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Igor Maslennikov

( President of Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia)

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Biography Igor Maslennikov
photo Igor Maslennikov
Born in Moscow on January 10, 1940. Father - Maslennikov, Boris Fyodorovich (1911-1992), civil engineer. Mother - Sapozhnikov Tatiana (1920 g.rozhd.) Worked in a trading firm "Spring". Wife - Elena (1965 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Anna (1976 g.rozhd.), Bachelor of physical rehabilitation, working in a hospital for war veterans. Sons - Igor (1986 g.rozhd.) And Dmitri (1987 g.rozhd.) Schoolchildren.

Igor Maslennikov - Muscovite. His great-grandfather on the maternal side, Nicephorus Ya Sapozhnikov, lived at Nikitskie gate and had there haberdashery shop. His son - Vasily Nikiforovich - before the marriage broke away from their parents, and the case helped him to become independent without their help. A longtime friend of the family - owner of the trading house its name, Pavlov, - ruined, turned to Vassily Nikiforovich, and a young, energetic and educated people in a short time restored the lost cause. As a token of gratitude resurgent Pavlov helped him put the house in the then Kaluga Gate and open a grocery store

. It was a typical middle-class Moscow family, . with ten children, . elderly relatives and two quiet girls orphaned, . which young wife of Basil Nikiforovich - Agrippina Antonovna, . religious man and a good, . adopted as their children,
. In family Sapozhnikovs nobody spoiled, but parsimony denied. Obedience Basil Nikiforovich was absolute, since he was the only working family man and good faith pulled home.

The subsequent hard times broke the calm during the life of the family. In the most severe years after the October Revolution reputation Basil Nikiforovich that surround the person known as a fair, has made a lot of good things, help the family. Still later they were declared disfranchised, that takes away all the rights, in particular the most important thing - the right to ration cards. The family was on the verge of expulsion, but the eldest of the daughters - Nina was friends with the daughter of the old revolutionaries, and she was not afraid to turn to the People's Commissar Voroshilov, after which their family left alone. In the early days of the Great Patriotic War, the brothers went to the front Sapozhnikov. Paul previously participated in the Finnish campaign. He came back alive and unharmed. Michael, being a cavalry division Dovatora after being seriously wounded in the battle for Moscow was discharged, and the youngest - Ivan, a fighter pilot, was shot down by German anti-aircraft guns at the Dnepropetrovsk. When the Germans began to search the victim, then saw his chest chain with a cross, which were overwhelmingly surprised.

Igor's father chose the profession of engineer. In 1931, he was born Elizavetgrad (now - Kirovograd), moved from Ukraine to Moscow, where he settled in his profession at the car plant VMS (now - ZIL). Later he became director of food plant. The football team of the plant - in the discharge of veterans - play brothers Artemyev, famous Spartacus, who's popularity is second only to the legendary brothers Starostin. Factory Director refused to people who could not find a job. In the late 1940's Malkin hired his father, Yuri Lyubimov (in the future of the great theatrical director), which is repressed, was in distress after the liberation. Yuri Petrovich remembered about it, and Malkin was always a welcome guest in his house, and later in the Taganka.

The fate of Igor Maslennikov important role played by the famous rowing club "Arrow". It was popular in pre-war Moscow Youth place. They got to know the parents Igor. Boris Maslennikov was a member of the Group of Eight "Wings of the Soviets". Igor's mother, Tatyana Sapozhnikov, advocated "Spartacus", was the champion and record holder of the USSR Rowing. She was the most beautiful girl in the "Arrow", and not by accident that she was asked to duplicate the Lyubov Orlova in the film "Volga-Volga".

Igor in 15 years took up rowing. He was so engrossed in races that have problems in school. I had to go to school for working youth and to act as a loader in the transport and loading office to dragging the weight, improve their physical training. From sporting interests Igor Maslennikov became a student at the State Institute of Physical Culture, although he had filed documents at the Faculty of Journalism and successfully passed the first exam.

. Great oarsman, he did not, although the start was promising: in the double sculls won adolescent and youth national championship, the championship of Moscow among adults and the primacy of trade unions
. Became master of sports of the USSR at a time when to get that title was very difficult and very honorable. For this it was necessary not only to become a medalist of the USSR, but also play the winners of no more than 2.2 seconds, ie less hull. And then the best crews of the country had a high level, usually - International. At the national championship in 1962 in Kavgolovo Igor Maslennikov, together with his permanent partner Vyacheslav Chesnova, future Honored trainer of the USSR, the champions have lost just 1.6 seconds and have cherished silver "squares" masters.

. While still a student at 1-year student Igor Maslennikov published his first article in the newspaper "Soviet Sport"
. Editor in Chief Vladimir Novoskoltsev said that after graduation, he will invite the staff Igor. But in this as a novice journalist, decided to learn a profession in the magazine "Sports life in Russia, where he worked 5 years a traveling correspondent, and only in 1968, then came to the only sports newspaper.

. He did not seek to be a reviewer in sports, with more and more popular, people where quite easy to make a name
. In addition to close to him rowing and skiing Igor address all shooting disciplines, modern pentathlon, biathlon. He did not just become the winner of art contest "Golden Pen", a very prestigious in those days among the sports journalists in the country. He traveled to various competitions, no month passes without travel.

. The heroes of his reports were great athletes, Olympic champions Vyacheslav Ivanov and Anatoly Sass, Vyacheslav Vedenin and Galina Kulakov, Igor Novikov and Paul Lednev, Alexander Tikhonov, Nikolay Kruglov ..
. It was a time, . when journalists met with the champions not only at competitions, . between folded good human relations and life outside sports, . therefore, to this very day Igor seen many of those, . who was the pride of the Soviet sports, . with their mentors.,

. In 1972 Igor Maslennikov was selected Officer of the rowing club of veterans, which was based on the "Arrow"
. Then it was the work of new and unusual, but as it turned out, and future: now the movement has become a popular sport veterans.

In 1987, IB. Maslennikov Federation headed by kayak and canoe, and it was a recognition of his organizational abilities, though the sport he has never worked.

. Igor Maslennikov published a story "The best half of life," positively accepted by readers and critics
. Saw the light and documentary books, as well as essays in the "Youth", "Smena", "Izvestia, Trud.

In 1988, Igor became the chief editor of "Sports life in Russia and working in this post until now. This is the oldest sports magazine in Russia has experienced great difficulties and now regularly goes to the light. He focuses on serious and versed in sports reader. Besides, . in every room apart from a purely sporting the magazine raises the topic of physical and moral health, . offers essays on the history of Russian sports, . about historical figures, . such as Suvorov, . Orlov brothers, . Przewalski, . Generals Skobelev, . Brusiliv etc.,

. Igor Maslennikov elected president of the Federation of Sport Journalists of Russia (FSZHR)
. In this capacity, has done much for his fellow veterans. With the help of sponsors of the federation, he holds as games, along with veterans of the sport - matches charitable nature. FSZHR provides not only a one-time assistance to needy. Since 1996, the sports journalists who participated in the Great Patriotic War, regularly receive an increase in pensions.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Igor Maslennikov, photo, biography
Igor Maslennikov, photo, biography Igor Maslennikov  President of Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia, photo, biography
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