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Yaropolk Rostislavich

( From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes)

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Biography Yaropolk Rostislavich
From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. Son of Rostislav Yurevich. Kn. Vladimir in 1175 - 1176 he. Kn. Torzhsky In 1177 he 1l78. J.: in 1175, Mr.. daughter of Prince. Gleb of Polotsk Rostislavich.


In 1173 Yaropolk mentioned among the princes who took part in a march on Kiev against Rostislav of Smolensk. When the Federal army was defeated, Yaropolk took refuge with her brother and uncles in Chernigov Svyatoslav Vsevolodovicha. In 1174, after the death of Andrei Bogolyubsky, Rostovtsev, the Vladimir and Suzdal sent to Chernigov to call for reigning Yaropolk and his brother Mstislav. Despite the fact that their name alone, Rostislavich not want to go without uncle Michael and Vsevolod. Next went to two - Michael and Yaropolk. When the princes came to Moscow, the Rostov angry to learn that along with Rostislavich arrived and Yurevich, they sent for one Yaropolk, and Michael offered to wait in Moscow. Yaropolk secret from his uncle went to Pereyaslavl, which was then the whole squad, went up to meet the Princes, and Michael, after learning that Yaropolk went to Rostov road, went to Vladimir. Vladimir's squad, meanwhile, along with all kissed Pereyaslavl cross Yaropolk and went with him to drive out of Mikhail of Vladimir. Seven weeks Michael struggled in Vladimir, finally, famine forced citizens to surrender. By leaving Michael Vladimirec contract with Rostislavich, they swore that will not cause any harm the city, then Vladimirec opened the gates and welcomed the princes with crosses. In Bogorodsky church was the final signed contract: in Vladimir remained reign Jr. Rostislavich, Yaropolk, and in Rostov - Senior, Mstislav. Thus the struggle subsided, but only for a time. Rostislavich arrived in the Rostov region with retainers, . recruited in the south, . and gave them posadnicheskie positions; these "Russian" (ie the south) "Child", . as the chronicler calls them, . soon began to repair very large harassment of people by judicial penalties and bribes,
. But Vladimirec suffered not only because Posadnik; princes, . says the chronicler, . were young, . obeyed boyars, . and nobles received them, . take as much as possible, so they took out of the Church of the Virgin of Vladimir gold and silver, . the first day took away the keys of the sacristy, . robbed of all tributes, . are appointed for this church, Prince Andrew,
. Evidently, h-th except greed here acted hatred for the memory of Andrew, all of them were made. Robbery churches allowed themselves to the princes and their guards only in the conquered cities. You can then understand how to look Vladimirec robbery of his cathedral, the best decorations, which was so proud of their city. First they complain a leading city in the Rostov and Suzdal words were for them, but really did not think for them, enter. Then Vladimirec, seeing the apparent hostility of older cities and the boyars, decided together with Pereyaslavets to act on its own and sent to Chernigov call Michael. Michael and his brother Vsevolod, and Chernigov entourage went to the north. Yaropolk with the army came out to meet the enemy, but missed in the woods with him, went to Moscow, then learned that Michael is already under Vladimir, and followed. Meanwhile, Mikhail five miles from Vladimir, near the village of Zagorje, broke Rostov squad. Upon learning of the defeat of his brother, Yaropolk ran in Ryazan, but his mother and wife fell into the hands of the Vladimir.

The following year Michael died. Mstislav of Novgorod once again went to Vladimir, but suffered a final defeat by Vsevolod, was captured. Vsevolod sent Ryazan poet say: "Give Yaropolk, or I'm going to have war". Ryazan decided to fulfill this requirement; went to Voronezh, where Yaropolk seized and brought in Vladimir, where Vsevolod told to put him in jail with his brother. Later they were blinded or pretended that blinded, and sent to Smolensk, where they "saw the light".

When, in 1177, Mstislav got to reign in Novgorod, Novgorod gave Yaropolk Torzhok, and after the death of Mstislav took his reign in Novgorod,. All this is very not like Vsevolod. He ordered the capture of the entire parish Novgorod merchants. Novgorodians frightened and drove away Yaropolk. Yaropolk went to Chernigov to Svyatoslav Vsevolodovichu. After the death of Mstislav Rostislavich the Brave, Prince of Novgorod, Svyatoslav agreed with Novgorod, so that they again put Yaropolk in Torzhok. Vsevolod came to Torzhok and besieged it Yaropolk; novotorzhtsy five weeks sitting in the siege, suffering a terrible famine, and when Yaropolk was wounded in the battle, surrendered. Vsevolod Yaropolk sent in chains to Vladimir, all novotorzhtsev deduced from the city and the city burned.

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Yaropolk Rostislavich, photo, biography
Yaropolk Rostislavich, photo, biography Yaropolk Rostislavich  From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes, photo, biography
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