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Fyodor Ivanovich

( Russian Tsar)

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Biography Fyodor Ivanovich
Fyodor Ivanovich (1557, Moscow - 1598, ibid) - in Russian. In 1584 the king. Son of Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible. F. characterized by tenderness, weakness and mental disabilities. Even the performance of ritual duties was to him intolerable. During the coronation of 31 May 1584 at the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow. Kremlin tired F., without waiting for the ceremony, handed over his hat Monomah boyar Prince Mstislavsky, and heavy gold "power" - Boris Godunov - an event to present-Roe shocked. F. loved the church and the bell ringing at the K-ryh climbed the tower, for which he received from his father's nickname of "bell ringer". Piety F. not prevent him enjoying fist-fighting and bear baiting people - fun, rarely end without blood. If the people believed the king of "blessed" that know not respected and not afraid of him. The actual power at the same nominal ruler had Boris Godunov, is the brother of his wife V. Irina Godunov. Because the. Ivan the Terrible's youngest son Dmitry was killed, and F. died childless, then his death ended the reign of dynasties Rurik.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

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Fyodor I Ivanovich (knee 21) from the family of the Moscow Grand. kn. The son of Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible and Anastasia Romanova Yurieva-Zakharova. Genus. May 11, 1557, Mr.. King of All Russia in 1584 - 1598 he.

Wife: with 1580 g. Irina Feodorovna Godunov (+ 26 Sept.. 1603).

+ 7 January. 1598 g.

Of all the crimes of Ivan the Terrible killing his son and the subsequent suppression kind of grand dukes of Moscow, perhaps, the hardest impact on Russian history. The second son of Theodore from birth differed pronounced dementia, but the unfortunate coincidence of circumstances was he was supposed to inherit the Terrible after his death. The younger brother of Fedor Dmitry also had supporters among Muscovite boyars. Theodore established on the throne, not without troubles. Prince Bogdan Volsky much intrigue in favor of Dmitry, but hostile to his nobles and the people besieged Bielski in the Kremlin, was forced to surrender and was exiled to Nizhny Novgorod.

Preserved as the news that of all the towns in Moscow came to eminent people, and prayed with tears of Tsarevich Feodor that he was at the Moscow State was crowned the king and the king's crown. May 31 Fedor was crowned tsar. It's not a secret that he was not able to edit. After Ivan's death among the boyars was a stubborn struggle for influence over the king. In the end, all the king's brother-overpowered boyar Boris Godunov, who was the true arbiter of the fate of the state during the whole reign Fedorova. Fedor was short, stocky, overstuffed, gait was unsteady, the character was heavy and nedeyatelen. With his face never went beatific smile, and in general, even if it is of extreme simplicity and dementia, but was very affectionate, quiet, gracious and pious. Most of the day he spent in church, and as fond of fun to watch, fist fights, fun clowns and fun with bears. If 6il petitioned the king, he sent him to Godunov. Son Fyodor was not born, and his daughter died in infancy. At the end of 1597 he fell ill with a fatal disease, and January 7, 1598 in the hour of the morning he died. Since, his death cut short a prince Rurik dynasty, continuing right of the Rus with 862.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

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Fyodor Ivanovich (1557-1598) - Russian. King (1584 - 1598), the last Ruricovich on the throne by right of inheritance, the son of Ivan the Terrible and Anastasia Romanova. Personal role as a king-Fedor ruler was negligible. According to the book. I. M. Katyrev-Rostov, Fedor 'from infancy even to the end of his belly' of worldly care about anything having, tokmo on the salvation of the soul '. Much attention is paid king palace households-woo, decorating the palace chambers and t. n. Known to his generous patronage and numerous awards. monasteries and churches. Candidacy F. I. put forward (1573) -1574 and 1587) on the throne of the Commonwealth. The first years of his reign, the palace accompanied by a fierce struggle, during which collapsed t. and. Board of Regents of the people). (kn. F. I. Mstislavsky, kn. I. P. Shuya, H. R. Zakhar'in-Yur'ev, B. F. Godunov, B. YA. Belsky), established by Ivan the Terrible, shortly before his death, to govern the country; stepbrother F. II, Tsarevich Dmitry, was expelled (1584) in Uglich. In 1587 to withdrawals. power in the state-ve-law came to F. I. - 'Servant and groom lord' B. Godunov. The period of the reign of King V. I. characterized by a gradual rise of households. life of the country, overcoming the severe consequences of the crisis 70 - 80-ies. and unsuccessful Livonian War. At this time there was a sharp strengthening of serfdom. of the peasants and some others. categories of the population of Russia (Decrees 1586, 1592-1593, 1597) - To increase the state. taxes on the draft city population. All this led to an aggravation of contradictions within the ruling class: between the light. and spirit. feudal lords, among the court nobility and washing. higher nobility - with one hand, and pro-Winz. servicemen people - with another. When F. I. somewhat improved international, Russia's position: as a result of Russian-Swedish. 1590-1593 war were returned (to the world Tyavzinskomu 1595) the city and district HN Novgorod. lands seized by Sweden during the Livonian War, finally joined Zap. Siberia, has successfully mastered the southern. border-ful river Volga, has intensified the role of Russia in the North. Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Later, however, gradually began to build up the contradictions in Russia's relations with Poland, Sweden, Crimea. Khan-tion and Turkey, resulting in the reign of F. I. managed emerge node class., vnutriklas. and international. contradictions that have led to great confusion in the Eng. State-ve at the very beginning. XVII century.

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Fyodor Ivanovich, photo, biography
Fyodor Ivanovich, photo, biography Fyodor Ivanovich  Russian Tsar, photo, biography
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