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Proskuryakov Nicholas

( Honorary builder of Moscow and Sevastopol, 'Excellence in urban Moscow')

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Biography Proskuryakov Nicholas
photo Proskuryakov Nicholas
Born December 29, 1900 in Vologda. Father - Proskuryakov Konstantin Nikolayevich, State Councilor, taught the men's classical gymnasium named after Alexander I. Wife - Kashkina-Fadeeva Olga K. (1907-2001), a graduate of the Biological Faculty of the Leningrad State University, specialty - Geneticist. Sons: Constantine Nikolaevich (1932. born.), Professor of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, specializes in nuclear power safety, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1935. born.), by profession - a builder, worked in the State Construction. Grandchildren: Alex (1963. born.) Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematical Sciences, Olga (1978. born.), a student at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University named M.V. University, Sophia, and Ivan, both - students. Great-granddaughter - Daria, a student.

In the history of Russia very few people who meted out to live for a century. The fate of each of them, by definition - the object of attention of scientists. Russian engineer Nikolai Konstantinovich Proskuryakov was born in the last days of the XIX century, lived a hard, full and happy life events in the XX century, received the third millennium. Now, when it is not the duty of his contemporaries - to fix the fruits of his work, again and again to ponder the meaning of human existence, wonder and worship the memory of a unique person.

. Throughout his life Nicholas Roerich kept in the memory of childhood impression: tearful mother with a newspaper in his hands, which was reported killed in battle with the Japanese in the Russian squadron
. Everything that is happening in the country in their family have always taken to heart. It could not be.

My grandfather, Fyodor Ivanovich, senator, participated in the preparation of the bill on the emancipation of the peasants. My father has made great efforts to promote education. In the evenings in their two-story wooden house in Vologda talked a lot about the fate of Russia and the ministry. When it came time to choose the way in Nicholas was certain: decided to become a builder. Bridges and roads to Russia were always great, sometimes symbolic. Yes, and engineering thought in the country was in this area at the highest level.

. In 1918, Nicholas Proskuryakov with a gold medal graduated from high school and was accepted after the competition certificates in the Petrograd Institute of Railway Engineers, founded more Nicholas I
. But instead of student days he was in solitary confinement, . which brought him instead of seriously ill father, . which the Bolsheviks were going to arrest because of, . in their house lived a foreigner, . suspected of having links with Germany intelligence.,

. Soon the 17-year-old Nicholas transported to Moscow and placed first in Taganskaya, . then - in Butyrskaya prison, . where he is in a cell with prominent royal officials: the Prime Minister Goremykin, . Interior Minister Khvostov, . member of the State Duma Protopopov, . military commander of Lvov General Sandetskim, . General Vlasov,
. From further misadventures Proskuryakova save the mother's visit to F.E. Dzerzhinsky. Exempt Nicholas still dare to ask the Lubyanka any notification of release. They laughed and shouted angrily: "Did you see that fool?" He was released, and he again pinned here? "Well, fire away from here quickly, until we see you again not taken!" With a parting word Proskuryakov returned to his native Vologda.

. From 1919 to 1920, after graduating from short-term technical courses, he served in the 9 th of military construction teams Frontostroya 6 th Army on the northern front

In 1921 Nicholas Proskuryakov became a student of the Petrograd Institute of Railway Engineers. During his studies he met his future wife, . Olga K., . daughter of his teacher, . Professor Konstantin Nikolayevich Kashkina, . headed at the time the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, . granddaughter of one of the founders of the Moscow Conservatory and the grandniece of a major political figure S.YU,
. Witte. With her he lived all his life, until her death on Jan. 1, 2001.

The best experts in road building shared with the students of the grandiose plans for development of roads in Russia. Engineers have completed a full course of study, in addition to his specialty as a solid General Engineering faculty received training, which, in essence, become engineers, generalists who could solve even the architectural challenges.

