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SVYATOSLAV Vsevolodich

( From the kind of Chernigov princes)

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Biography SVYATOSLAV Vsevolodich
From the kind of Chernigov Prince. The son of Vsevolod II of Kiev and Olgovich kn. Agathias Mstislavovny. Kn. Turovsky in 1142 and 1154 he. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1141 - 1146 he. Kn. Pinskits in 1154, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod-Seversky in 1157 - 1164 he. Kn. Chernigovskij 1164 - 1177 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1174, 1177 - 1180, 1182 - 1194 he.

Wife: from 1143 g. daughter of Prince. Polotsk Vasilko Rogvolodovicha, kn. Maria.

+ July 7, 1194, Mr..

* * *

Youth Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich was stormy. Early left without a father, he spent twelve years in the service of various princes, participated in all usobnyh wars, changed several counties, but nowhere could not resist for long. In 1157, he received Novgorod Seversky, and in 1164, after the death of his uncle Svyatoslav Olgovich - Chernigov. In 1173, after an argument with Andrew Bogolubsky Rostislavich Smolensky, Svyatoslav sent to Andrew to say on behalf of the Chernigov princes: "Who gave you the enemy, that to us, we are ready to go with you". Andrew took his help and sent a huge army of Rostislav. All the princes who took part in the campaign, was more than twenty. Svetoslav was the eldest among all the alliance of princes, why and semi-ill command of the entire Ratiu. Trezhde all, he turned pro-Yves Mstislav Rostislavich, who locked himself in Vyshegorod besieging it for nine weeks, but did not: he could knock out of the city. On top of failures under Kiev was Yaroslav II of Kiev Lutsk (brother of the deceased in 1170 Mstislav Izyaslavich) and began looking for a great reign. Svyatoslav refused to give him Kiev, gathering, ocheidno, leave it for a. Then Jaroslav started negotiations with Rostislavich: they gave him to Kiev, and he went to Rurik in Belgorod. When news of this at Andreevs allies attacked the great fear. They said that Rostislavich necessarily be connected with Galicians and black hoods and attack them. In the army, came the terrible tumult, and without waiting for the dawn, all rushed to cross the Dnieper, and many people drowned. Mstislav seeing a general flight, left with his retinue of Vyshgorod and struck at the enemy camp, where he took many prisoners.

Rostislavich after victory fulfilled his promise to recognize the seniority Yaroslav Izyaslavich and gave him Kiev. But he barely had time to establish itself here, . Svetoslav in 1174 sent to say: "Remember our old bargain, . on what you tell me to kiss the cross, you said to me: if I sit down in Kiev, . or I'll put, . But if you sit down, . then you put on me, now you got - right there, . asked whether - put me ",
. Jaroslav ordered to answer him: "Why do you want my paternal? You have the party does not need you". Svetoslav sent again to tell him this: "I am not Hungarian, and Lyah, we all have the same grandfather, grandchildren, and what have you to do it the same to me: if you do not want to perform the old contract, then your will".

In the words followed the case. Svyatoslav, uniting with the brothers, suddenly came to Kiev, Yaroslav, afraid to shut in one run in Lutsk, and Svetoslav drove in Kiev, Yaroslav seized all the property of his wife, son, all the squad and sent to Chernigov. But he could not long remain in Kiev, because his cousin Oleg Svyatoslavich attacked Chernihiv parish, wishing, as seen here to be the successor of Svyatoslav. But Svyatoslav, occupying Kiev, did not expect final approval here and therefore would not yield to the former parish cousin. Throwing Kiev, he went to Oleg and, as usual, Pozega his parish. Meanwhile, Jaroslav returned to Kiev. In order to separate the enemies, Svyatoslav refused until the reign of the great and made peace with Yaroslav. Then, having met with all the forces, he besieged Oleg of Novgorod Seversky. Oleg went was to meet him, . but did not have time to put his squad on the boom, . How to apply to flee, the prince himself had to run into the city, . but half of his troops were captured, . other - slaughtered, . fort is burned; Oleg the next day asked for the world and received,
. While Svetoslav settling affairs in his parish, in Kiev sat Roman Rostislavich. But he also could not long to reign peacefully. In 1176 Polovtsians attacked Russia, took six cities and smashed Berendey Rostislav at Rostov. This happened through the fault of Davyd Rostislavich, who started a quarrel with his brothers and prevented the progress of business. Svetoslav hastened to take advantage Trouble Rostislav. In the same year he sent a message to Roman: "Brother, I'm not looking at you, all right, but we have such a number: if the prince is guilty, then pay a municipality, a lord - his head; Davyd fault, Take away his parish".

