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Biography Alexander D. PROTOPOPOV
PROTOPOPOV Alexander D. (1866-1917/18), Russia's public figure. Member of the 3rd and 4 th State Dumas (since 1914 deputy chairman), the 'Progressive bloc' (association of a number of fractions 4-th of the State Duma and Council of State - Progressives, Octobrists, Cadets, etc.. - Established in August 1915 in connection with the military defeats of the tsarist. To achieve victory in the 1 st World War and the prevention of the impending revolution, demanded the inclusion of their representatives in the government and liberal reform).
In 1916, Simbirsk Province. Marshal of the Nobility, the founder and editor of the newspaper 'Russian Will' (1916-17). Since September 1916 the manager, in December 1916 - February 1917 Minister of Internal Affairs and the leaders of gendarmes. He tried to suppress the revolutionary actions in Petrograd in February 1917. After the October Revolution was shot by sentence of the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission.

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Alexander Dmitrievich Protopopov (1866-1917) - Russia's state leader, a big landowner and industrialist. Member scab Octobrists, MP III and IV of the State Dumas. In September 1916. through the influence GV. Rasputin became Minister of Internal Affairs. After the February Revolution, the Provisional Government was arrested and imprisoned in Peter and Paul Fortress. Autumn 1917. actively opposed the Soviet government and in December, was shot.

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PROTOPOPOV Alexander D. (1866, with. Marysovo Nizhny Novgorod Province. - 1918) - State. figure. Genus. a noble family. After receiving military training in the Cadet Corps, the Nicholas Cavalry uch-School and the Academy of General Staff, in 1890 he retired and devoted himself to business. Owner 4,6 thousand. acres of land in Simbirsk Province., sawmill and woolen mill, chairman of the Union of cloth manufacturers, Protopopov also engaged in public activities in 1905, leading the county gentry. Party member Octobrists, Protopopov defended the interests of industrialists in the III and IV of the State. Dumas, in 1914 becoming Deputy Chairman of State. thoughts, and entered the Progressive Bloc. The summer of 1916 conducted secret negotiations in Stockholm, Warburg, a banker about the possibility of concluding a separate peace between Russia and Germany. Acquainted with G.E. Rasputin, Protopopov, with the support of the latter in 1916 received the portfolio of Minister of Internal Affairs. He was the founder and editor of the monarchist gas. "Russian Will". The hard-government policy, Protopopov insisted that Nicholas II did not agree to any concessions. 6 weeks before the February roar. stated that Petrograd muddy which some 200 - 300 people. and that if he will provide 400 thousand. rub. he will be able to suppress the roar. fundamentally. To combat the roar. in the capital has made the allocation of the Petrograd military district of North. front with the submission to the Governor-General. Petition M.V. Rodzianko Nicholas II on the disposal of the government Protopopov was not satisfied. After an unsuccessful attempt to suppress the roar. military force Protopopov was arrested, detained in the fortress and gave evidence of the Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry Interim Government. After the October Revolution was transferred to a prison in Moscow Taganskaya. Shot by a decision of the Cheka.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

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Protopopov, Alexander D. (18 December. 1866, with. Novgorod Marysovo gub'-October 27. 1918). Progeny, a nobleman. He graduated from the Cadet Corps, Nikolayev Cavalry. uch School (1885). In 1888-90 students of the Academy of General Staff in 1890, resigned and moved to Simbir. Lip 'which had at Korsun. 4657 acres of land, timber h-d, f-ku cloth. He served on the election of provincial and district Zemsky vowel, an honorary magistrate in October. 1905 county marshal of the nobility was before. Union woolen factory, a member of the Imperial. Geographical. ob-va, MN. societies, and charitable, institutions: had the ignoramus. and lit. Proceedings, Chapter. arr. in the field of textile production islands and cross ownership. During the Revolution of 19054) 7 was active in the fight against the labor movement. "Octobrist". Tsp. 3rd and 4 th State. Doom. Defended the position of Manufacturers. Since 1914, Comrade. before State. Duma, member of. Progressive Bloc. From 1916 before. Council of Congresses metallurgoch. prom-sti, and candidate before. Council of Congresses of prom-sti and Trade. Founder and editor monarhich. gas. "Russian Will" (December. 1916 - October. 1917). Broke with the Burj landowner opposition and became a supporter of tough government. policy

Sep 18. 1916 appointed Managing Low-tion inside. Affairs and glavnonachalnikom Dep. gendarmes: December 2. approved by the Minister ext. Affairs with the support of the queen and G.E. Rasputin sought the transfer of cont. Low in the case of internal. Affairs; the plan, which caused public dissatisfaction, was not implemented. Nov. Session State. Duma called for the resignation of Protopopov: the same proposal appealed to Nicholas II and Prime Minister. Nicholas II, promising to provide the resignation, under pressure from the Empress promise not fulfilled. By the beginning. 1917 Protopopov held a series of measures against the labor movement: There was a plan of possible suppression of riots (Petrograd was divided into the p-HN, K-ryh protection order was placed on a specially selected Guard. part; planned to use the app. 12 thousand. reserve battalions of soldiers guard. regiments in addition to 6 thousand. Police: greater autonomy for the gene. SS. Khabalov was isolated Petrograd. VO from the North. front).

In early. Feb.. 1917 Protopopov was sick. M.V. Rodzianko Nicholas II sent a petition to remove Protopopova from Prospect Island. 24-25 Feb.. Protopopov, gave the first reports in the rate of "riots in the capital; reported that successfully copes with the situation and that in Moscow quietly. On the night of 25 to 26 Feb.. the ministerial meeting on the issue of dissolving the State. Duma voted for its dissolution. 27 February. Ministers came to the decision to remove the Protopopov's office as to preclude an agreement with the Duma, but did not dare to take a decision on the resignation Protopopov, and found it possible to "get sick of his". February 28. Protopopov came to the Tauride Palace and declared the first comer: "I - Protopopov". Was accompanied by a Ministerial Pavilion. 29 Feb.. Protopopov was transferred to the Peter and Paul. Fortress. Exceedingly. consequence. Commission the time. Prospect Island was prosecuted. During the investigation skillfully maneuvered, and gave vague answers, played in the sincerity and naivete, but nothing significant to say.

After October. Revolution of the version of "abnormality" was transferred to a hospital for nervous patients, the summer of 1918 from there transmitted to Moscow, in the n-Ghanaian jail. Shot in the order of "adm. discretion "by the decision of the Cheka. .

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Alexander D. PROTOPOPOV, photo, biography
Alexander D. PROTOPOPOV, photo, biography Alexander D. PROTOPOPOV  Russia public figure, photo, biography
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