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Sviatoslav III of Vladimir

( From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Duke)

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Biography Sviatoslav III of Vladimir
From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Duke, the ancestor Yurev-Polish princes. The son of Vsevolod III Big Nest Yurevich and Czech queen Mary Shvarnovny.

Genus. March 27, 1196, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod in 1200 - 1205, 1207 - 1210 he. Kn. Yurev-polish in 1213-1228, 1248-1252 gg. Kn. Perei in 1228 - 1238 he. Kn. Suzdal in 1238 - 1246 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1246 - 1248 he.

wife: daughter of Prince. Murom Davyd Yurevich, kn. Evdokia (1228).

+ 3 Feb.. 1252 g.


In 1220 the Grand Duke of Vladimir-Suzdal Yuri Vsevolodovich gathered a large army against the Bulgarians and sent the head of his Svyatoslav. Svetoslav besieged first Oshel. Near the town was made the prison, enclosed by a solid oak fence, outside the prison were two building and between the shaft: the shaft on this besieged and fought with the Russian. Svetoslav detachment of men with fire and axes, . and behind them - musketeers and lancers; Russian felled by a fence, . destroyed and two others strengthen and lit them, . then lit and the city itself, . but then got a nasty wind, . and Svetoslav ordered to bypass the city and attack it with the other,
. The prince himself galloped ahead of the rest of the city. Russian felled by a fence and strongholds and lit them, then lit the city on all sides, and got a big storm, so it was terrible to watch, but in the city rang out a loud scream. Prince Bulgarian managed to escape on horseback with maloyu warriors, and those Bulgarians who were leaving the city, the Russian broke all the wives and children taken prisoner, the other Bulgarians were burned in the city, and some themselves deprived of life, after killing their first wives and children. Having burnt the city, Sviatoslav returned to the boats and sailed up the Volga. Meanwhile, the Bulgarians of the Great and other cities, he heard about the extermination Oshela, together with the princes of their own and came to the shore. Svetoslav knew of the approach of enemies, and ordered to prepare for battle: send the regiment after regiment, beat tambourines, played the trumpet, and the prince walked behind all. The Bulgarians came to the shore, but did not dare to attack. Svetoslav safely reached the mouth of the Kama and thence went to Vladimir. In 1228, Yuri returned Svyatoslav Pereyaslavl South, where the prince spent ten years. In 1238 he returned to the Vladimir land and participated in the battle against the Tatars in the City on March 4. Jaroslav Vsevolod, who became the Grand Duke on the death of Yuri, gave Svyatoslav Suzdal. The death of Yaroslav the same in 1246, succeeded by Vladimir Sviatoslav Desk. But in 1248 Yaroslav's son Michael the Brave had taken from the great reign of Svyatoslav and sat in Vladimir. Exiled Svyatoslav died soon. Buried in the cathedral Yuryev.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svetoslav Vsevolodich (1196 - 1252) - Prince Yurievsky, Suzdal, son of Grand. kn. Vlad. Vsevolod the Big Nest. In 1199, Mr.. his father sent him, at the request of Novgorod, to reign in Novgorod the Great, and Svyatoslav Vsevolodich stayed there until 1203, then returned to his father in Vladimir. In the spring of that Svyatoslav Vsevolodich in the 2 nd time sat on the reign in Novgorod. In 1210, Mr.. Torzhok (NovSU. possession) was busy Toropetzkaya kn. Mstislav Udatnogo, which may bi invited to go part of Novgorod. Mstislav sent greetings to his supporters, those locked in Svyatoslav Vsevolodich archbishop's house and solemnly took Mstislav of Novgorod, which is being established in the Novgorod table, returned to Torzhok t. to. Vsevolod, learning about the fate of his son and the events in Novgorod, seized in their possession of the Novgorod merchants and imprisoned them in a dungeon, and sent to Torzhok large army headed by his sons - Constantine and Jaroslav. Eventually, . Svetoslav Vsevolodich was otpushen, . joined his brothers in Tver, and from there along with them arrived in Vladimir, . where he remained until his father's death (1212), . that shortly before his death gave Svetoslav Vsevolodich Yurev-Polish and Gorodets (radicals),
. In 1213, Mr.. he participated in the campaign against his brother Yuri dp. brother, Constantine, who ended the world. In 1215, Mr.. Svetoslav Vsevolodich was sent Yuri with an army of 10 thousand. people. to help his brother Jaroslaw, who quarreled with Novgorod, sat down in Torzhok and was there besieged by Mstislav Udatnogo. Svetoslav Vsevolodich kept aside George and endured with him all the bitterness of defeat from his brother Constantine and his allies. The winner, apparently, left for his younger brother Yurev-Polish. Yuri, becoming after the death of Constantine (1220) Grand Duke of Vladimir, sent Svetoslav Vsevolodich led a large detachment against Volzhsk, Bulgars, who attacked the border township pa. The campaign was successful, and the Russian came back from the rich production and full. In 1222, Mr.. Svetoslav Vsevolodich went with an army of Novgorod at the request of George and helped devastate the miracle of Novgorod. ownership, even besieging Mr.. Kes (albeit unsuccessfully), avenging Livonia. Knights of the ruin iovg. townships. In 1226, Mr.. with his brother Ivan (Starodub. Prince) went to the suppression of Mordovians, rebelled against built on their land 5 years ago, Nizhny Novgorod. The campaign ended with the capture of several Mordovian. sat. In 1228, Mr.. Jury sent Svetoslav Vsevolodich to reign in Pereyaslavl Southern. In 1230, Mr.. ordered Svetoslav Vsevolodich there was demolished came in the dilapidated state of the church in the name of St.. George, built his grandfather, Yuri Dolgoruky. In its place in 1234, Mr.. was built on another. By this time, Sviatoslav Vsevolodich has returned to reign in Yuriev. In 1238, Mr.. participated in the Sith KitchenAid with the Tatar-Mongols, and remained alive. Conducted. kn. Yuri Vsevolodich died in this battle, and following it brother, Jaroslaw, sat down on the led. Table of burning Vladimir. Svetoslav Vsevolodich received from him, Suzdal and Rostov, and remained there until 1246, Mr.. In 1245, Mr.. accompanied conducted. Duke in the 2-nd his trip to the Horde and returned only after a year. After Yaroslav's death in the same year of his seniority in the genus wilted led. herds in Vladimir, distributing nephews city, bequeathed by Yaroslav. In 1248, Mr.. One of them, Prince of Moscow. Michael Khorobrit, won one fell swoop Vladimir and has driven his uncle from the throne. Svetoslav Vsevolodich already before his death was unable to regain the lead. table, as the successor to slain shortly (1248) Michael began his older brother Andrew Jaroslawicz, received at Sarai-Batu shortcut led. reign. In 1250, Mr.. Svetoslav Vsevolodich traveled with his son Dmitri to the Horde and there was well received. Obviously, there he was trying to reclaim the label on the treasure. reign, failure had. Soon after the arrival of the Horde Svetoslav Vsevolodich died and was buried in Yuriev Polish.

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Sviatoslav III of Vladimir, photo, biography
Sviatoslav III of Vladimir, photo, biography Sviatoslav III of Vladimir  From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Duke, photo, biography
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