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Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich
From the kind of Rurik. Son of Svyatoslav I Igorevich. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 972 - 980 years. + 980

* * *

The death of Svyatoslav in 972 by his sons began to edit Rus, each sitting in his city: Yaropolk - in Kiev, Oleg - in Ovruch, Vladimir - in Novgorod. Chief adviser to the young Yaropolk was voivod Sveneld. In 975, Oleg Svyatoslavich killed in hunting son Sveneldova, Lyuta. Because rose feud between Yaropolk and Oleg, says the chronicler, and constantly incited Sveneld Yaropolk, seeking to avenge his son: "Go to his brother and seize his parish". In the 977 year Yaropolk went to his brother Oleg in Drevlyane land. Oleg went against him, and ispolchilis both sides. But in the battle Yaropolk defeated Oleg, who died while fleeing. Yaropolk bitterly regrets the death of his brother, wept over him and said Svenel'da: "Look!" That you wanted! " When buried Oleg Yaropolk succeeded by his parish.

Hardly Vladimir of Novgorod heard that Yaropolk killed Oleg, then got scared and fled across the sea. A Yaropolk put his Posadnik in Novgorod and the owner of one of the Russian land. In 980, Vladimir returned to Russia from the Vikings and went to war Yaropolk. When he reached Kiev with a great army, Vladimir besieged it, and Yaropolk locked himself in the city with the voivod fornication. Vladimir is soon come with fornication in secret affairs, and found in him a loyal ally. For more lime Yaropolk, Fornication invented a ruse. He began to speak Yaropolk: "I learned that the people of Kiev sent to Vladimir and say to him:" Getting to the city, you pass de Yaropolk ". Run from the same city! "Yaropolk obeyed him and ran out of Kiev, shut himself up in the native town, which was located at the mouth of the river Ros. Vladimir came to Kiev, and after the siege Yaropolk in Native. Among the besieged soon began a severe famine. Fornication Yaropolk said: "Look, how many soldiers have thy brother. Do we defeat them? Included. Peace with your brother ". Yaropolk agreed. Fornication is sent to Vladimir with the words: "Your thoughts came true, I will bring to you Yaropolk - get ready to kill him".

Vladimir, upon hearing this, went to his father's tower and sat there with his warriors and his retinue. But fornication instructed Yaropolk: "As you go to his brother, tell him:" What will you give me, then I will accept ". Yaropolk went, although Varyazhko, his servant, the prince warned: "Do not go, they will kill you, run to Pechenegs and bringest warriors". But do not obey his Yaropolk. He came to Vladimir, when he entered the door two Varangian raised his sword under his shirt. Fornication in the meantime shut the door and gave her Vojta. It was killed Yaropolk, and since that time, Vladimir reigned in Kiev, one.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. Parents: Svyatoslav I (942-972h), Predslava;

. Children: From wife Julie, a Byzantine princess => Sviatopolk Accursed (980-1019 +);

. Key moments
. Vel.knyaz Kiev (972-980);

. After the death of Svyatoslav senior in the genus remained Yaropolk, who was only about 11 years
. Here there are differences in opinion about the age of Svyatoslav. Some researchers attribute to the date of birth Svyatoslav 920, ie. more than 20 years earlier than the conventional. In this case, the eldest son called Vladimir, the birth of which belong to 948 year. Anyway, Svyatoslav during his lifetime gave Kiev Yaropolk Oleg gave land Drevlyane Principality (north to r.Pripyat), and Vladimir - Novgorod.

Shortly after the beginning of the reign of Yaropolk began discord between Yaropolk and his brothers (See. "Tale of Bygone Years". Part 2). Yaropolk entered with his retinue in Drevlyane land and defeated the army of Oleg. With his remaining soldiers Oleg fled, but was killed. Upon learning of the death of his brother, Vladimir fled to Varangians. Yaropolk immediately sent to Novgorod its mayor. After 3 years, Vladimir returned to the team and expelled from Novgorod Posadnik Yaroslav. Then he with a large army marched on Yaropolk, which closed in Kiev, but was killed because of his betrayal governor fornication.

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Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich, photo, biography
Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich, photo, biography Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich  From the kind of Rurik, photo, biography
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