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Yaroslav Osmomysl

( From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince)

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Biography Yaroslav Osmomysl
Of the genus Peremyshl'skii and Prince Galitsky. Son Vladimirka Volodarevicha and Hungarian book. Genus. app. 1135 g. Kn. Galicia in 1153-1187 he. J.: from 1150 g. daughter wei. kn. 1 Dolgorukoi Yuri Vladimirovich, Prince. Olga (+ 1181). + October 1. 1187 g.


Vladimirka Volodarevich died suddenly in the midst of war with Izyaslav II Mstislavich Kyiv and Heisenberg II, King of Hungary, because of the cities along the river Horyn. Galician boyars Yaroslav put on his father's desk and quickly returned with the road Kiev Ambassador Peter Borislavicha Boyar, whose Vladimirka been sent away in disgrace. Yaroslav told me to Izyaslav: "God took me to my now bow to you, sir!" Accept me as his son, Mstislav: let Mstislav rides beside thy stirrup on one side, and I'll ride on the other side with all of its shelves "

. However Yarosdav or, according to some of his boyars would only buy time, but in fact had no intention to return the city, captured Vladimirka
. This made the prince of Kiev again go to Galich, Jaroslav met Izyaslav Mstislavovitch have Terebovlya. Before the battle Galician boyars told the prince: "You, . Prince, . young, . was leaving away and look at us, . Your father and loved to feed us, . so we want to honor your father and for thy lay their heads, but you we have one, if that happens to you, . what shall we do then? So go-ka, . Prince, . the city, . but we will fight with Izyaslav, . and who of us remain alive, . he will come running to you and shut himself up with you in the city ",
. Jaroslav left, but between Kyivers and Galicians a violent battle, which lasted until late at night. When darkness fell, no one knew who was left for the victory, and both rati retreated to their towns.

In 1154 Izyaslav Mstislavich died, and in Kiev began to reign in-law and old ally of Yaroslav Galicians Yuri Dolgoruky. But in 1157 and he died, and his death ended the good relations between Kiev and Galich. Grounded in the great reigning Izyaslav III Davidovich patronized worst enemy Yaroslav, his cousin Ivan Rostislavich Berladniku, who wanted to see on the table Galitsky. In 1158 Izyaslav gathered to go to Galich, and Jaroslav united in response to his former opponent Mstislav II of Kiev, son of Izyaslav II. Izyaslav defeated the Belgorod and lost Kyiv Wallpapers. In the ensuing internecine strife Galician prince was not personally involved, only a few times sent his regiments to the aid Mstislav II of Kiev. As the Kiev district bednela and skudela population in countless wars, Galician, escaped the devastation became ever stronger and richer, and the word of the prince all the relevant and meaningful in the choir of the Russian princes. In the "Lay" states: "Jaroslav Osmomysl Galitsky! While you're sitting at your desk zlatokovanom; you propped mountains Hungary with his iron shelves, replaces the path to the Hungarian king, shut the gate to the Danube, to open the gate to Kiev".

However, this might be a purely external. Nowhere in Russia nobility was not so much as on its western outskirts, and Jaroslav quite experienced the willfulness of his. According to the chronicler, Osmomysl bad lived with his wife Olga and openly kept a mistress Nastasia, from which he had a son Oleg. Obviously, he wanted him to bequeath to reign. In 1173, Olga went to Poland with her son, Vladimir, my lord Constantine Seroslavichem and many other nobles. Apparently, Jaroslav had nothing against them care, but among the remaining Galicia had a lot of opponents Oleg. Eight months they lived without the princess, and then conspired and grabbed Yaroslav, and his supporters in the city killed. Nastasia as solemnly burned at the stake. Oleg was sent to imprisonment. Olga and Vladimir sent an invitation to go back to the Galich. Himself Yaroslav boyars released from prison not before he swore that he would live with the princess, as follows. However, in 1187, feeling the approach of death, the prince bequeathed to his son after himself Galich Nastasia Oleg.

According to the chronicler, was Prince Yaroslav the wise, eloquent, God-fearing, honest in all things and a nice rack.

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Yaroslav Osmomysl, photo, biography
Yaroslav Osmomysl, photo, biography Yaroslav Osmomysl  From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince, photo, biography
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