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Svyatoslav Ivanovich

( From the kind of Smolensk princes)

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Biography Svyatoslav Ivanovich
From the kind of Smolensk Prince. Son of Ivan Aleksandrovich. Kn. Smolensky in 1359 - 1386 gg.

+ 1386 g.

* * *

In 1386, together with the sons of Gleb and Yuri, gathering a large army, Svyatoslav went to Amе⌡cisе┌aе╜, which formerly belonged to the princes of Smolensk, and then was taken away from them the Lithuanians. Passing through the Lithuanian soil, resin fought her, seizing people, tortured 'them mercilessly different executions of men, women and children: other, locked in their huts burned, infants impale. Living Mstislavl shut in. Svetoslav standing under it for ten days, but could do nothing. On the eleventh day came Lithuanians: sons Olgerd and Vitovt with shelves. Smolyan embarrassed when he saw them, were made in the fight and came together with the Lithuanians in the river under Vehre Mstislavl. The battle was long, finally overcame Olgerdovich. Svyatoslav himself was killed by some Pole. Two of his sons were captured. Lithuanian princes, pursuing fleeing, came to Smolensk, took with him a ransom and put on a reign of Yuri Svyatoslavich.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svyatoslav Ivanovich (? -1386) - Prince of resins. Son of resins. kn. Ivan Aleksandrovich. He sat on the resin. table after the death of his father (1359). He was one of the most energetic lords of resins. reign: the duration of his reign in the fight that took place with Lithuania, then to Moscow for the autonomy and independence of Small. Prince Island. Already in the 1 st year reign of Svyatoslav Ivanovich made a successful attempt to return the occupied Smolensk, Lithuania Volga township. As a result Grand Total. kn. lit. Algirdas moved on resins. land and conquered Amе⌡cisе┌aе╜. Lithuania anxiously looking at strengthening Moscow and Tver, and tried to maintain its fight against Moscow. Lithuania's desire to be as close to mosk.-solid. boundaries in time to come to the aid of his ally, was hampered by the resistance of the Small. Prince-wah, who was standing in her path. This was the reason for the aggressiveness of Lithuanians Smolyan. At the same time, Moscow, employment inside. struggle in Novg.-Suzd. ground, tried to avoid border conflict with Olgerd in the case of the conquest of Smolensk and quietly, but vigorously supported Svyatoslav Ivanovich, who became friends with lead. Prince sinks. Under the contract, they should help each other against their common enemy. But when Algirdas with a large army went (1367) to Moscow through the resin. kn-vo, Svyatoslav Ivanovich was forced to give him auxiliary. resins. Detachment. This was the reason that a year Muscovites and volochane (residents Mr.. Volokolamsk) ruined the border resins. parish, and Metropolitan Alexei Svyatoslav Ivanovich excommunicated from the church. Assessing the inequality of forces in the fight against expansion of Lithuania, Svyatoslav Ivanovich surrendered (1370) and again sent a detachment of troops Smolyan Olgerd marching on Moscow. Receiving a message from Constantinople. patriarch, foaming him on his perjury, Svyatoslav Ivanovich was shocked, gathered in strength and reaffirmed their loyalty to Moscow. In 1375, Mr.. he participated with his regiment in a campaign waged. kn. wash. Dmitri Ivanovich against Tver. Using the intestine wars in Lithuania, joined up with the inheritance. resins. princes (solomersk., Dorogobuzh., fomin.-6erezuysk. etc.) and moved with great Ratiu to the border, to return the resin. city and parish captured Lithuanians. But Svyatoslav Ivanovich defeat, despite the assistance directing body. kn. Andrew Polotsk. In 1386, Mr.. the walls of Mstislavl been fierce battle between troops of Svyatoslav Ivanovich and Lithuanians, ended with the defeat of Smolyan. In this battle, killed and Svyatoslav Ivanovich.

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Svyatoslav Ivanovich, photo, biography
Svyatoslav Ivanovich, photo, biography Svyatoslav Ivanovich  From the kind of Smolensk princes, photo, biography
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