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( From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes)

From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. The son of Vsevolod III Big Nest Yurevich and Czech queen Mary Shvarnovny. Born February 8, 1190, Mr.. Kn. Perei in 1201 - 1206 he. Kn. Pereslavl-Zaleski in 1212 - 1238 he. Kn. Novgorod in 1215, 1221 - 1223, 1224 - 1228, 1230 - 1236 he. Kn. Torzhsky in 1215 - 1216 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1236 - 1238 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1238 - 1246 he.


1) with 1205 g. Polovtsian Khan's daughter Yuri Konchakonicha;

2) with 1214 g. daughter of Prince. Smolensky Mstislav Mstislavovitch swashbuckling, kn. Rostislav (+ 4 May 1244). From this marriage, children: Yaroslav of Tver Vasily and Mizin

+ 30 Sept.. 1246 g.

In 1212 Vsevolod died, leaving Jaroslaw Pereyaslavl Zaleski. Immediately Vsevolodova between the sons of Constantine and Yuri began feuds. Yaroslav was on the side of George and twice in 1213 and 1214 respectively went to help him with his Pereyaslavets, but before the battle it never came.

In 1215, Novgorod sent to Yaroslav call him on his reign. Recently departed from Novgorod, Prince Mstislav Udaloi left here a lot of his supporters. Yaroslav, just appeared in the city, ordered to seize two of the boyars and imprison them in Tver. Then he gathered the Chamber against Tysyatskogo Yakuna Namnezhicha. With Candlelight people rushed to plunder Yakunov yard, and the inhabitants of the Prussian nobleman Ovstrata street killed her son. Such willfulness not like Yaroslav, . he did not want to stay more in Novgorod, . went to Torzhok, . sat here reign, . in Novgorod imprison governor, . followed in this case, the example of his grandfather, . uncle and father, . have left the old Rostov and established their presence in new cities,

Soon introduced him to an occasion inconvenience Novgorod and bring it completely in his will: Frost broke the fall of all the bread in the Novgorod parish, only in Torzhok everything was intact. Yaroslav told me not to miss in Novgorod single wagon bread from the lower earth, in such need of Novgorod, sent to him three of the boyars requested to move in with him again. Jaroslav detained sent. A 'Yet hunger intensified, . poor people ate pine bark, . lime leaf, . Moss, . gave his children in eternal bondage, corpses of the dead lay everywhere - on the bargaining, . the streets and on the field, . dog did not have time to eat them, most Vozha River died of starvation, . others fled to foreign countries,
. Novgorodians sent to Yaroslav mayor Yuri Ivanovich, and other notable people to call him again to himself, he ordered the arrest and of these, but rather a response sent to Novgorod two of his boyars to withdraw his wife. Then Novgorod sent to him with the last speech: "Go to your paternal, to St.. Sofia and neydesh, so tell me straight ". Jaroslav detained after he retained all the guests of Novgorod, Novgorod, and were sad and cry, says the chronicler. Calculation Yaroslav was true: the old days of Novgorod was hard to resist in such circumstances, but the old Russia was still strong in his Mstislav. Learning, . the evil done in Novgorod, . Mstislav Udaloi II in February 1216 came there, . grabbed Yaroslavov mayor Hota G., . forge all his nobles, . drove into the yard Yaroslaviv and kissed the cross of Novgorod, . and Novgorod to him - do not leave any in the stomach nor in death,

. Jaroslav, . learning of the news of the Novgorod, . began to prepare for war, . ordered crap Zaseki of Novgorod road to the river Tvertsa, . in Novgorod sent 100 of its residents, . seemed devoted to him, . requested revolt against Mstislav and rid it of the city,
. However, these 100 people, . As soon as they came to Novgorod, . so unanimously passed on the side of Mstislav, . who went to Torzhok priest said Jaroslaw: "Son!" I bow to you: husbands and guests let, . from Torzhok go out with me love it! "Yaroslav not love this proposal, he let a priest without an answer, . and all of Novgorod, . detained Torzhok, . number more than 2000, . convened on the field for the city, . ordered to seize their, . confinement in fetters, and send in their cities, . property as their horses and gave the squad,
. This trick had the opposite result. All remaining Novgorod March 1, 1216, together with Mstislav opposed Yaroslav. On the river Vazuza Mstislav joined with his cousin, Vladimir Rurik Smolensky. Despite this, he was again sent to Yaroslav the peace proposals, but he told the answer: "Worldwide, I will not go - so go, at one hundred and you have to have our". Then Mstislav Vladimir moved to Tver, and began to seize and burn the village. Learning of this, Jaroslav left Torzhok in Tver. Mstislav went further and began to devastate Pereyaslavskaya parish, and to Constantine Rostov sent a proposal of the Union. Constantine immediately joined him, Jaroslaw came to the aid of brothers Yuri, Sviatoslav and Vladimir. Along with them was the whole force of Suzdal; drove all - the townspeople and villagers - who had no horse, he walked. It was terrible and wondrous miracle, says the chronicler: the sons went to fathers, fathers, children, brother against brother, the slaves on the master, slaves and their masters. Vsevolodovich stood on the river Kze, and Mstislav sent a message to Yaroslav: "Let go of Novgorod and novotorzhtsev, bring back the parish of Novgorod, which you captured; us to reconcile and kiss the cross, and the blood is not shed". Yaroslav refuses: "Peace does not want Novgorod and novotorzhtsev not let go; far you walked, but went out like a fish on dry".

