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YURI Svyatoslavich

( From Rodi Smolensk princes)

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Biography YURI Svyatoslavich
From Rodi Smolensk Prince. Son of Svyatoslav Ivanovich. Kn. Smolensky in 1386 - 1392, 1401 - 1405 he. J.: daughter kept. kn. Ryazan Oleg Ivanovich.

In 1386, after the unfortunate battle for Smolensk Mstislavl, Vytautas, Duke of Lithuania, planted in Smolensk Yuri as a tributary and podruchnika. Soon, in Smolensk, a severe strife among brothers Svyatoslavich, because neither one brother did not want to submit another. Yuri was forced in 1392 to go from Smolensk to his father-in-Oleg Ivanovich in Ryazan. Vytautas hastened to take advantage of this and first planted in Smolensk Gleb Svyatoslavich, and then did, capturing all the princes, made Smolensk his Viceroyalty.

In 1399 the Tatars Vitold inflicted a heavy defeat of the Vorskla River, after which the power of the Lithuanians was shaken several. Jury still lived in Ryazan. Smolyan, which was heavily under Lithuanian rule, entered into negotiations with him. Yuri came to the father-to Oleg and began talking to him with tears: "They came to me after from Smolensk from my well-wishers, . say, . that many want to see me-at my paternal and Dziedzina, . created, . Mr., . Christ's love, . help, . put me on my paternal and Dziedzina, . on the great reign of Smolensk ",
. In 1401, Oleg, along with Yuri and improvised princes went to Smolensk. He seized a convenient time, "says the chronicler, because then people Vytautas dwindled, and in Smolensk was seditious: some like here Vytautas and others (and there were a majority) - a otchicha, the old Prince Yuri. Arriving at Smolensk, Oleg told residents to declare: "If you do not open the door of the city and do not take your lord, Prince Yuri, I will stand here for a long time and I will deliver you to fire and sword; choose between life and death". Smolyan surrendered, and many of them were glad their prince to Yuri, but others hated him. Entering the city, Yuri began by saying that he had killed Vitovtova regent, Prince Roman Mikhailovich, Bryansk, and his boyars, and then interrupted and Smolensk boyars, loyal Vitold.

In the autumn of that year Vitovt Shelf approached Smolensk. His supporters in the town were in arms, but opponents of Lithuania overpowered, killed many adherents Vitovta, and the Lithuanian prince, the truce, was forced to retreat from Smolensk. In the following years, the Lithuanians won several victories. In 1403 she fell Vyazma, and in 1404-m himself Vitovt again besieged Smolensk. Three months Lithuanians stood in the city, was beaten on the city of guns, but failed to take Smolensk, and only devastated neighborhood. Yuri saw, however, that one he is unable to resist Vitold and took the safe-conduct, went to Moscow to Vasily Dmitrievich 1 beg for help. Meanwhile, in Smolensk, Lithuania and lost no time: the boyars of Smolensk, goodwill Vitovt, sent to tell him to go as soon as possible to their city, before coming through with the Moscow Yuri. Vytautas appeared, and the boyars gave him the city with his wife Yurieva. Vytautas sent the princess to Lithuania, along with some nobles and other boyars, their main opponents, executed them with death, sat in his governors and residents gave big concessions, hoping to turn them on to Prince Yuri.

Yuri went to Novgorod, where the inhabitants took him and gave 13 towns. Yuri of Novgorod and kissed each other on the cross - not to be separated and stand for each other against the Lithuanians. Deprived of his parish, Yuri lived in Torzhok. It also found refuge with him exiled Prince Semyon Mikhailovich Vyazemskij. Yuri fell in love with his wife Vyazemsky, Ulyanov, and not finding it reciprocity, killed her husband to take his wife's helplessness. He tried to seize power Ulyana. But she grabbed a knife and began to defend themselves without falling into the perpetrator's throat, injuring him in the arm and began to run. Yuri overtook her in the yard, stamped with a sword and ordered thrown into the river. Despite the crudeness of the then morals offense led by Yuri contemporaries in the horror. Chronicler wrote: "And there was his sin, and in the studio is great and from that run to the Horde, not the bitter suffering of its stagnation, shame and disgrace". Yuri died in Ryazan, where he lived at the hermit Peter, repenting of their sins.

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YURI Svyatoslavich, photo, biography
YURI Svyatoslavich, photo, biography YURI Svyatoslavich  From Rodi Smolensk princes, photo, biography
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