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Khokhlova Marina

( Vice-President of the Foundation named IM Smoktunovsky, Honorary Master of the International Academy Theater)

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Biography Khokhlova Marina
photo Khokhlova Marina
Born March 3, 1958 in Ryazan, a family of engineers. Father - Avilkin Nikolai. Mother - Avilkina (Margasyuk) Elizabeth V.. Spouse - Khokhlov, Sergei Alekseevich (1957. born.), director of "Company" Cepheus ". Daughter: Alexandra (1981. born.), Daria (1983. born.).

It is hard to tell when a person makes his first step on the path to success. It is possible that for Marina Avilkinoy (in the future Khokhlova) such event was the arrival of specialized Ryazan school? 14 with in-depth study of foreign languages. At that time it was one of the best urban schools with a strong teaching staff, the pride which were not only teacher-linguists, but also teachers of the exact sciences - chemistry, physics and mathematics. Marina still remember with gratitude mathematics VA. Silkina, taught her to think abstractly and visually represent not only geometry but algebra.

After school, Marina comes in Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute (now - Academy). Already at 1-th year of its welcome to the department of automation and remote control, where the Marina is included in the work on scientific and economic-contractual topics. Of particular interest are her research on groups and graphs, fuzzy sets.

. At undergraduate practice Marina invited to the Moscow defense enterprise CKB Almaz, . where it subsequently to "excellent" protects diploma, . then a few years working, . while in the long trip from the Ryazan industrial and technical enterprises.,

. In 1986, MN
. Khokhlova went to work in the Moscow Radio Engineering Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences (MRTI USSR), where 2 years dealt with the processing of the results of experiments in nuclear physics. Subsequently, the results of these developments were used by our scientists, together with CERN.

Simultaneously with the work in MRTI MN. Khokhlova began teaching at the refresher courses financiers, economists, chief accountants, planners, that is, those whom we now call the top managers of enterprises.

By teaching others, MN. Khokhlova not forget about their own growth. Among the first courses, she graduated from Moscow State University and received an audit license, which gives her an opportunity in 1986 to join in the work of a number of companies in automating economic problems.

In 1992, MN. Khokhlov invited to the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) to lead the management of internal and external audit.

. Working in MGTS, Marina parallel study in Germany and France international standards of accounting and business management
. Gradually accumulating a large experience in cooperation with Western investors seeking to create a joint venture in Russia for communication services.

. At the same time by proxy MGTS MN Khokhlova involved in the design of legal and financial aspects of the intergovernmental loan between Russia and Britain.

. At the same time has been implemented and some of its proposals to improve the management of holding companies

A new stage in the life of Marina started in 1992 with the creation of his own firm - Company "Cepheus", where she became chief financial officer, and her husband - Khokhlov, Sergei Alekseevich - CEO.

The combination of knowledge MN. Khokhlova in the field of finance, the current state of management science, as well as the design of control systems both in Russia and abroad allowed her to prepare a series of original methods of formalization weakly deterministic processes. These are the principles of object-oriented design of information systems and technology a common information space, without having to present world analogues.

. The developed technology design and processing of hypergraphs allow you to manage the business models at the data level, item level description of the model and, finally, to work at the level of models of business structures and holding companies.

. Created under the leadership of MN Khokhlova software package "Standard", intended for management of large and medium-sized enterprises (holding companies), the embodiment of all her idea
. The development has been successful, for 9 years have seen the light already 4 versions of "standard". According to the leading Western experts in the field of IT-technologies (in particular, . company "Gartner Group"), . foreign software developers, . implementing these technologies in design, . can appear on the market no earlier than 2003-2005,,
. In addition, the domestic system of corporate governance different from Western analogues of small amounts of code, a high speed adjustment and adaptation, low cost and sufficiently short time required for the installation and implementation of LCP. By providing, . and interest, . shown by the enterprises of certain industries, . Company's experts "Cepheus" was developed and implemented a number of sectoral projects, . such as "Etalon-Atom, . Etalon-Telecom, . Etalon-Gas ", etc.,

. High quality software product created and confirmed its consumers - industrial giants of the oil, . gas, . metallurgy and many other industries, . such as Mezhregiongaz, . Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, . Steel Works Pechenganickel, . Combine Monchegorskiy Severonickel, . AO Startkom ", . OAO Tulatelecom ", . Federal Corporation Rosxleboprodukt ", . Printing and publishing "Press", . kinokontsern "Mosfilm", . plant operating rocket and space technology Khrunichev, . Lukoil - West Siberia, . CCI Kogalymneftegaz, . Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, . Plant Uralelectromed ", . OAO Shadrinsk Aggregate Plant "and many others.,

. To date, the "Company" Cepheus "- one of the Russian leaders in the field of corporate management systems with highly qualified staff of professionals - programmers, accountants, managers, analysts
. Is Russia's first company, represented as an exhibitor at the forums IT-Expo (France, Italy), the world's leading consultant in the field of IT-technology - the company "Gartner Group".

. High level of development of the Company "Cepheus" was marked by many of Russia's and foreign awards
. This diploma "Gold Business", . certificate of an independent agency "Dator", . honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Russia and the Moscow City Government, . Medal winner of OCE, . and she Khokhlov for his great personal contribution to the development of information technologies in Russia was awarded with honorary diploma of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Russia.,

. It would seem that created a perfect system
. But Marina is not complacent, offering new designs, often having no analogues in the world. The results of its scientific activities noted experts around the world at the largest international exhibitions CeBIT (Hannover, Germany), SIMO (Madrid, Spain), SMAU (Milan, Italy).

. In the composition of the delegation of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Marina regularly participates in the World and European congresses of accounting and auditing.

. MN
. Khokhlova is a member of the expert council at the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia on the development of information technology.

. MN Khokhlova believes that modern Russia entrepreneur should not only earn money, but also to support the domestic economy and culture
. That is why the company "Cepheus" not only has business sponsorship Agriculture, . but is also a sponsor of the theatrical award "Idol", . and myself Marina - vice-president of the name IM Smoktunovsky, . Honorary Master of the International Academy of Theater.,

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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Khokhlova Marina, photo, biography
Khokhlova Marina, photo, biography Khokhlova Marina  Vice-President of the Foundation named IM Smoktunovsky, Honorary Master of the International Academy Theater, photo, biography
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