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Obolensky Andrey

( Counselor Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences)

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Biography Obolensky Andrey
photo Obolensky Andrey
Born April 26, 1957 in the village Leninцў Leninsky district, Moscow region (now the South-East Administrative District of Moscow). Father - Obolensky, Nikolai (1927. born.), Honorary Member of the Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences. Mother - Obolensky (Sarafanova) Nina Ilinichna (1926 g. born.) graduated from Moscow State University, literary editor.

. Andrei is a direct descendant of the famous Russian kind of Prince Obolensky, who descended from the princes of Chernigov and are descended from Rurik
. This genus is unique in the history of Russia and Russia. For eight centuries, ranging from Prince Michael of Chernigov, . classified at the Orthodox Church as a saint for a martyr's death in the Horde, . Dolgorukov and Vyazemskys, . graphs Sheremetyevy and Gudovich, . Lermontov and Karamzins, . which Prince Obolensky related by blood, . they have made a significant contribution to the formation, . strengthening and consolidation of first Moscow and then Rossiyskogo state.,

. Pradд?d AN
. Obolensky - Prince Vasily Obolensky, a vice-governor of Moscow in the Governor-General Prince VA. Dolgorukov. Grandfather - Prince Obolensky, Vladimir Vasilyevich (1890-1937), graduated from the Moscow University (1912). In 1937 he was illegally repressed and executed. Grandmother - Gudovich Varvara (1900-1937), painter, granddaughter of Field Marshal Count I.V. Gudovich, associate AV. Suvorov, and MI. Kutuzov, also was illegally repressed and untraceable died in the Gulag. Both fully rehabilitated.

AN. Obolensky walked in the footsteps of his father, a famous architect. In 1970, after completion of primary education in school? 704 cities of Moscow and the art school "in Kropotkin, he entered the Moscow secondary art school at the institute named after VI. Surikov. In 1975 he became a student at Moscow Architectural Institute, . which he graduated in 1981, specializing in residential architecture and public buildings and structures ", . and was assigned to work in the design institute "Giprokauchuk", . where he participated in the drafting department pumping synthetic rubber plant in the town of Sterlitamak,

In April 1982 a. Obolensky drafted. He served in the Yaroslavl Higher Military Financial School and the headquarters of the Moscow Military District in the position of the architect. After transfer to the reserve in 1984, he joined the administration "Mosproekt-2" in the studio? 12 to design the Victory Monument on the Poklonnaya Hill, where he had the design of the zone "A" ( "Art Gallery")

. In 1990, after the completion of major project works to "Monument to Victory" retired from "Mosproekt-2" and created the Architectural and artistic center of the Moscow Patriarchate "Arhhram (ACCF" Arhhram "), creative head of which is to this day.

. Andrei Obolensky - one of the most efficient and successful architects of our time
. As an author and project manager, he participated in the development of more than 50 projects of new construction and restoration of monuments of church and environmental architecture in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia. Among them: the temple complexes of St. Seraphim of Sarov (1995-1996), . St. Sergius Radonezhskogo in Yugorsk (1995-1997), . St. Andrei Rublev on Michurinskom Avenue in Moscow (1996-1999), Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin in the village of Barvikha, Moscow region (1997-1998), . Transfiguration of Our Lord in the city of Gubkin, Belgorod region (1995-1997), . Orthodox church in the city of Maardu in Estonia (1992-1994), . Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the town of Urai, Tyumen region (1997-1999), . Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin in Stoleshnikov Lane in Moscow (1998), . master plan for improvement of the Kolomna Kremlin's Cathedral Square (1992), . certified competitive reconstruction projects Manege (1991) and Borovitskaya (1998) space in Moscow, . as well as the administrative building Menatep Bank at Dubininskaya street (Moscow, . 1994-1996), . garage and sports and recreational complex in Petrozavodsk the street (Moscow, . 1998), . residential complex in the Baikal street (Moscow, . 1996-1998).,

. With the direct participation AN
. Obolensky theoretical sector ACCF "Arhhram" (hands. M.Yu.. Kesler) was first developed a set of norms and rules for the design of places of worship of the Orthodox faith.

. Immediately after the decision on the reestablishment of the church of Christ the Savior by the ACCF "Arhhram" was developed and implemented the project of a wooden temple-chapel Majestic icon of the Theotokos, . a few years became the dominant spiritual in construction.,

. Since the beginning of work on the design of the church of Christ the Savior as the head of ACCF "Arhhram and chief architect of the project he worked on the creation of the Lower Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord who appeared to the first starting complex object
. In extremely tight deadlines AN. Obolensky was able to produce project documentation, enabled the construction of parallel with the design. This design decisions were issued by the exclusive and highly artistic nature. All elements of the interior of the temple are specially designed for this facility and full of various artistic techniques, going back to the XVII century.

In the process of drafting the lower church AN. Obolensky (with BV. Macropodidae and E.I. Ievleva) the invention was made in the field of construction technology, . secure patent Russia (? 2,112,847 on June 10, 1998) on the way to the construction of spatial shells and arches through "bottom-gunning" for special metal frame,
. This enabled us to fulfill the arches of the lower church in a difficult situation in the construction period and with high quality. Subsequently, the same way, were built all the arches and domes of the Upper Church of Christ the Savior, the Hall of Church Councils and other areas of the complex.

After the completion of the Lower Church of the Transfiguration of Christ the Savior, AN. Obolensky was appointed head of the studio complex design of the church of Christ the Savior Control Mosproekt-2 ". In addition, he directs the reconstruction and restoration of buildings Foreign Ministry and continues to be a creative director ACCF "Arhhram.

. Among his recent works - competitive design of the monument near the house of the architect Bazhenov Pashkova in Moscow (1999), . Chapel of St. Basil the Great in the VVC (Moscow, . 2000-2001), . Temple Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna in the village Opalikha Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region (1999-2002), . Church of the Nativity in the town of Fryazino Moscow region (1999-2002), . Icon of the Mother of God Church "Soothe My Sorrows" in Marino (1998-2001), . Chapel Feodorovskaya "Mother of God icon on the spot death of ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fyodorov Mitino (Moscow, . 2001),
. AN. Obolensky completed projects Orthodox churches, intended to build in Rome, Malaga and Dusseldorf.

The project AN. Obolensky constructed and installed monuments at the site of destroyed houses in Kashirskoye Highway and street Gur'yanova in Moscow. He is the author and developer of city-wide program to install memorial signs on the ground lost Moscow temples and the concept of the device over the parking ramps transport tunnels Garden Ring.

. He is an award winning Russian Orthodox Church (two orders of St. Sergius of Radonezhskogo (1997, . 2000), . Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow (1997), . Medal of St. Sergius of Radonezh (1996), . Diploma of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia), . diplomas and prizes Moscomarchitecture, . diploma and a silver medal Russia Academy of Arts, . honorary diploma and a medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow",
. In 1999, AN. Obolensky elected advisor Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences.

Hobby Andrei Nikolaevich - Work. The rare moments of free time devoted to classical music, happy and engaged in painting as an amateur - motor sport.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Obolensky Andrey, photo, biography
Obolensky Andrey, photo, biography Obolensky Andrey  Counselor Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, photo, biography
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