The novel is not obeyed, then Svyatoslav sent the brothers to take Trepol, and he rose from the shelves at Viticheva, which came to him with black hoods Kyivers and announced that the novel went to Belgorod. Svyatoslav went to Kiev, and sat there, but again not for long: the rescue of his brothers was Mstislav of Smolensk, and Rostislavich announced that the next day will battle Svyatoslav. Svetoslav scared and ran across the Dnieper, because Polovtsy, for whom he had sent, had not yet arrived, and with his retinue odnoyu oppose Mstislav he did not dare.

Despite this, Rostislavich thought it best to give Kiev Svyatoslav. Roman knew, . that he will be in Kiev in constant fear of Svyatoslav, . which has just survived his, . and, . sure, . not abandon further attempts to seize the capital, . therefore be ceaseless strife; allies Svyatoslav - Polovtsians - already appeared to Torchesk and captured a lot of people,
. And Ro-stislavichi, not wanting to ruin the Russian land and shed Christian blood, according to the chronicler, thought, and gave in 1177 Svyatoslav of Kiev, while Roman went back to Smolensk.

Svetoslav felt very constrained in Kiev, surrounded on all sides township Rostislav. In 1180, he suddenly attacked Vyshgorodskiy Prince David Rostislavich, . hoping to seize him by surprise, . but his plan failed and after several bouts princes reconciled on the same terms: Kiev Svyatoslav went, . and the whole Russian land remained in the hands of Rurik Rostislavich,
. Thus, 35 years after the death of his father, Vsevolod managed to establish themselves in Kiev, but the power of the Grand Duke over the years so has weakened, not only in Russia, but also in the parish of Kiev, he could no longer manage on their own. Without the consent of Rurik Rostislavich and Vsevolod the Big Nest Svetoslav not dare to start a single campaign, and understood it. He ruled quietly and calmly, earning the reputation of the wise prince, who are concerned about the welfare of the Russian land. That is it draws a chronicler and so it appears in "Lay". When Svyatoslav Second strife subsided, but then resumed, interrupted by the death of Monomakh, an offensive war with Polovtsy.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svetoslav Vsevolodich (? -1194) - Led. Prince of Kiev., son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Vsevolod II of Kiev. In 1140, at the request of Novgorod, his father sent Svyatoslav Vsevolodich them to rule. But at the Chernigov, he learned that Novgorod the Great chose him to someone from Monomashichey, and returned to Kiev. Vsevolod decided to punish the Novgorod and detained in his 'honor' prisoner of Novgorod Bishops and 'best men', sent for Svyatoslav Vsevolodich. Ok. 1142 his father put him in the tours but after a while gave him Vladimir-Volyn, as Turow was transferred from South Pereyaslavl Vyacheslav Vladimirovich. In the same year, Svetoslav Vsevolodich went with Izyaslav Davidovich and gal. kn. Vladimirka Volodarevichem to help the Polish king Vladislav, who was fighting with his brothers. In 1143, Mr.. married the daughter of directing body. kn. Vasilko (whether Rogvolodicha, whether Svyatoslavich). In 1144, Mr.. Vsevolod II of Kiev fell out with Vladimir prison, who did not wish to see Svyatoslav Vsevolodich in Vladimir-Volyn. Eventually velomu prince had to make against Vladimirka hike, which took part and Svetoslav Vsevolodich. In 1143, Mr.. led. Prince again sent him along with his uncles in Poland to help the same Vladislav. Peace with gal. Prince was fragile, and in 1146, Mr.. Vsevolod moved on Galich, taking with him and Svetoslav Vsevolodich. Soon after this campaign (after the death of his father) Svetoslav Vsevolodich was embroiled in the struggle of his uncles, Igor and Svyatoslav Blessed Olegoviches with Izyaslav Mstislavich for cues. table. After winning last Svetoslav Vsevolodich was removed from the Vladimir-Volyn and received in return Mezhibozhe, . Buzhsk, . Kotelnitsu and several other cities, . and he was forced oath of allegiance to Izyaslav, . which then forced him to fight first against his uncle - Vyacheslav, . and then - against Svyatoslav Olgovich,
