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( From the kind of great princes of Moscow)

Of the kind conducted. Moscow kn. Son of Daniel Aleksandrovich. Kn. Moscow in 1303 - 1325 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1319 - 1322 he. Kn. Novgorod in 1322 - 1325 he. J.: 1) with 1297 g. daughter of Prince. Rostov Konstantin Borisovich 2) with 1318 g. sister Khan Uzbek, kn. Konchak (+ 1318). + 21 November 1325, Mr..


After becoming prince of Moscow, Yuri immediately showed himself a man of enterprising and unscrupulous. He not only kept in the hands of his father received as a bequest Pereyaslavl, but immediately made an attempt to further expand the limits of the principality and give it greater importance. In the same year his father's death, Yuri and his brothers went to the other neighboring principality, Mozhaiskoe: the city has taken, and Prince Svyatoslav Glebovich led captive in Moscow.

In 1304 his uncle died Jury Grand Prince Andrei A. III. As before, the custom of seniority belonged to Michael Yaroslavovich Tversky, because he was the grandson of Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich, and Yuri - only grandson, and his father Daniel did not hold a seniority. However, the place of tribal disputes between princes atonement for now compete on the law of force: Jury was as strong if not stronger Mikhail of Tver, and therefore considered himself the right to be his rival. When Michael went to the Horde for the label, then the Jury went to the same. When he was in Vladimir, Metropolitan Maxim begged him not to go to the Horde, not to argue with Michael, placed himself and Tver, princess, mother Mikhailov, guarantors that Michael will give him the parish, only what he wants. Yuri replied: "I'm going to Horde so on their own business, and not to find a great reign". He left Moscow brother Ivan, and he went on.

When the Jury came to the Horde and their claims to the Vladimir table, the princes of the Tartar said to him: "If you give the output (a tribute. - K. R.) over Prince Michael of Tver, we'll give you a great reigning ". Yuri promised to give more of Michael, but he would add even more; Yuri lost, and Michael got a label.

In 1305, Michael returned from the Horde and went to war against Moscow. What ended the war, under what conditions reconciled rivals, it is unknown. But in all further actions Yuri seen some nerve irritation. He ordered the arrest of Ryazan Duke Konstantin Romanovich, who was taken prisoner by his father. Apparently, he wanted to hold on to itself Ryazan, but it was Moscow, not yet afford. Yuri managed to attach to Moscow only to Kolomna. In 1306 met the news of the departure of the brothers Alexander and Boris Jurjevyh. In 1308 Michael went again to Moscow, which fought under its walls, had done much evil, but left without taking the city.

In 1313, using the fact that Michael went to the Horde to bow to the new Prince Uzbeks, Novgorod send the call to his reign of Yuri. Jury agreed, but sent the first messengers to the prince of Novgorod Theodore Rzhev, and in 1314 he came. And: have been glad Novgorod to his volition, said their chronicler.

But the joy did not last long. In 1315 Khan sent for George in the Horde, and he went along with the ambassadors of Novgorod, Novgorod, leaving his brother Athanasius. He lived in the Horde for two years, and spent this time not in vain. He is not only justified in those charges that have built him Michael, but he managed to get close to Khan's family and married his sister Konchak that the baptismal call Agafia. In 1317, Yuri returned to Russia with a strong Tartar Ambassadors. Chief among them was Kavgady. Troops entered the Tver Yuri parish and devastated its. At 40 miles from Tver in the village Borteneve occurred brutal battle in which Michael won by a landslide. Yuri with a small retinue fled to Novgorod, but his wife, brother, Boris, many princes and nobles were taken prisoner in the hands of the winner. Kavgady, seeing the triumph of the prince of Tver, ordered the squad to throw their banners and run into the camp, and the next day he sent to Michael with peace proposals, and went to see him in Tver. Michael took it with honor.

Meanwhile, Yuri came back to the Volga, along with Novgorod and tverichami. Tver prince came out to meet the enemy, but the battle was not: signed a contract in which both rivals pledged to go to the Horde and there to solve their disputes. Michael also pledged to release his wife and brother Yuriev. St. George's wife never returned to Moscow: she died in Tver, and the rumor that she was poisoned. This rumor was pleasing to Yuri and dangerous for Michael in the Horde, and when the prince of Tver sent to Moscow, Ambassador Alexander Markovich's peace proposals, the Ambassador Yuri killed and went to the Horde with Kavgadyem, with many of the princes, nobles and Novgorod.

Appearing for the Uzbeks, and Yuri Kavgady slandered Michael and presented his behavior in the most favorable light. Khan was in a rage and told Michael to call the Horde. In September 1318 Michael got to the mouth of the Don, where at this time wandered the Horde. One and a half months he lived quietly and then told the judge his Uzbek. Ordynskij princes, based largely on the testimony Kavgadyya and Yuri, recognized Michael guilty. In late November, he was executed.

In 1320, Yuri returned to Moscow as the winner. He carried a label for the great reign and the body of his enemy. Two sons Michael and his nobles returned to Russia prisoners. In order to fully utilize the advantage of his position Jury returned the mother of Michael's body only after the conclusion favorable to him the world with Tver, . in the same year Yuri sent to Novgorod Athanasius and his brother went to war in the Ryazan Prince Ivan which made peace,
. And by the year 1321 found the news about the willingness to fight with Yuri Prince of Tver. But there was no war: Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich sent to Yuri in Pereyaslavl posts and made peace, . which paid the Prince of Moscow 2000 rubles in silver and pledged not to look beneath the great reign, . Two thousand rubles were taken to the Khan, . but Yuri did not travel with them to meet the Tatar posdu and went to Novgorod, . which called on him to martial affairs,

In 1322 in Novgorod, Yuri's brother died, Athanasius, and Yuri himself Moved to Novgorod. He loved this city and loved Novgorod Jury.

In 1322, Yuri went to Novgorod to Vyborg, cooked 6 vices, but was unable to take the city, just a lot of Swedes killed and others captured. Some of the prisoners hanged, others were sent to Suzdal. In anticipation of revenge against the Swedes at the origin of the Neva Yuri put the city on the Orekhovy Island (Nut). But instead of ratification were the ambassadors of the Swedish peace proposals, and concluded there was peace in the old days. Yuri to Novgorod gave the Swedes the three districts of Karelia.

In 1323 Yuri drove Lithuania, which made a raid on the bank of Lovat, and in 1324 led to Novgorodians Zavoloche and took Ustyug. Here is bade farewell to Yuri of Novgorod, and they went home, and Yuri, before reaching the Kama River, swam to the Horde. The fact that Dmitri of Tver, using the long absence of Yuri, went to the Horde and procured a shortcut to a great reign. There is news that he explained the whole truth, Uzbeks George and especially Kavgadyya and that Khan ordered the execution of the latter, but Dmitri has given a great reign, having learned from him that George collects the tribute to Khan, and keeps it for himself. In 1324 Khan's Ambassador Yuri came to call him for trial. Dmitri did not want to let a rival to the Khan, because of his resourcefulness, and he hastened to trace. Details of the meeting of the two enemies are unknown. Chronicler reports only that Dmitri had killed Yuri, and then he was executed on the orders of Uzbek. Yuri's body was delivered to Moscow and buried in the church of. Archangel Michael.

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