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( Chairman of the Board 'Sigma-energy', Chairman of the Board of Directors 'Megavattbanka', professor emeritus of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences)

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Biography GURYCHEV Vladimir
photo GURYCHEV Vladimir
Born May 20, 1953 in the city of Kalinin. Father - Gurychev Mikhail (1916 g.rozhd.) Engineer-power, retired. Mother - Gurycheva Antonina (1919 g.rozhd.), Retired. Wife - Gurycheva Violetka Bancheva (1954 g.rozhd.) Education electronics engineer.

Vladimir was born in a family of Russian power generation, which stood at the origins of this industry in our country. He was always surrounded by the atmosphere of lofty sentiments to the profession, in this case, without which, as he understood, it is inconceivable the development of modern civilization.

Volodya got its name from his grandfather - Vladimir Mikhailovich. My grandfather came from a noble family. He graduated from Moscow University and Higher Technical School. He worked as a mechanical engineer, constructed and operated the first power in the factories. 1917 found him as a chief mechanic Morozov textile factory in Glukhov (now Noginsk). After the revolution, was a director, chief engineer of the first domestic power stations operating on peat. Once worked as Deputy Managing MOGES, chief engineer Orshinskoy Power Plant in Belarus. In 1940-1950 he was the Chief Inspector of the Ministry of operating stations in the USSR. Awarded the Order of Lenin.

Equally committed to his profession and electricity was Volodya's father - Michael V.. He graduated from the Moscow Energy Institute, worked as an engineer at Krasnohorskц¦ CHP in the Urals. Since the early days of World War II was at the front. He was head of communications 40 th artillery regiment of the Guards. Awarded four orders. After the war, participated in the restoration of power in the Donbass. Then I worked in Kalinin Region, managed the renovation of city power, and participated in project design and construction of one of the largest power plants not only in Russia but in Europe - Konakovo Power Plant, in the Kalinin region. He was awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, awarded the title of Laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Honored energy RSFSR ". Twelve years was the chief Glavtsentrenergo and members of the USSR Ministry of Energy, and the last three years working as an employment ministry in Bulgaria.

This way his father and grandfather could not influence Volodya. In 1976 he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, received the Electrical Engineer. I decided to pass all parts of the engineer at the power. Worked as an intern at CHP-23 Mosenergo in Moscow, mastering the shift specialty. Then became a shift supervisor of the electric shop, and in 1978 - was shift the entire plant.

In 1979, by order Soyuzatomenergo was sent to two years in Bulgaria for a nuclear power plant "Kozloduy". There he was one of the young Soviet specialists and the only member of the Komsomol. Involved in the life of the youth organization, led by the young engineer Violetka Dikova, who worked on the shop floor automation. Soon they were married with Vladimir. Since then, doing everything possible to promote the conservation and development in the new context of traditional religious and business ties between Russia and Bulgaria.

. Back in 1981 in Moscow, Vladimir worked as a shift supervisor at CHP-8 Mosenergo, and from 1982 to 1989 - in the Central Dispatching Department of Unified Energy System of the USSR

In 1987, VM. Gurychev successfully, with the provision of a postgraduate thesis electricity department MEI.

In 1989, he decided to try his hand at another career and until 1992 worked as commercial director of inter-economic integration of the production of consumer goods and services to the population "Tovus-Center".

In 1992, the electricity industry group formed a Joint-stock company "Sigma-Energo". Vladimir became chairman of the society and is it on now. In 1993 he was created by Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Megawatt-Bank". VM. Gurychev was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Initially, work was carried out in the electricity sector, was connected with the supply of electricity in Bulgaria and China. Gradually the sphere of social activity and the bank began to expand. There are many projects, as well as confidence in their implementation. The bank survived the crisis in August 1998. Accumulated experience has widened the circle of business contacts and interests.

Activities Vladimir Mikhailovich is not confined only in professional circles. He - a member of the Presidium of the international public organization "Union of Friends of Bulgaria" (1997), Honorary President of Bulgaria-Russia Chamber of Commerce in Moscow.