. Later Svetoslav Vsevolodich reconciled with the latter, peremetnuvshis Izyaslav into the hostile camp, t. to. was dissatisfied awards lead. Prince. After the death of Izyaslav (1154) Sviatoslav Vsevolodich participated actively in the fight for the Grand Dukes. table, holding the side of one or the other. All these years he never forgot about their rights in Chernigov. heritage and sought him in every way, with the assistance of Svyatoslav Olgovich. In 1157, Mr.. received from the new Grand. Duke Izyaslav Davidovich, Novgorod-Seversky in exchange for recognition Izyaslav led. prince, but after a short time Svetoslav Vsevolodich quarreled with Izyaslav. In 1159, Mr.. he tried to grab Chernigov Svyatoslav Olgovich, and Svyatoslav Vsevolodich uncle helped to defend its own. A year later, Svetoslav Vsevolodich participated, along with his uncle and others. princes in the siege, Mr.. Vshchizh where he sat Svyatoslav Vladimirovich. After some time the allies have repeated this campaign. In 1161, Mr.. Svetoslav Vsevolodich again in alliance with Izyaslav Davidovich (dethroned), which reluctantly joined and Svyatoslav II of Kiev, t. to. Kiev. nobles were able to quarrel with the latter led. kn. Rostislav Mstislavich. The Allies wanted to overthrow Rostislav and restore Izyaslav on cues. foot. However, the alliance was fragile, as soon Svetoslav Vsevolodich and his uncle had made peace with Rostislav and kissed him cross. In 1162, Mr.. Svetoslav Vsevolodich with others. princes, probably led to instructions. Prince, went against Vladimir Mstislavovitch Macheshicha, seized Sluck. In 1164 he died Sviatoslav II of Kiev, . and Chernihiv was on 'Rota' inheritance go to Svyatoslav, . oldest in the genus Olegoviches, . but the widow of Svyatoslav Olgovich, . on the advice of fellow boyars, . decided to hide from the death of her husband's nephew, . to enable his son Oleg took Chernigov,
. However, Bishop Anthony Svyatoslav Vsevolodich let them know about the death of his uncle and aunt's actions. Svetoslav Vsevolodich entered into talks with Oleg, and he went to Novgorod-Seversky, and Svetoslav Vsevolodich villages in Chernihiv. Svetoslav Vsevolodich promised to give the brothers (Oleg, Igor and Vsevolod Bui Tour) lands of their possessions, but the promises are not fulfilled. Oleg, this time said nothing, but when he died of their common relative, vschizhsky kn. Svyatoslav Vladimirovich (1167), and Sviatoslav Vsevolodich again walked Oleg, not selecting him put out of townships of the deceased, they had a gap, just not going to end feud. They concluded a peace, and Oleg received from dvoyurod. brother 4 cities. In the same year, Svetoslav Vsevolodich gave his daughter Boleslav for gal. kn. Vladimir Yaroslavich. After the death of lead. kn. Kiev. Rostislav Mstislavovitch (1167) conducted. table was to take Svetoslav Vsevolodich, but Kievans resisted, wanting to see on the throne Monomashicha Mstislav Izyaslavich, and Svetoslav Vsevolodich had to stay in Chernigov. After some time, he participated in the successful campaign to Polovtsy princes, who organized Mstislav. From 1169 to 1172 he. Svetoslav