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( From the kind of Chernigov princes)

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Biography SVYATOSLAV Olegovich
Parents: Oleg Svyatoslavich (? -1115 +),? ;

Children: Polovchanka, daughter Aepy Girgenevicha =>

Oleg (? -1180 +);
1 st wife c 1150g. daughter of Yuri Dolgoruky;
2. Agafia, daughter of Rostislav Mstislavovitch (s 1163g.) =>
. Svetoslav (1166 -?), Prince of Rila;
. After the death of Svyatoslav Olgovich Chernigov principality was supposed to inherit his eldest son Oleg, but it appeared another, more powerful, the applicant - Prince Svyatoslav (? -1194 +), A cousin Oleg
. Oleg could not save Chernigov, he was allocated Siverske principality;

Igor (1151-1202 +), book. Seversky (1179-1202), hero of "Lay";
Vsevolod (1153? -1196 +), Book. Kursk, nicknamed "Bui-Tour";
. wife - Olga Glebovna, granddaughter of Yuri Dolgoruky;
. Key moments
. Prince of Chernigov (1157-1164);
. Material from the site



. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. Sviatoslav II of Kiev (the number
. 8)

From the kind of Chernigov Prince. The ancestor of the princes of Novgorod-Seversky. Son Oleg and Svyatoslav Prince of Polotsk. Kn. Novgorod in 1136 - 1138, 1139 - 1141 he. Kn. Kursk in 1138 - 1139 he. Kn. Belgorod in 1141, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod-Seversky in 1141 - 1157 he. Kn. Chernigov in 1154 - 1155, 1157 - 1164 he. J.: 1) with 1107 g. Khan's daughter Polovtsian Aepy Girgenevicha, kn. Catherine, 2) with 1136 g. Petrily Novgorod mayor's daughter, Mary (+ 1166). 15 Feb.. 1164 g.


In 1136 Novgorod drove away and called Mstislavovitch Vsevolod, Svyatoslav. We deposed prince in the city remained supporters, faithful Monomakhovo tribe, why Novgorod, according to the chronicler, was torn in two. In the same year milostivtsy (friends), Vsevolod, Svyatoslav shot at, but he is still alive. Then a few good men, led by Posadnik Constantine fled Vsevolod in Vyshgorod and persuaded him to go to Pskov. Pskov had Vsevolod. But when in Novgorod learned that Vsevolod of Pskov, and wants to sit on them, then began a strong insurgency, the majority did not want Mstislavovitch. Svetoslav collected all the land of Novgorod, called for help from his brother Gleb kuryanami and Polovtsy and went to drive out Vsevolod of Pskov. Pskov, however, filled the road in the woods, curve had its fair Zaseki, so Novgorod and Sviatoslav returned half-way, saying: "I do not want to spill the blood of their brethren, may God will settle in their industries"

. Soon Novgorodians started in big trouble: Monomakh and their allies were angry at the people of Novgorod for, . that they did not give her Olgovich, . and therefore ceased to trade with them, . there was no peace either with Suzdal, . either from Smolensk, . nor with Cool, . nor with Polotsk; because stopping delivery of the high cost of food has started,
. Svyatoslav Novgorodians kicked out of the city, and in its place called Rostislav Yurevich from Suzdal. Svetoslav this time at odds with the bishop of Novgorod Nifontov, who for some reason, forbade the prince to marry. Prince crowned his own pop. The chronicler says nothing more about this case and Tatishchev said that Cvyatoclavova wife was the daughter of Petrily-mayor, who was killed Sovereign People. Trying to disarm Nifont their generosity, Svyatoslav resumed its ancient charter Vladimirov tribute to defining the church of the bishop to take, instead of acres of vir and sales, 100 hryvnia from the treasury of the prince, but the county taxes and fees.

Svyatoslav went to Kiev, Novgorod, leaving his wife. Citizens entered her in the convent of St.. Barbara. Svyatoslav himself as caught on the way gum and kept in custody in Smyadynskom monastery, waiting for what will end the feud Yaropolk Vladimirovich of Kiev with his brother Vsevolod II of Kiev Svyatoslav. Also in 1138 the princes reconciled and Sviatoslav finally arrived in Kiev.

In 1139 Vsevolod II of Kiev villages in Kiev, Svyatoslav gave Kursk and verbally promised Pereyaslavl where reigned Andrey. That summer Svyatoslav went to Pereyaslavl, met on the road with his retinue Andreeva and was defeated. Winners were pursuing him to the border Pereiaslav parish, then Andrew did not pursue their enemy Vedel. Meanwhile Novgorodians quarreled with Rostislav Yurevich, he went to Smolensk, and Novgorod was left without a prince. Angry Yuri Dolgoruky Novgorod threatened by war and has already taken Torzhok. In these circumstances, appealed to the people of Novgorod Vsevolod O. and agreed to take over from him again, Svyatoslav. He sat down by them before they took the oath of fidelity. Despite this pledge, old grievances are not forgotten either of the other party. Even before the arrival of Svyatoslav in Novgorod chronicler mentions the rebellion, produced, without a doubt, the enemies of Svyatoslav, supporters Monomakh. Svetoslav not forgotten as their enemies, . the former the cause of his exile, . resulting Novgorod began to stand on his vechah for his anger, . in the words of the chronicler, . began to beat Svyatoslav buddies for his violence, his godfather, . tysyatsky, . let him know, . they are going to grab him and, while Svyatoslav was running at night with Posadnik Yakunom, . Yakuna but the road was seized, . brought to Novgorod and almost killed before his death: stripped naked and thrown off a bridge,