Proskuryakov persistently engaged in the core disciplines. He seemed to be aware in advance that will soon begin work on a gigantic construction site. Immediately after graduation in 1928, Nick falls for the construction of the Dnieper, . where an engineer working laboratory to test materials, . producer of works on the main waterworks, . senior producer of works on construction of bridges across the Dnipro,
. Dnieprostroy and who led an eminent scientist Alexander V. Winter boldly advanced youth to leadership positions. A recent graduate of the Institute, a non-Proskuryakov after only a few years, becoming chief of the construction works of the Western energy circle DniproHES.

. In 1933-1936, as Chief of the Bureau of designing Works Construction NK
. Proskuryakov took part in the construction of hydroelectric power station on the Kama River near Perm. Simultaneously, he taught at the Department of "Bridges" at the Leningrad Institute of Highway.

In 1936-1938 in Moscow in the Moscow City was established trust "Gormost, who led the construction in the downtown bridges across the Moscow River, draining channel and two overpasses in Riga Zastava. All 12 bridges under a government decree, have been built in record time - just a half years and put into operation ahead of schedule - May 1, 1938.

. Bridges, "Prospect, . total length of 3, . 5 kilometers, . radically improved the organization of traffic on major highways, . provided the possibility of simultaneous traffic on the bridges and embankments at two levels, and opened up access to the capital of Volga large vessels, . that was of great significance, . especially in connection with the completion in 1937, construction of Moscow-Volga Canal.,

. A large group of participants in the construction, . including Nicholas Proskuryakov, . worked as assistant chief engineer of the trust "Gormost", . chief engineer and head of the construction of the Greater and Lesser Krasnokholmsky bridges, . was awarded the title of "Excellent urban Moscow.,

. In 1939, the trust "Gormost" was transferred to a system Glavvoenstroya USSR People's Commissariat of Defense
. On the basis of the construction of bridges Krasnokholmsky was established trust "Mostostroy" in the road and bridge management Moscow City. NK. Proskuryakov was appointed head of the organization and before the war has been managing the construction of six bridges on the river Yauza.

Already at war. July 3, 1941, former chief "Mostostroya" was appointed to lead the creation of defensive structures in the most dangerous - West direction. A year in the system and Narkomstroya Narkomsredmasha NK. Proskuryakov perform a series of orders of the State Defense Committee, relating to the relocation of industrial enterprises in the Volga, Urals and Western Siberia. Together with the famous director of the Automobile "ZIS" I.L. Likhachev, deputy chief engineer, Nicholas participated in the construction of four branches of the strategic enterprises in Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk, Shadrinsk and Miasse.

In 1943, NK. Proskuryakov was appointed chief engineer of the military control of the bridge? 1 Main Road Directorate of the Red Army and sent to the 1 st Ukrainian Front. He was appointed to lead the construction of high-level bridge across the Dnieper in the liberation of Kiev.

. In February 1944, while in Moscow on a business trip, he receives an order Chief Glavdorupra: "On receipt of this offer subside (by plane) to the city of Kiev to the President of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, Comrade
. NS Khrushchev. Reason: Personal request Prev. People's Commissars of USSR. Lieutenant Kondratiev ". NK. Proskuryakova appointed head of department for rehabilitation Kreshchatik in Kiev, and in 1945 - deputy chairman of the Kiev City Executive Committee for Construction. In the next two years, his primary concern was the restoration of housing and communal services of the Ukrainian capital. The scale of reconstruction required the use of new technologies. Here is the first widely used steel-reinforced ceramic floors, reinforced concrete pillars and beams.

Kiev experience handy NK. Proskuryakov at reviving a war-torn ruins of Sebastopol. In 1948 he was appointed Chief of the Office for the restoration of the heroic city of Sevastopol to the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, and before that during the vice-minister of Public Utilities of the RSFSR.

After the expulsion of the Nazis of the city does not actually exist - all blown up, burned, destroyed. Destroyed all housing, all the engineering works of the city and port, water pumping stations, power plants and electricity, urban transport. In the city there was no water, no light, boulevards and parks turned into a dumping ground ...

Restoring a large city, besides an important naval port - a unique task. In fact - it is a huge ball of organizational, . human, . engineering and urban problems, . each, . in turn, . divided into several sub, . and it all had to deal with daily, . without taking over time, . nor with the expenditure of energy,
. Work Proskuryakova the revival Sevastopol became the peak of his activity as a specialist and leader, has left a huge imprint on his whole biography.

