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( From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes)

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From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. The son of Vsevolod III Big Nest Yurevich and Czech queen Mary Shvarnovny. Genus. in 1189, Mr.. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1212 - 1216, 1218 - 1238 he. Kn. Suzdal in 1217, Mr..


1) unknown;

2), April 10. 1211 g. daughter of Prince. Chernigov Vsevolod Svyatoslavich Red, Prince. Agafya (+ 7 Feb.. 1238).

+ March 4, 1238, Mr..


In 1212, feeling the approach of death, Vsevolod the Big Nest would like to put the eldest son of Constantine in Vladimir and Yuri give Rostov. But Constantine wanted badly to get both of these cities. Vsevolod became angry and gave precedence behind Yuri, bypassing Constantine. Constantine could not bear to loss of seniority: v1213 i1214 years the brothers were going to fight each other, but each time it ended standing on the river Ishna. For Constantine were brothers Vladimir and Svyatoslav and Yaroslav was an ally of Yuri. Only in 1216 Constantine managed to get Vladimir's table, and then with the help of the princes of Smolensk. The cause of the war was Jaroslav Vsevolod, who had quarreled with Mstislav Mstislavich deleted because of Novgorod Affairs. Mstislav allied with princes, with resin, the people of Pskov and Novgorod invaded Suzdal and joined up with Constantine, near St. George in Lipice. All junior Vsevolodovich were allies Yaroslav. For him, as was the whole of Suzdal and Murom land. Once Mstislav saw shelves Yaroslav and Yur'ev, then sent a message to Yuri: "We have no quarrel with you, we have a quarrel with Yaroslav". Yuri replied: "My brother Jaroslaw - the same as one person". Mstislav, seeing that Vladimirec took Avzovu mountain, he encouraged them to withdraw to the flat ground. Yuri replied: "You have gone through all the earth, so it really will not pass this jungle?" Vsevolodovich up to their capacity: they looked around their camp fence and sticks. To storm the mountain was dangerous, and Mstislav, consulting with allies, decided to go straight to Vladimir. Yuri saw that the enemies away, pulled their troops from the mountains to chase them, but they turned and attacked them. Novgorodians, evil Jaroslav, hit him with such fury and shouting that Pereyaslavets and tverichi not stand. Behind them ran from the Vladimir and Suzdal. Winners pursued them and killed ten thousand. Many people drowned in the river.

Yuri himself rode up to Vladimir of the fourth horse, drove the three to death in a shirt, it happened around noon, and the battle was at a lunch time. In Vladimir remained one unarmed people: priests, monks, but his wife, children, seeing from afar that someone jumps to him on horseback, they rejoiced, thinking that this messenger from the prince to victory. "What we are obsessed," - said they. And suddenly comes a prince, begins to travel around the city, shouting: "Strengthen the wall!" All were embarrassed, instead of joy went up weeping in the evening and at night began to use ordinary people: those wounded who are naked. The next morning, Yuri called the people and began to speak: "Brothers Vladimirec! Shut in the city, perhaps to recapture them". He replied: "Prince Yuri! Who should we shut? Our brothers beaten, . others captured, . the rest came without arms, . with whom we become? "Yuri said:" All this I know myself, . just do not give me his brother Constantine and Rostislavich, . that I could withdraw at will from the city ",
. This Vladimirec he promised.

Mstislav with Constantine did not take long; begun to Vladimir and began looking for a place for assault. Then Yuri turned to the princes of precipitating a petition: "Do not start today, and tomorrow I leave myself out of the city". And indeed, the next day early morning he left the city bowed to Prince Mstislav and Vladimir Rurik, and said: "Brethren, you brow beat, and my brother Constantine in your will". Yuri gave them rich gifts, they made peace with him, . reconciled with his brother Constantine, . who took a Vladimir, . and Yuri had to be satisfied Radilovym Gorodtsov on the Volga; Bishop, . Princess and the entire court to sit once in a boat and sailed down the Klyazma, . and the prince Yuri, . going before leaving in the church, . knelt at his father's coffin and with tears said: "Judge, . God, . my brother Jaroslaw, . that led me to this',

Already in 1217 Constantine summoned the Jury of the links, gave him the Suzdal and Vladimir promised after his death, gave a lot and forced to kiss the cross on to be a father to his nephews - the sons of Constantine. February 2, 1218 Constantine died, and Jury, according to his will, he returned to reign in Vladimir

. In 1236 300 000 Tatars under the command of Batu entered the land of the Bulgarian, . burned the great city of Grand, . destroyed all the inhabitants, . devastated the whole land: a crowd of Bulgarians, . escaped the destruction and captivity, . appeared in the Russian territory and asked Prince Yuri give them a place here for settlement,
. Yuri was delighted and ordered to disengage them from the Volga and other cities. The following year, the Tatars appeared in Ryazan within. Ryazan princes sent to Vladimir to Prince Yuri announce the trouble and ask for help, but Yuri, which also were the Tartar ambassadors failed to fulfill their requests and would like to defend one. December 21, 1237 Tatars took Ryazan, and then Kolomna, where together with the Ryazan prince Roman Ingvarevichem was the son of Yuri, Vsevolod. Vsevolod managed to escape to her father in Vladimir, and his stories of the Jury for the first time realized, with some. formidable and terrible enemy we have to deal. Meanwhile Batu already taken to Moscow and killed all its inhabitants. Yuri, not hoping to have their forces, left in Vladimir Vsevolod the sons and Mstislav, and went with three nephews Konstantinovich on the Volga, which stood on the River City. Leaving here voevodu Zhiroslava Mikhailovich, he went to the surrounding forests to collect fighting men and sent a call for help brothers - Yaroslav and Sviatoslav.

But Baty acted so swiftly that the Russian princes did not manage to join forces. February 2 Tartars laid siege to Vladimir, but already the 7 th they took it, wiping out all its inhabitants, including the entire family Yuriev. From Vladimir Tatars went further, . divided into several units: one went to Rostov and Yaroslavl, . others on the Volga and Gorodets, . capturing the entire Volga country until Galic Sea; other went to Pereyaslavl, . took him, . have other cities: Yuriev, . Dmitrov, . Volokolamsk, . Tver; reached the most Torzhok,
. There was not one place where it had not fought in a single month of February took fourteen cities except settlements and graveyards.

Jury still stood on the City when the news came to him about the burning and destruction of the family of Vladimir and he sent the governor with three thousand Valuing detachment to find out about the enemy; Valuing ran back and declared that the Tatars had already walked around the Russian army. Then the prince mounted his horse and with his brother and three Svetoslav Roerich's made enemies of March 4, 1238, after the evil fray Russian troops fled before the Tartars. Many Russian killed. Yuri himself was also killed.

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George II VSEVOLODOVICH, photo, biography
George II VSEVOLODOVICH, photo, biography George II VSEVOLODOVICH  From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes, photo, biography
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