Vsevolodich not participate in the fight against Andrei Bogolyubsky and Mstislav Izyaslavich for cues. table. In 1172, Mr.. laid in Chernigov's Church. Archangel Michael. In that same year participated in military actions against Andrei Bogolyubsky resins. Rostislav: under his command Vlad. Prince gave a large army, consisting of 20 squads were princes. This campaign, however, ended in a stalemate, as the princes who seized Kiev, could not hold him back. Having won over the supporters Bogolubsky, Rostislavich, by agreement, gave Kiev Lutz. kn. Yaroslav II of Kiev. Svetoslav immediately recalled the last of their long-standing arrangement: who first take Kiev, will not forget and other. Jaroslav reneged on a promise, and then Svetoslav Vsevolodich with his brothers suddenly appeared under the walls of Kiev and Yaroslav forced to flee. At this time, Oleg Svyatoslavich, seeing that Svetoslav Vsevolodich villages in Kiev, went to Chernigov, getting ready for the right to sit in it to rule. Svetoslav Vsevolodich, afraid not keep losing Kiev and Chernihiv, reconciled with Yaroslav, who took over at that time Kiev, and went to ruin parish Oleg, who was forced to leave Chernihiv. The war between Svyatoslav and Oleg Vsevolodich continued in 1174: Oleg concluded an alliance with Rostislavich and cues. kn. Yaroslav to c) the parties to move to Chernigov, but Rostislavich and Jaroslav soon signed with Sviatoslav Vsevolodich world, destroying him a warning only a small town. Oleg also had to go to the world. After the murder of Alexander Bogolyubsky (1174) in the war between the younger brothers of the latter, Mihalko and Vsevolod, Svyatoslav and Rostislavich Vsevolodich holding the first side, helping them to soldiers, equipment, taking under his protection of their wives. By that time, Jaroslav must give Kiev eldest kind Rostislav-Roman, who failed in an expedition to Polovtsy (1176). Took advantage Svetoslav Vsevolodich and drove the Roman of Kiev. The aid Rostislavich came Mstislav II of Kiev, and Svyatoslav Vsevolodich left Kiev. Realizing that Chernihiv. Prince will be conducted to solicit. table and will always win out over the Roman, who did not like and did not know how to fight, Rostislavich did not take from Svetoslav Vsevolodich throne, and he was back in Kiev. In 1177 Svyatoslav Vsevolodich married sons: Vsevolod the Red - the daughter of Polish, Kor. Casimir, and Vladimir - the daughter of Mikhail of Vladimir. In 1180 Svyatoslav Vsevolodich and Vsevolod the Big Nest ganged up on each other because of the influence ryaz. kn. Roman Glebovich which Vsevolod was bound by oath, and with Sviatoslav Vsevolodich-affinity. ties. These spores were also involved Rostislavich attempting to capture Kiev in the absence of Svyatoslav Vsevolodich Soon, however, he reconciled with the fact, and with other. The world was sealed (1182) married: Gleb Svyatoslavich married the daughter of Rurik Rostislavich and Mstislav Svyatosavich (son Svyatoslav Vsevolodich) - Sister-in Vsevolod the Big Nest. Since that time, Svetoslav Vsevolodich strengthened its position as lead. Prince. In the same year he sent to the aid of Vladimir Vsevolod the regiment against Volzhsk, Bulgars. In 1184-1185, Svyatoslav Vsevolodich organized hikes rus. ratey in the Steppe. In 1186 consecrated Chernihiv. Church of the Annunciation. In 1187 novg.