Major reconstruction work in the city of Russian glory were largely completed already in 1952. This, of course, was a large share of the personal contribution of Nicholas Roerich. Let us review the Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR - Chief of Navy Admiral S.G. Gorshkov (in the period of the NK Proskuryakova in Sevastopol Black Sea Fleet Commander): "Due to the wide introduction of Comrade. Proskuryakov in building new business practices in the mountains. Sebastopol, were rehabilitated and constructed in a relatively short time a large number of residential buildings, schools, hospitals, utilities and other structures ". Beyond these formal and dry phrase famous admiral is many things: the introduction of new technology development, creation and management of dozens of objects, the fate of thousands of people sleepless nights ...

In 1952, NK. Proskuryakov returned to Moscow, having received the appointment as Head of Department of Industry of building materials and details of Moscow City. The main task of management was the organization and development of precast concrete structures and products for housing and municipal services of city. During three years have been worked out technological scheme of the factory production of prefabricated concrete structures, product range, the specialization of individual plants and process lines. Worked hard to integrate in the Moscow City many departmental enterprises, their consolidation and specialization. The end result of this has led to the creation of a strong industrial base construction - industrial organizations "Glavmoszhelezobeton and Glavmospromstroymaterialy", marked a new stage in the development of housing.

. In 1955, NK
. Proskuryakov appointed a member of the USSR State Construction Committee, Head of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and the chief editor of the journal "Concrete and reinforced concrete". And again, mainly in his practical work has been to raise the efficiency of urban industry and the introduction of new approaches to its management. So, . familiarity with the work of institutions, then the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR and several other scientific organizations, . which to some extent overlap with each other's work, . prompted Nicholas Roerich in 1957, refer to the note addressed to the President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, NS,
. Khrushchev. The note contained the real proposals to remedy the situation, . including a really revolutionary at the time - "... to translate the work of design and research institutes, . members of the USSR State Construction, . full cost accounting system and contractual relationships with customers instead of unlimited funding from the state budget. ",

. Left his mark NK
. Proskuryakov and for a new incarnation - as the chief editor of "Concrete and reinforced concrete, which he headed until 1971. Prior to his arrival at the post magazine wore somewhat academic in nature, little work experience covered. Proskuryakov abruptly broke this tradition, and the magazine has a new face.

Following the retirement of NK. Proskuryakov much effort to community service. In 1961-1983 years he participated actively in the work of central bodies of the Scientific-Technical Society of the construction industry of the USSR, for 15 years was the permanent chairman of the Audit Commission. His speeches at congresses and plenums of society are always different formulation of the cardinal issues of the construction industry. The same spirit characterized by polemical and his articles published in magazines with "Communist", "Housing" and other publications.

A 1971-1972 NK. Proskuryakov worked as an advisor and consultant head of the "Glavmospromstroymaterialy", the last years of his life was closely connected with the Fund for Veterans builders of Moscow.

NK. Proskuryakov awarded two Orders of Honor, the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, the medal "For Defense of Moscow". He - Excellence in urban Moscow, Honorary builder of Sevastopol, Honorary Member of the Scientific-Technical Society of the construction industry of the USSR. In the Moscow archive is its nominal fund, which totals more than 4,5 thousand pages, many photographs and scientific papers.

Central to the life of Nicholas Roerich Proskuryakova have always been people with whom fate brought him. Among them, first of all - Nikita Khrushchev, with whom he had a good relationship that has evolved more in the 1930's, Admiral S.G. Gorshkov, chairman of the Moscow Soviet NV. Pronin, the first director of ZiSa "IA. Likhachev, architect AV. Vlasov, generals Z.I. Kondratiev V.T. Fedotov and EV. Commissioners, citizens of Kyiv, Sevastopol, Muscovites ...

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Proskuryakov Nicholas, photo, biography
Proskuryakov Nicholas, photo, biography Proskuryakov Nicholas  Honorary builder of Moscow and Sevastopol, 'Excellence in urban Moscow', photo, biography
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