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Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich

( Poet, writer)

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Biography Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich
Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich (1792 - 1878), poet, novelist. Born July 12 (23 NS) in Moscow in a rich noble family. Rhode princes Vyazemskys led back from the descendants of Monomakh.

Received an excellent education at home, from 1805 he studied at St. Petersburg Jesuit boarding school. In 1806 he returned to Moscow and took private lessons with professors of Moscow University

. Since 1807, . was left an orphan, . was in the custody of a relative, . writer and historian NM Karamzin (married the elder sister Viazemsky), . whose house was a center of cultural life, . where historians gathered, . philosophers, . Writers, . including future Decembrists,

Enrolled in the Land Survey Office, Vyazemsky longer gave literary hobbies and social life. He prefers small poetic genres - wrote elegies, letters, poems in the album. However, writes and epigrams, fables.

During the War of 1812 came to the noble militia and participated in the Battle of Borodino. After the war he served in Warsaw. Hoping for a change of government in Russia, took part in drafting the tsar of the liberation of the serfs (1820). Participated in the drafting of the constitution, contact with free-thinking minded circles of the Polish nobility and future Decembrists.

In 1821 - 29, dismissed from service for the spirit of opposition, he lived in Moscow and at the family estate near Moscow Ostafievo. Devotes himself to literary and journalistic activities, moving closer to Pushkin, the Decembrists. Lyrics Viazemsky changes to the social interests, personal and civic themes converge: Elegies "Indignation," "Depression," "First Snow". He becomes a propagandist Romanticism.

Sharing the views of the Decembrists, he did not share their revolutionary methods, so do not become a party revolt. I wanted to influence the Government of expression, opinion. That did not stop Vyazemsky strongly condemn the repression of the Decembrists. In 1830 became a member of the Literary Gazette Delvig and Pushkin, and then to Pushkin's "Contemporary.

In the same year was admitted to the service of an official for special assignments for the Ministry of Finance (until 1855). In 1856 - 58 - Assistant Minister of Education, headed by censorship. Was close to the royal court.

After the French Revolution of 1848 Viazemsky views have changed, it is increasingly at variance with the present, laughing at the revolutionary youth. This was due to the fall of aristocratic revolutionary and exit to the public arena commoners Democrats, with whom he could not find a common language.

During these years, publishes a book about D. Fonvizin, historical essays about Moscow, memories, poem "Holy Russia", imbued with hatred of the revolution and loyalty to the monarchy.

His later lyric poems reflect the poet's melancholy mood, feeling his break with modernity.

The last twenty years of life Vyazemskij lived abroad, to fully enjoy the social and spiritual loneliness.

November 10 (22 NS) 1878 in Baden-Baden Vyazemskij died. He was buried in St. Petersburg.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich (1792-1878), poet, journalist, literary critic, memoirist, statesman. Descendant of the ancient princely family, . the only son of Prince Andrei Ivanovich Viazemsky (1762-1807) and Princess Eugenie Ivanovna, . nee Jenny O'Reilly (1762-1802), . first marriage Quinn, . Irish descent, . brought to Russia by Russian Prince, . traveled in 1780 to Western Europe,
. In 1812 joined the Moscow militia, members of the Borodino battlefield. In 1818-1821, in Warsaw, an official for foreign correspondence with NN. Novosiltsev. Prior to 1829 - retired; from 1832 to 1846 - Vice-Director of the Department of Foreign Trade, in 1856-1858 - Deputy Minister of Education and head of the censorship committee. Senator, a member of the Council of State. In 1816, living in Moscow, in absentia adopted Petersburg literary society Arzamas, having received from the poet VA. Zhukovsky "symbolic and prophetic" name "Asmodeus". In 1810-1840-x always cooperated with Moscow Telegraph "N.A. Field, the Literary Gazette AA. Delvig, The Contemporary A.S. Pushkin. Author of monographs "Von Visin" and "Yuri Neledinsky-Mielec" (both - 1848), as well as many articles and memoirs of his literary contemporaries: I.I. Dmitrieva, NM. Karamzin, A.S. Pushkin, NV. Gogol, NM. Language, EA. Baratynsky, P.A. Pletnev. In the 1850's produced a few small sbornichkov his poems, and in 1862 released a compilation "in the road and at home", prepared by the MN. Longinov without the participation of the poet. In the journal "Russian Archive" published excerpts of his memoirs, as well as a huge and valuable materials family, TN. Ostafevskogo, archive. English Literature knew from the French and Russian translations. Particularly valued the Byron; translated several of his poems and an excerpt from IV song "Childe Harold". Through his friend AI. Turgenev was absent familiar with Thomas Moore, who, in turn, knew Viazemsky as an interpreter. He has translated one poem from the Irish Tunes "T. Moore read the French translation of Madame Belloc, who knew T. Moore, his essay "Letters and diaries of Lord Byron's comments about his life" (Paris, 1830). In England Vyazemsky was only once, in September - November 1838, taking medicinal sea bathing to Brighton. Met with famous people, in t.ch. with writer Lady Morgan (Irish descent, all of the Irish, . in memory of mother, . aroused particular interest in the poet), . her niece, . singer Josephine Clark, . with the writer's novels "Miss Porter, . traveler Kokrenom, . After riding Russian Siberia and Chukotka.,

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Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich, photo, biography
Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich, photo, biography Vyazemskij Pyotr Andreyevich  Poet, writer, photo, biography
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