-Seversky. kn. , Igor, after escaping from Polovtsian, captivity, arrived in Kiev Svyatoslav Vsevolodich ask for help against Polovtsy. In 1188 led. Prince, finally, with Rurik and Wladimir G. gathered in the campaign, which ended in nothing, because Polovtsians, learning about the Russian approach, went deep into the steppes. In the winter of that year, the campaign has been repeated, but the result was the same as t. to. Svetoslav Vsevolodich brother, Jaroslaw, did not want to go far in the Steppe. For Polovtsy sent cues. Nezdilovicha Roman governor, who found their Tower and defeated Polovtsian, strength. In 1189 Gyeonggi. cor. Bela, still holds Galich, wanting to enlist the support of Svyatoslav Vsevolodich in their interests, sent to him after asking to make peace. Svetoslav Vsevolodich secret from Rurik sent to the king his son Gleb, believing that Bela put him in Galicia. Rurik knew about collusion with the Hungarians led. Prince, and a peace treaty between the allies was nearly canceled. In 1190 Svyatoslav and Rurik Vsevolodich subjected Polovtsy 'willingly', but the world and with stepnyakami. This time was short-lived. The autumn of that year, Svetoslav grabbed (on a tip-off) Torchesk. Khan Kuntuvdeya, but, after consulting with Rurik, decided to bring it under oath, and let. Outraged Khan, wanting revenge Svetoslav Vsevolodich, went to the steppe to the Polovtsy and persuaded them to go to Russia. At this time in Kiev. land was only the son of Rurik Rostislav, t. to. Svetoslav Vsevolodich was visiting his brothers, the Dnieper, and Rurik went to Ovruch. One Rostislav it was difficult to cope with the defense of Kiev. region. but he coped brilliantly with its task. His father was leaving, he asked Svyatoslav Vsevolodich, when he would go beyond the Dnieper, Rostislav give in aid, just in case, the son Gleb. Conducted. Prince promised, but Hleb has not sent. Moreover, he soon sue the Rurik and David for any parish in the Small. land. Rurik sent messengers to Vsevolod the Big Nest and resins. kn. David, and they reminded Svyatoslav Vsevolodich that he had violated articles of the former contract with Prince. Roman, and sent him back krestotseloval. letters. This meant breaking up the alliance. Svetoslav Vsevolodich in an angry outburst sent ambassadors, but soon changed his mind and returned them to their presence oath Monomashicham 'throughout their will'. In the same year he married his grandson, Davyd Olgovich, the daughter of novgorod.-Seversky. kn. Igor's. In 1192 Svyatoslav Vsevolodich brothers and Rurik stood all summer in Canet, protecting Kiev. Prince of from Polovtsy, then took them to hike. However, the Allies waged. Duke, black hoods, refused to go beyond the Dnieper, and the campaign did not take place. In 1193 Svyatoslav Vsevolodich, seeing that Rurik made peace with one of the Polovtsian, hordes, offered to do the same thing with another, wandering near the Russian. borders, the princes came to make peace with Polovtsy in Kanev, which came and 2 horde Polovtsy, but the princes and Polovtsy dispersed back home, not agreeing. Rurik soon Svyatoslav Vsevolodich warned that we must prepare to march on Polovtsy or gather force to protect their possessions from the steppe. Referring to the bad harvest, Svyatoslav Vsevolodich refused to hike. Rurik still trying to persuade led. Prince to military action against Polovtsy, but Svetoslav Vsevolodich insisted, and the campaign did not take place. In 1194 he invited his brothers, mother and Yaroslav dvoyurod. Igor and Vsevolod Bui Tour in Rogov (by dp. news - in Kanev) for advice about the campaign to ryaz. princes, with whom Chernihiv. princes were long-standing border disputes. However, Vlad. kn. Vsevolod the Big Nest opposed the campaign, and Svetoslav Vsevolodich was forced to submit. At the time Prince atoms cues. was already seriously ill and died shortly thereafter.

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