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Levon G. Sahakyan

( President of the Interregional Information and commercial center of Russia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary)

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Biography Levon G. Sahakyan
photo Levon G. Sahakyan
Born July 26, 1937 in Yerevan. Father - Sahakian Gurgen Avetikovich (1911. born.). Mother - Maria Sahakian Movsesovna (1915. born.). Wife - Sahakian Nunufar Horenovna (1940 g. born.), teacher. For many years she taught high school Russian language and literature, and then more than 15 years was in charge of the Cabinet of the Russian language and literature of the Yerevan Institute of Teachers Training. Daughter - Narine Sahakyan, Levon (1963. born.). Son - Armen Sahakyan, L. (1966. born.).

Levon Sahakian graduated from the Mechanical Department of the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute (1960) and the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee in Moscow (1977). In 1960-1966 years he worked Sahakyan Armenian Electric Machine Building Plant named after VI Lenin's design engineer, chief of the Design Bureau, was elected secretary of the primary party organizations.

In 1966, Sahakian brought to the party work as an instructor at the beginning of the CC CP of Armenia, and then was appointed head of the department of industry and transport of the Yerevan city committee. Later, . until October 1990, . Levon Sahakian held various positions in the governing bodies of the republic: the first secretary of the Komsomol of Armenia (1969-1972), . second secretary of the Yerevan city committee (1972-1974), . Chairman of the Council of Trade Unions of Armenia (1974-1983), . first secretary of the Yerevan City Party Committee (1983-1987), . First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Armenia (1987-1990).,

. From 1970 to 1990, Levon G. was a member of the Bureau of the Central Committee of Party of Armenia
. He was repeatedly elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and Armenian SSR, a member of the Komsomol Central Committee and the All. He was a delegate a number of congresses of the CPSU, XIX All-Union Conference of the CPSU (June 1988).

. In 1988-1990, as head of the Republican headquarters to overcome the consequences of the earthquake, he led the rescue and rehabilitation of devastated towns in Vanadzor, Spitak and Leninakan.

. Many years of labor and social activities Levon Sahakian in the governing bodies of Armenia closely connected with the development of low power in the republic and malometalloemkih industries: precision engineering, . Machine Tool, . Radioelectronics, . Informatics, . Instrumentation, . have been integrated into the national economic complex of the Soviet Union,

A new impetus to the development were energy, transport, social. Only in Yerevan annually put into operation more than 500 thousand square meters of housing. Were put into operation a number of key energy and transport facilities, in particular, the Armenian nuclear power plant, the first stage of the Yerevan metro, many kilometers of railways and roads, gas pipelines. Performed reconstruction and conversion of many chemical and metallurgical industries, which resolved the major environmental problems.

. In the period of work in the trade unions of the republic Sahakian contributed greatly to the development of sanatorium and resort infrastructure and tourism
. Specifically, . in Jermuk, . mineral water which has unique healing properties, . were built and equipped with the latest medical equipment to a number of sanatoria, . hydropathic, . Cultural and Wellness Center, . Airport, . Bridge, . thereby turning the resort into one of the largest health resorts of the country,
. Further development for other spa centers Arzni, Dilijan, Hankavan and other. Almost all major cities and regions of Armenia have been built and actively exploited by union tourist hotels. Center of Yerevan graced the 800-bedded union-tourist hotel "Erebuni". In the mountainous Lake Sevan started building the country's largest tourist complex, calculated on a one-time stay of more than 1200 people.

Specific results achieved in the organization of trade union sports. Many athletes were the best in their sports, and the union football team "Ararat" in those years, consistently contributed to the championship of the Soviet Union, was the champion and holder of the Cup of the country's football.

. Since October 1990 Levon Sahakian in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR began its work in the Republic of Afghanistan in the Soviet Embassy, and then Russia in the post of Minister-Counselor
. He was granted a diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

. Knowledge and extensive practical experience Levon G. Sahakyan greatly contributed to the in-depth study of the state, . trends and prospects of political and foreign economic relations between Russia, . CIS countries and Afghanistan, . determine their political and economic priorities,
. He is the focal point of supply to Afghanistan vital supplies, especially petroleum products, technology, humanitarian assistance. And often had to operate in extreme conditions.

. For a great personal contribution to the development of political and economic cooperation between the two countries Sahakian awarded two Orders of the Republic of Afghanistan.

. In early 1993, Levon Sahakian at the personal request left diplomacy
. Since 1993, serving as vice-president of the firm "Sovyuginstroy, he took an active part in the construction in Moscow and abroad, a number of public and residential buildings.

Currently Sahakian - President of the Interregional Information and Commercial Center. The Center provides assistance in organizing a unified information and marketing space, . facilitating the expansion of economic and scientific and technical ties between Russia and the CIS countries and foreign partners, . and to assess the effectiveness of the proposed programs,
. To this end, the Center provides assistance in attracting investment under the investment projects of its members and associate members, . provides appropriate assistance and protection of the interests of economic entities in carrying out economic and scientific-technical cooperation.,

. Gainful employment Sahakyan noted Orders of October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, People's Friendship, medals of the USSR
. He - the author of numerous publications in the periodical press and the book "Economic Problems of assessing the effectiveness and rationale for the reconstruction of enterprises" (1983).

. His main hobby Levon G. considers the work and communicate with people
. He enjoys studying the history of Armenia, its historic ties with Russia, like the historical literature, watching movies with a happy 70-80-ies. He is an avid motorist, happy to play with friends in tennis and soccer.

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Levon G. Sahakyan, photo, biography
Levon G. Sahakyan, photo, biography Levon G. Sahakyan  President of the Interregional Information and commercial center of Russia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, photo, biography
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