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ALLIKS DE-VO Jacques Alexander Francois

( Comte de Fredantal)

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Biography ALLIKS DE-VO Jacques Alexander Francois
ALLIKS DE-VO Alexander Jacques Francois - ALLIX DE VAUX Jacques-Alexandre-Francois (1776-1836)-The Count de Fredantal. Major general. Entered military service in revolutionary in 1792, Mr.. army at the age of 16 years, with the rank of a student-Lieutenant of Artillery. From 1 sentyabpya 1792. - Lieutenant, he served in Belgium and the Rhine. 1793g. Captain. 1794g. Battalion Commander. With 1794g. Acting Chief of Staff of Artillery apmii. 1795g. - Major. Distinguished themselves during the siege of Luxembourg, 14 June 1796. the age of 20 receives the rank of colonel. In 1799. in the Italian Army, General Jourdan, was sent to the mission of General Monnier to the Russian general Voinovich and captured. In 1800. Returning from captivity, is appointed commander of the 1-m walking artillery regiment of the Army Reserve. Participates in the transition through the St. Bernard Pass and the Battle of Marengo (June 14, 1800.).

As a result, counter 18 Brumaire, came under investigation and is forced to leave retirement for financial irregularities in the financing of the expedition to San Domingo. 1808g. - Entered the service of the King of Westphalia and received the rank of Brigadier General. In 1812, Mr.. appointed commander of artillery and engineering units of the 8 th (Westphalian) Infantry Corps of the Great Army, and in this capacity took part in the Russian campaign, including, and in the Battle of Borodino. 15 appelya 1812. was promoted to major general of Westphalia, and 12 OCTOBER 1812. awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor. In 1813. - Commandant of Kassel, and as such signed the surrender to coalition forces. In dekabpe returned to the French service in the rank of Brigadier General. He proved himself during the campaign of 1814, organizing the defense of cities Sens and Fontainebleau, for which he was promoted to major general. After the abdication of Napoleon, a retired. During the 100 days, the division commander Napoleon. Was sent to the Northern Army, but never had time to participate in ppinyat spazhenii DURING Waterloo. Then commanded the defense of Paris in the Faubourg Saint-Denis. After the second Restoration removed from the list of army and imprisoned in the citadel of Besanц¬on. But then he was allowed to travel to Westphalia.

There he wrote the essay "The Theory of the Universe" (published in Frankfurt in 1817), containing the criticism of Newton's theory of universal gravitation. In 1818, Mr.. returned to France, and from 1819 g. was restored to the rank. In 1827, Mr.. published an essay "The system of artillery campaigns". Took an active part in the revolution of 1830. As a result, published in the same year, an essay "July battle in Paris". In 1831, Mr.. was reinstated in the army and assigned to the General Staff. Finally discharged from the Army in 1834

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ALLIKS DE-VO Jacques Alexander Francois, photo, biography
ALLIKS DE-VO Jacques Alexander Francois, photo, biography ALLIKS DE-VO Jacques Alexander Francois  Comte de Fredantal, photo, biography
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