Sviatoslav fled to Starodub. From there, Vsevolod summoned him to Kiev, but the brothers are not all ready to parishes. Svyatoslav went, as before, in the Kursk, which owned together with Novgorod Seversky. After Vsevolod gave him Belgorod. In all the short reign of Igor of Kiev Svyatoslav Olgovich was in Kiev, and helped his brother to negotiate with the townspeople. But the people of Kiev, in spite of their kindness, sent for Izyaslav Mstislavich. He stepped to Kiev, defeated Igor squad, and sat on the Grand Table. Sviatoslav fled to the mouth of the Desna the Dnieper. With maloyu retinue he came to Chernigov, and sent to ask the cousins, Davidovich, whether they want to keep the pledge of allegiance to Igor, which gave five days ago. Davidovich said that they want. Then Svyatoslav, leaving them Kosnyatka her husband, went to his parish, first in the Kursk, and later in Novgorod Seversky. But as soon as Sviatoslav left, Davidovich decided to retreat from it. Having learned that they were plotting to seize Sviatoslav Kosnyatka sent to tell him: "Prince!" They want to grab you, when they send for you, then do not go to them ". In fact, Davidovich soon joined by Iziaslav Mstislavich and Svyatoslav sent to say: "Go away from Novgorod Seversky in Putivl, and his brother Igor lay off". Svetoslav replied: "I do not want any parish, nothing else, just let go of my brother, but insisted all Davidovich:" Kiss the cross, that you will not either ask or look for his brother, a parish hold ". Svetoslav shut himself in Novgorod Seversky, and struggled with the Chernigov Regiment, which led Vladimir and Izyaslav Davidovich. Chernigov prince could not take the city, but terrible looted District. In the meantime, arrived from Suzdal to help Svyatoslav Ivan Yu, the son Dolgoruky. Svetoslav put him to reign in Kursk. Vladimir Davidovich and Izyaslav meanwhile joined with Izyaslav Mstislavich, took Putivl and again rushed to Novgorod Seversky. Hearing of the motion against the three princes, Svyatoslav called the council of his allies and Ivan Ivan Yurevich Rostislavich, squad, Polovtzy and asked what to do. And they answered him: "Prince!" Go away, without delay, here you do not what to be: no bread, nothing, go to the forest land ". Svetoslav obeyed and ran from Novgorod in Karachi with his wife and children and the wife of his brother Igor, one of the guards followed him, others left him. Izyaslav Davidovich chased after him, but Svetoslav turned around, went out to meet Davidovich and broke his. Hitting further in Karachev, Svyatoslav went to the forest in the land Vyatichi. Here the case had recovered, because Yuri Dolgoruky sent to his aid Belozersk armed.

In the spring of 1147 Svyatoslav went to the Smolensk district, took Galindians in the upper Protva and enriched their full squad, then got a call from Yuri to join him in Moscow. Svyatoslav arrived in Moscow with his son Oleg, Prince of Ryazan, Vladimir, and with a small retinue. Yuri Svyatoslav promised to send his son to help. Also received a mercenary army of Polovtzy Sviatoslav began with a successful offensive action: Polovtsy sent to fight the Smolensk district, and himself took vyaticheskie City. Meanwhile, from the steppes came to his new troops Polovtsy, and from the north stepped Gleb, son Dolgoruky.

Izyaslav Davidovich left Novgorod Seversky. Davidovich began forwarded with Sviatoslav, made peace with him and agreed to lure Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Intrigue them soon opened, and citizens in anger at "peremetchikov killed in Kiev Igor Olgovich. Svetoslav combined with the Chernigov princes, fought with them on the ground Vyryu and went to Chernihiv.

In 1149 Yuri himself opposed Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Svetoslav joined up with Yuri and fought against Izyaslav under Pereyaslavl. North Kiev, Yuri hastened to reward an ally and gave Svyatoslav Kursk from Posemem. In all future wars Svetoslav also kept aside George and was his constant ally. After the death of Yuri Izyaslav Davidovich villages in Kiev, Svyatoslav gave Chernihiv. Cousins made a treaty. But when in 1159 Izyaslav Svyatoslav Davidovich began to call to go to Ha-lich, he also refused and tried to dissuade the prince of Kiev. Izyaslav walked one, threatening that on their return will force Svyatoslav "crawl out of Chernigov". Svetoslav greatly offended at these words. Meanwhile, the campaign ended in the defeat of the Third Izyaslav and flight. In Kiev sat Rostislav Mstislavich. In 1160 Svyatoslav went to see him at the Congress. Rostislav gave Svyatoslav sable, ermine, black, martens, foxes, white wolves, and presented to the Grand Duke Svyatoslav leopard and two greyhounds horses forged saddles. Rostislav sent to the aid of his son Svyatoslav Rurik. Together with him they stood on the gums and not allowed to go through it Izyaslav Davydovich with Polovtsy. In subsequent internecine wars elderly Sviatoslav had not participated.

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