VM. Gurychev - the initiator of the production and financing a series of historical and cultural books. In 1998 the band released the album-monograph head of the Institute of Military History MORF Major-General VA. Zolotarev, we gaze into the future through the Past "on the 120 anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria during the Russian-Turkish War 1877-1878. The organizer and sponsor of this publication was VM. Gurychev. Later, he made an enormous contribution to the publication of two books by the same author: "Europe, Russia faithful, devoted to 200 anniversary of the Alpine hike AV. Suvorov (1999) and "Under Russia's St. Andrew's flag" to the 200 anniversary of the completion of Russia's campaign in the Mediterranean Squadron under the leadership of Admiral F.F. Ushakov (2000). In 2000 a book was published by Doctor of Arts E.P. Lviv "My fate, Bulgaria ...", dedicated to the relationship between Russia's and Bulgarian artists, representatives of creative intelligentsia of both countries.

. By publishing books about the glorious military affairs of Russia Vladimir Mikhailovich attracted and their French friends - Alexander Trubetskoy and Alim Krylov - representatives of well-known in our country's history of surnames
. Their parents, abandoned by fate abroad, to imbue them with respect and love for Russia. Together with them in 1998, was released the album "Reconstruction of Moscow's eyes, a French officer-artist Kadolya 1819-1830 gg." Submitted by Russia to the public.

. Vladimir is also engaged in activities aimed at the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church
. In 1996, he proposed that the leadership, . shareholders of JSC "Sigma-Energo" and "Megawatt-Bank" to make donations to the restoration and reconstruction of the temple of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin in the village Voskresenskoe Noginskogo Area, . where he once worked for his grandfather, . temples in the village Marfino Chekhov district, Moscow region, . church in the village of Cherry Kursk,
. Funds have been allocated, have been made and personal donations. For several years, Vladimir Mikhailovich provides financial assistance to the Virgin Mary Church and Sunday School at Lyschikovoy Hill in Moscow. In 1999-2000, donations were made to restore the temple in the village Fedorovskoe Moscow region.

On Bulgarian soil VM. Gurychev donated money for the construction of Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Pamporovo (1999) and the restoration of the church in the village of Teles, 30 km from Pleven (2000). Now, in the Rhodope Mountains ring the bell, brought him from Moscow, and Teles, the birthplace of his wife and their house now stands, the people, noting the memorable date for the church, come to standing on the hill monument Russia grenadiers who fell for the liberation of Bulgaria. With support for VM. Gurycheva activated Work Pleven Panorama and maintenance of monuments of Russia's soldiers killed in the brutal battles of Plevna in 1877.

VM. Gurychev - Honorary Professor of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences in the Office of Military History, Culture and Law (1997). He - the winner of the Silver Medal of Peter I of the International Academy for Nature and Society "for his services in the revival of science and economy of Russia" (1997). VM. Gurychev awarded the Diploma of the Federation of friendship of peoples of Russia and the CIS countries for the development and deepening of friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Bulgaria and Russia and the CIS countries (Sofia, . 1998), . Honorary familiar friends of the Union of Bulgaria, . issued to commemorate the 120 anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke, . for the great contribution to the noble cause of preserving and developing the traditional ties between Russia and Bulgaria (1999), . commemorative medal of the International Academy of Sciences on Nature and Society "For the development of culture and art" (2000).,

. Since 2001, VM
. Gurychev - Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian-Russia Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

. In his spare time, Vladimir Mikhailovich acquainted with works of art as a venerable, and young artists, held exhibitions of their works
. Likes hunting.

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GURYCHEV Vladimir, photo, biography
GURYCHEV Vladimir, photo, biography GURYCHEV Vladimir  Chairman of the Board 'Sigma-energy', Chairman of the Board of Directors 'Megavattbanka', professor emeritus of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, photo, biography
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