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Svyatoslav Yaroslavich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Svyatoslav Yaroslavich
Parents: Yaroslav the Wise (978-1054 +), Ingigerda;

Children: Oda, daughter of Count Shtadskogo =>

Hleb (?-1079h), Prince. Novgorod (1068-1073,1077-1078);
After the death of his father was expelled Izyaslav from Novgorod and died in the far north, in Tschudi zavolotskoy ";
Roman Red (?-2.08.1079h), Prince. Tmutarakan (1069-1079);
Killed Polovtsy;
Oleg Gorislavich, kn. Chernigov (? -1115 +)
Davydov, kn. Chernigov (? -1123 +)
Jaroslav (? -1130 +),
kn. Murom, Ryazan (1097-1123), (1127-1130), Chernigov (1123-1127), is the founder of the Ryazan princes;
Constantine (?);
Key moments
Prince of Chernigov (1054-1073);
Vel.knyaz Kiev (1073-1076); In 1076g. Svyatoslav died and took Kiev Vsevolod Great Desk. In the same year came Izyaslav with Polish shelves and Vsevolod ceded Kiev Izyaslav, and he returned to Chernigov.

In 1054, Mr.. he received from his father Chernihiv. Among the brothers, he was distinguished abilities and energy. However Izyaslav Kiev Svyatoslav and Vsevolod Pereyaslav manages all affairs in Russia, together they would take the inheritance of the princes, rogue, together make trips.

The most energetic of rogue states, Rostislav, managed to establish itself in Tmutarakan, and Svetoslav only after his death, he could once again attach it to his possessions. In 1067, Mr.. Svetoslav together with his brothers undertook a campaign against the restless Vseslav Polotsk, who was beaten and imprisoned in Kiev.

In alliance with Izyaslav Svyatoslav and Vsevolod struggled with the eastern nomads - Torquay, whereby they were able to break, and Kumans struggle that was unsuccessful. In 1068, Mr.. Polovtsians attacked Pereyaslavl principality; brothers went against them, but were defeated at the river Alta and ran. Svetoslav quickly recovered and struck invading Chernihiv region Polovtsy severe defeat at Snovska, which greatly boosted his authority in Russia. Meanwhile Izyaslav unable to cope with the Polovtsian invasion and he was driven out of Kiev. Svetoslav reacted indifferently to the expulsion of his brother and when the latter came near Kyiv with Polish troops, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod petition him for Kiev. At the same time Svyatoslav had put in Novgorod, one of his sons, Gleb. He was thought to master Kiev, he assured Vsevolod that Izyaslav plotting to deprive them of an inheritance, and they were in 1073, Mr.. Izyaslav again expelled from Kiev. All attempts to regain Izyaslav Kievan principality were in vain until death Svyastolava (1076)

. Svyatoslav was fully aware of the extent to which acquired while the clergy and was able to bring him to his side: he is a patron of St. Anthony and Theodosius, generously endowed Caves Monastery in Chernigov and built monasteries and Eletskii Ilyinsky
. The chronicler notes his love of books, a monument which has remained so-called "Svyatoslav Izbornik" (1073), with the image of Svyatoslav and his family.

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-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svyatoslav Yaroslavich (count. 6)

From the kind of Rurik. The founder of the princes of Chernigov. The son of Yaroslav I Vladimirovich the Wise and the Swedish queen Ingigerdy. Genus. 1027 g. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn till 1054, Mr.. Kn. Chernigov in 1054 - 1073 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1073 - 1076 he.

+ 27 December. 1076 g.

* * *

In 1067, together with Izyaslav Svyatoslav went to campaign against Vseslav Polotsk Polotsk, and in 1068 all three were defeated Yaroslavich Polovtsy at Alta. While Izyaslav and Vsevolod fled to Kiev, Svyatoslav took refuge in Chernigov. Polovtsi, ruining the Russian land, soon came to Chernigov. Svyatoslav, collecting a certain amount of detachment, came out against the steppe to Snovsku. Then he saw a lot of enemies, but kept his head and exclaimed, turning to his squad: "Forward! Blow for them, anyway, we have nowhere to hide". Chernigov raced horses and was hit with one voice that immediately dispelled 12000 Polovtsy and many drowned in again. Russian as of 3000 was.

The following year, Kiev Svyatoslav reconciled with Izyaslav and helped the latter to return to the city in revolt. He apparently got among the inhabitants of the capital of many supporters, than do not hesitate to use them. In 1073 Svyatoslav was forwarded Vsevolod and speak to the elder brother. "Izyaslav, - he said - an arrangement with Vseslav Polotsk and evil to us. If you do not beat him, then he will drive us out of our estates ". So he restored Vsevolod against Izyaslav. Izyaslav, without waiting for the war, fled from Kiev to Poland, taking with him all the treasury, and Svetoslav in March came to Kiev and sat on the Grand Table.

