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( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion)

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Born March 1, 1958 in Lviv. Father - Vaytsehovsky Sergei Mikhailovich (1931. born.), master of sport in modern pentathlon. Mother - Maria Ivanovna - master of sports of swimming. Children: Helen, Alex, Alina.

Navigate Elena started already at age 3 years. Then she began to train with my mother because the child had no one to leave the house. About that period recalls: "I was terribly bored constantly sit in the cold water basin. I always thought up some mischief, fired the entire group, and once, when my mother once again drove me to the train, went to the gym - to cry. There I picked up and Valentina Dedova - coach in diving.

Jump Elena started very late by the standards of the sport. Moreover, with the conventional view, it lacked flexibility, dynamism. A plus was just a character and a desire for whatever was to prove to parents and all others that it can achieve something. Although even Dedova like to repeat: "You'd never be confused - too much, except for sports, is interested in your life."

With ten-towers Jelena jumped for the first time in 13 years. And at 16 had the most difficult long program in the world. In 1974, became a champion of the USSR, the bronze medalist of European Championship. The following year, took 4 th place at the World Cup.

The structure of the Olympic team in 1976 Elena came almost by accident. Owing to illness, made unsuccessful in qualifying for national championships and, after long discussions (and a convincing victory in control contests over five contender for the single vacancies), it was included in the team to third number, . remarking, . that for the debutants will be a success even place in the eight.,

. Coach Vaytsehovskoy in Montreal could not come
. But the increased responsibility was only to hand: Elena won the gold medal, becoming the first Soviet Olympic champion in women. According to Sergei Vaytsehovskogo (in those days - the head coach of the USSR national team in swimming), in Montreal in all its glory was manifested above all money to his daughter: the ability to achieve maximum results at a time when all the obstacles to this.

. In 1978 career Helena Vaytsehovskoy almost broke: the eve of World Cup athlete seriously injured at the wrong entrance to the water - breaking the shoulder joint
. Further attempts to continue to jump was little success. And in 1980, one month before the Games in Moscow, Elena left the sport.

Retiring from the sport did not become a tragedy, as so often happens. Sportswoman herself admitted that winning in the Olympics, thereby achieving maximum athletic performance, it is almost completely lost interest in diving.

. After that, she graduated from the State Central Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow, which came in 1975, immediately after graduation
. Then Elena seriously intended to continue their studies at the institute of foreign languages or in extreme cases - at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University named M.V. University. Dissuaded his father, explaining: "In these universities need to seriously study. If you are prepared to give up sport - comes. If not - go to the Institute of Physical Culture, where the athletes achieved most favored nation ". There was also a second argument: because the further the profession will probably be associated with sports, such subjects as anatomy, physiology, basic training, sports medicine and some others, it is desirable to know the details.

. After thesis defense Vaytsehovskaya year are children's coach, then said: "Now I know for sure: the coach from me will not work!" She tried Elena and on television - commented on the competition, prepared and led newscasts
. I rode with the team of translators (other than English, learned in the special school, has mastered French and German). Married, had three children (Helen, Alexei and Alina). Two assistants were born in Murmansk - for four years served as a husband-officer). In late 1988 the family returned to Moscow. And the fall of 1989 and the next day after the younger daughter went to kindergarten, Elena started working full-time correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Sport".

. In 1991, she went out with a group of journalists to create a new professional sports edition - "Sport-Express"
. It works to this day. In 1992 and 1996, she recognized the best sports journalists in Russia. As a columnist has worked on five Olympic Games, set world championships. Writes about swimming, figure skating, gymnastics, wrestling, bar, ice hockey, skiing. Its principle of journalism - to open the sport to the fans through the great personalities. Disclose the psychology of combat and people.

"For me, really not much difference in what kind of sport to work - once said Vaytsehovskaya. - My experience had a twelve-year journalist, says that the most simple - learn the rules and the names. It is much harder to understand the internal laws of sport. Psychology of victory and defeat, the depth of tragedy and elation effect. Even in such seemingly contradictory sports like diving and bar, these laws are one. I do not like the way, when I begin to compare with other colleagues. And do not consider myself better. Just about sports, I know that which can not be taught and you can tell by watching the athletes from the side.

The ideal mother and wife do not consider myself. (Journalism, a profession not a woman. We must be ready at any moment to drop everything and rush to nowhere. And it does not contribute to the strengthening of relations in the family. ") On the other hand, believes that the greatest influence on children has not so much the constant presence of a number of parents, as the force of their personality. ( "My brother and I were often alone. But it is the example of parents - obsessed with sports people - learned to their work. And the fact that everything you do, you should strive to do the most good. From washing dishes - to the management of the State. ")

In 1992, ES Vaytsehovskaya was introduced in the sports hall of fame sailing in the U.S.. She is a member of the Press Commission of the International Federation of swimming (FINA) and the International Wrestling Federation (FILA). In 2000 was awarded the Bronze Order FILA as the best journalist who writes about the struggle.

Her credo is identical to his father's motto: "In life, always had surrendered more than losers. Credo journalist - in any situation always put the interests of athletes above their own. Even if it interferes with work.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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VAYTSEHOVSKAYA Elena, photo, biography
VAYTSEHOVSKAYA Elena, photo, biography VAYTSEHOVSKAYA Elena  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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