Vsevolod, confident in its strength, it led to the battle. Mstislav Lipice retreated to the river, and here on April 21 there was a big battle. Novgorodians so violently hit the shelves Yaroslav that Pereyaslavets broke and ran, and after a fierce battle fled and all the army. Jaroslav ran into Pereyaslavl on the fifth horse, drove the four, and shut in. Not enough was his first evil, . says the chronicler, . not satiated with the blood of human, . izbivshi in Novgorod, a lot of people, . in Torzhok, . and Voloka, . this was not enough for him, ran into Pereyaslavl, . he ordered and then took over all of Novgorod and Smolensk, . called at his land for trade, . and ordered them to leave alone in the cellar, . others in the close cabin, . where they number a hundred and fifty peremerli all ",
. Meanwhile, Yuri passed Mstislavovitch Vladimir (there sat his brother Constantine), and he went to the radicals on the Volga. But Jaroslav not want to surrender, . locked in Pereslavl and thought, . that had served here, . But when Mstislav with Constantine moved to Pereyaslavl, . he became frightened and started to send to them to the World, . and then he came to his brother Constantine, . struck his forehead and said: "Sir, I am in your will: do not give me my father-in Mstislav and Vladimir Rurik, . and that the feed me bread ",
. Constantine reconciled him with Mstislav still on the road, and when the prince came to Pereyaslavl then Jaroslav governor and gave them lavish gifts, Mstislav, taking the gifts sent to the town for his daughter, the wife of Yaroslav. Jaroslav than once then send him to return him to his wife, but did not agree Mstislav.

In 1218 Mstislav left Novgorod and went to Galich. Among Novgorodians Troubles began again, and to stop them, they were forced to again ask the prince Yuri Vsevolodovich. In 1221, he again sent to them Yaroslav. Yaroslav of Novgorod were happy, "says the chronicler, and when in 1223 he left them in his parish - Pereyaslavl Zaleski, they bowed to him and persuaded to stay, but he did not listen to their requests. In 1224 Novgorod succeeded the third time to invite him to his. Jaroslav came to him and this time spent in Novgorod nearly three years, defending the parish of different enemies.

In 1225 the number of Lithuanians in 7000 scared devastated villages near Torzhok, before reaching the town only three miles away, killed many of the merchants and captured all Toropetzkaya parish. Jaroslav overtook them near Usvyat, broke, broke in 2000 people and took booty. In 1227 Jaroslav went with Novgorod in the yam, the whole earth had fought and gave no number filled. The following year he went to Pereyaslavl, leaving his son in Novgorod. In 1230 Novgorod was sent again for Jaroslaw, Jaroslaw came immediately vowed to do all the letters Yaroslav, but still not always lived in Novgorod, where he held his place, and the sons of Theodore Alexander.

In 1234 Yaroslav with their regiments and Novgorod was made against the Germans at Yuriev and stopped near the city, releasing his men to fight the surrounding area to collect edibles. The Germans made a sortie from the St. George, . others from Odenpe, . but the Russian beat them, some of the Germans died in the battle, . but most of them perished in the river, . when they broke off under the ice; Russian, . advantage victory, . devastated their land, . exterminated bread while the Germans bowed to the prince, . and Jaroslav concluded peace with them on favorable terms,

. In 1236, . learning, . that Michael Vsevolodovich Chernigovskij busy heavy war with the Galician prince Daniil Romanovich and cornflowers, . Jaroslav in Novgorod left his son Alexander, . took with him a few notable Novgorodians, . 100 novotorzhan, . shelves Pereyaslavl and Rostov, . moved south, . Chernihiv devastated parish and sat on the great reign in Kiev,
. For years he quietly reigned here, when suddenly came the news of the Tatar invasion and the terrible devastation of the Vladimir-Suzdal. Throwing Kiev, Yaroslav hurried to the north, but did not arrive on time. Yuri Vsevolodovich was divided into City and died in battle. Learning of the death of his brother, Jaroslaw came to reign in Vladimir. He cleansed the church from the dead, gathered the remaining from extermination, comforted them, and as a senior, began to dispose of the township. In 1239, he had to speak out against the Lithuanians, . who fought already in the vicinity of Smolensk, Grand Duke defeated Lithuanians, . captured their prince, . then Uryadov Smolyan, . placing them by Prince Vsevolod, . son Mstislav Romanovich, . and returned home with a big booty and honor,

However, the most important thing Yaroslav was mishandling relations with the Tatars. Shortly after the invasion of Batu sent to Russia baskaks a Saracen, . which every father of a family, . which took three sons, . took one, . conquered all unmarried men and women, . did not have legitimate husbands, . as all the poor, . the remaining listed on the Tatar custom and tribute from: each person male, . whatever the age and condition was not, . was obliged to pay fur, who could not pay, . that were taken to slavery,

Jaroslav went to the Horde to Batu, who pitched his camp on the banks of the Volga. Baty, according to the chronicler, took Yaroslav with honor and by releasing him, said: "If you were a senior among all the princes in the Russian people". . Thus, together with Vladimir Jaroslav received from the hands of Batu and Kiev, but after the brutal devastation Tatars of the Russian capital, it had only symbolic value. His son Constantine Jaroslav sent to Mongolia to the Great Khan. In 1245 Konstantin returned and told him that Ogedei demands the most Yaroslav. Jaroslav moved on a long journey, and in August 1246 came to Mongolia, where he witnessed the enthronement Kayukov son Ugedeeva. Monk Plano Carpini met with Yaroslav the Horde. There is little had been, he said, the honor, which is used senior Russian prince, but he was given the highest place in front of all other rulers. The same traveler has left us some details of the death of the prince, followed in 1246. Yaroslav called to the mother of the Great Khan, who, as if wishing to honor Russian prince, gave him to eat and drink from their own hands. Returning from Hanshi, Yaroslav became ill and died after seven days, and his body is an amazing blue, why and thought that khan's wife poisoned him. The reason the Mongols did so not known. Hardly there have been some Russian affairs - too far from Russia, Mongolia was to delve into them. Perhaps, this murder would annoy Batu

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