, fabrics, etc.. Sao Tome and Principe Dobra. Externally Svyatopolk Izyaslavich was very pious: going and returning from patrol, always called at the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery to worship the tomb of St.. Theodosius of the Caves and take a blessing from the Superior. But in life he was cruel, avaricious and ambitious, not while possessing neither a brilliant nor a strong character.

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