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Yuri D.

( From the kind of grand dukes of Moscow)

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Biography Yuri D.
From the kind of Moscow led. kn. The son of Dmitry Donskoy and Suzdal Prince. Evdokia Dmitrievna. Born November 26, 1374, Mr.. Kn. Zvenigorod and Galich in 1389 - 1433 he. Conducted. kn. Moscow in 1433 and 1434 he.

Wife: from 1400 g. daughter of Prince. Smolensky, Yuri Svyatoslav, Prince. Anastasia (+ 11 July 1422.).

+ 5 July 1434, Mr..

* * *

In 1419 Vasily I tried to sign contracts with the brothers, which they refused to have claims to the great reigning in favor of his son Vasilyeva, but Yuri did not sign such a treaty. In subsequent years, Basil could not shake his perseverance. Although he bequeathed on his death, the great reign of his son Basil, who was the last law was very controversial.

That night, when Basil I died, the Metropolitan Photius sent a nobleman in Zvenigorod to Yuri call to Moscow. But Yuri does not want to recognize his nephew a senior, he was afraid of coercion in Moscow, was even afraid to stay nearby in Zvenigorod and Galich had gone to a distant, whence he sent to his nephew with the threats and demanded an armistice of four months. Moscow agreed to a truce, which was used by both sides to a meeting of army. Boyars in Moscow with his minor beat Prince George and went to Kostroma with a large army, in which there were uncles and the rest of Grand Duke. It scared Yuri. He ran in Nizhny Novgorod and sat there. Against him was sent to his brother Constantine. Yuri from Nizhny ran for Sura, and became one of its shore, and Constantine on the other. After standing for some time, Constantine returned to Moscow. Yuri drove in Galich and started talks with his nephew, offering a truce for a year. Metropolitan Photius went to persuade him of the eternal world. Yuri did not want to hear about. Then Photius became angry and left Galic, give its blessing to any prince, nor the city, and after his departure opened obsolescence in Galicia. Yuri was afraid for himself pursued by metropolitan, caught him by the lake and barely managed to persuade him to return in tears. Foty came back to Galich, . blessed the people, . and obsolescence was terminated, . and Yuri promised to send a metropolitan, . indeed sent, . two of his boyars in Moscow, . have made peace on condition that, . that Yuri will not find a great reign himself, . but seek mediation to Ordyn Khan: Khan, who will label, . he will be the Grand Duke,
. In 1428 signed a new contract in which Yuri straight pleaded the younger brother of Basil II and pledged not to look beneath the great reign. There is no doubt that George agreed to this, fearing his grandfather on his mother Basil - Lithuanian prince Vytautas. But in 1430 Vytautas died, and Yuri hastened to untie our hands: in 1431 he was sent to Moscow and the Treaty and in accordance with the letter, the two rivals decided to go to the Horde of Khan Mahmetu. In the spring of 1432 was a court case between uncle and nephew: Khan gave the label Basil and even tried to make Yuri lead the horse by his nephew, but the latter did not want to inflict such an insult to Uncle.

Returning home, Yuri began to prepare for an attack on nephew. The war began suddenly. In Moscow, only learned about the movement of Yuri, when he seized with a large army Pereyaslavl. Basil, as he could hastily gather military men and Moscow residents spoke out against his uncle, but with its small numbers and discordant crowd was routed in the 20 miles from Moscow's strong shelves Yuriev (April 1433). He ran into the fire and there was captured. Yuri drove to Moscow and became the Grand Duke. Basil II, he gave Kolomna. In vain the sons of Yuri rebelled against this decision: Jury gave a farewell feast to his nephew, richly endowed it, and sent to Kolomna, with all his nobles.

But as Basil arrived in Kolomna, I started everywhere szyvat a people. Yuri soon saw that on all. Then he sent to Vassili call him back to the great reign, and he went to Galich, accompanied by only five satellites. After that, he again acknowledged his nephew in the clan elders.

However, the sons of Yuri - Vasily Kosoy and Dmitry Shemyaka - did not participate in that treaty, and continued the war. In 1434, Basil II knew that Galicians were in the army Yurevich, they fought against it. This gave rise to the breakdown of peace also with their father. Basil went to Galich, burned him and forced his uncle to run. He himself returned to Moscow, and Yuri sent for his sons and for vyatchanami spring and moved to Moscow with a large army. He met Basil and another nephew - Ivan Andreevich Mozhaiskogo - in the Rostov region in St. Nikola on the mountain and broke them. Basil fled to Novgorod. After a time, surrendered and Moscow. Jury for the second time sat on the Grand Duke's table, but soon thereafter died. Buried in the Archangel Cathedral in Moscow.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Zvenigorod - an ancient Russian city on the left bank of the Moskva River (now the regional center of Moscow region. First mentioned in 1328 in the testaments of Ivan Kalita, but is based much earlier, around the XII century, and is considered the oldest city after Moscow region. In 1339 again mentioned in the testaments of the same prince. In 1382 troops ransacked Khan Tokhtamysh. The heyday of Zvenigorod refers to the period of the reign in him the second son of Dmitry Donskoy - Yuri Dmitrievich (1390-1434). In the XIV-XVI centuries was an important guard outpost on the western approaches to Moscow. At the same time around the city there were strong walls and oak walls. In the years 1390-1434 there was built Cathedral of the Assumption on the "town".

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Yuri D., photo, biography
Yuri D., photo, biography Yuri D.  From the kind of grand dukes of Moscow, photo, biography
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