Until his death, he successfully managed by Russia, despite all attempts Izyaslav through foreign rulers, and dad return to power. In December 1076 Svyatoslav appeared tumor. Was carried out an unsuccessful operation, after which he died. Buried in Chernigov, in the church of. Savior.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svyatoslav of Kiev (1027-1076) - Prince blackens then led. Prince of Kiev., son of Yaroslav the Wise. First reigned in Volhynia. After the death of Yaroslav (1054) received Chernihiv. Prince of. After the death of his younger brothers, Igor and Vyacheslav Yaroslavichy their inheritance was divided between an older brothers: Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev became the very means that region., Comprising all the lands lying east of the Dnieper: Chernihiv region. Northerners and Vyatichi, Ryazan, Murom and Tmutarakan. First, the sons of Yaroslav the Wise lived in friendship and harmony, all done together. Together with his brothers Izyaslav and Vsevolod Svyatoslav of Kiev was a kind of triumvirate, in charge (1054 - 1072) of all the affairs of Russia. In 1059 facilitated the release from prison uncle - Sudislava Vladimirovich, who had spent in her 24 пЁп+п¦п¦. For several years contributed to important changes in the legislation of Yaroslav the Wise, in t. h. replace feud viroy. The brothers work together to address the problem of protecting South. Russia from nomad raids: so, having collected (1060) a large army, they went against Torquay, which are displacing Pechenegs west, constantly robbed rus. Ownership. The campaign was a success: Torks smashed, kicked out of the forest-steppe. band mvogie of them died from cold, hunger and pestilence, and those who fled have finished Polovtsy, marching to replace Pechenegs and Uzes in the Black Sea. After this victory Steppe subsided for 4 years, but then the situation had become tense, which were the fault inside. differences and strife between the princes. In 1064 nephew Svyatoslav of Kiev, Rostislav, deprived of his uncles in the distribution of principalities, scored retinue of Novgorod. freemen, approached Tmutarakani and knocking out her son Svyatoslav of Kiev - Gleb, sat on the table Tmutarakan. Svyatoslav of Kiev sent a governor and his son returned Tmutarakan, but as soon Chernihiv. troops have left the Tmutarakan principality, Rostislav has returned to the local table. Svyatoslav of Kiev was forced to resign this time. In 1066, Mr.. Greeks poisoned Rostislav, after which residents were asked Tmutarakani Svyatoslav of Kiev to send him to Hleb, which was done. In 1067, Mr.. brothers have collected a large army and moved it against the directing body. kn. Vseslav Polotsk, ravaged the eve of Novgorod. Parish and robs Veliky Novgorod. A huge army besieged and then took Minsk. At p. Nemige occurred fierce battle, directing body. Prince was defeated and fled. A few months later the brothers, inviting Vseslav ostensibly to sign a peace, treacherously seized him and imprisoned in Kiev. prison. In 1069, Mr.. brothers suffered a severe defeat on the river. Alta from Polovtsy; Vsevolod with Izyaslav fled to Kiev, Svyatoslav of Kiev - in Chernigov. Of Kiev, on learning of the incident, revolted and liberated Vseslav. Izyaslav, fearing the rebels, fled to Poland. Polovtsi, taking advantage of the turmoil, began to plunder Russian. land. Svyatoslav of Kiev, collecting only the fighters decided to do battle with the nomads. Battle with DOS. forces Polovtsy occurred on the river. Again, at the confluence of the gums. Three thousand Russian attacked the outnumbered forces of the enemy, and ran Polovtsians. Many enemies have been cut down, many more drowned in dreams, and Chapter. their Khan captured. After that, the prestige Svyatoslav of Kiev in Russia has increased significantly. A year Izyaslav from Polish, Kor. Boleslav came to Kiev, hoping to regain the lost throne. Vseslav pretended that he was going to resist Izyaslav and the Poles, but the night before the decisive battle, secretly fled the city, leaving at Kiev's fate. Those frightened, called an urgent meeting 'ewe, which decided to turn to Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich in Chernigov request to protect them from the Poles. Then Svyatoslav of Kiev and Vsevolod sent Izyaslav say that he took the lead. table, but the Poles ordered to return back home. Izyaslav, not very severely punished, in Kiev, sat down again on velikoknyazh. throne. Few years in Russia was quietly. During this time. YA. with his brothers was of Russian Truth, developed rules of inheritance led. reign and tables to inherit. In 1072, Mr.. in Vyshgorod held celebrations, transference of the relics of Saints. Boris and Gleb of dilapidated wooden church in the new, stone built specifically for this Izyaslav. In 1073, Mr.. between Izyaslav and his younger brothers, a struggle, the cause of which again became Vseslav, entered into secret negotiations with the Grand. Prince, excited that you have set Yaroslavich Svyatoslav and Vsevolod against Izyaslav, Chernigov. ruler had done everything to drive out older brothers from Kiev. S. Ya revered residents of the capital for what has saved them from Polovtsy, and the Poles finally sat down on the led. table, and Izyaslav again had to flee to Poland. There, however, he was robbed Boleslav, who refused to help him. Then Izyaslav requested assistance from the germ. imp. Henry IV, who was unable to nothing to help him, but only sent to Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich Embassy (1075), not having success. Izyaslav appealed even to Pope Gregory VII, but also in vain. Only through the sudden death of Svyatoslav of Kiev Izyaslav regained lead. reign. Svyatoslav of Kiev had a large library, forced to rewrite a Slavo-Bulgarians. manuscript. From him were Dr. ancient monument tserkovnoslav. Literature - Izbornik Svyatoslav 1073 and 1076 years.

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