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Belov Sergey

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion, twice world champion, four-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR, the champion of Russia, head coa)

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Biography Belov Sergey
photo Belov Sergey
Born January 23, 1944 in the village Naschokovo Shigarskogo district of Tomsk Oblast. Father - Alexander Belov (1906-1973), a graduate of the Leningrad Forestry Academy. Mother - Valeriya Belova Ippolitovna (1909-1988), graduated from Leningrad University. Married his third marriage. Wife - Antipova Svetlana (1966. born.). Daughter: Natasha (1969. born.) Anastasia (1990. born.). Son - Alexander (1977. born.). Grandson - Sergey (1993. born.).

In the world of basketball a lot of names that have created the game's image of one of the most popular. Against this background, a small group of superavtoritetov, superstars, when only one mention of the master among the experts and amateurs of this game and sports in general, there is a feeling of unconditional respect. In XX century, such authority earned Sergey Belov - as a player, coach, organizer of basketball. In the new millennium, he continued his unique career, earning a new reputation for his country, for the club, for themselves.

Sergey was born in Siberia. It so happened that his father just before the war was in the Far East Expedition. The mother and brother remained in Leningrad. They survived the most difficult days of the blockade. The family was reunited only in 1943 in the Tomsk region, which then served as a father. Before the birth of Sergei's father had been sent to the front, and Sergei saw it only in 1947, after demobilization. In 1950 the family as a whole moved to Tomsk. My father worked in government establishments, Executive Committee, Executive Committee, Economic Council, in charge of the forest industry of Tomsk region.

Sport in the family has always attached great importance to. Father had once worked skis. Returning from the front, he gave the younger son nipelny soccer ball - a rarity at that time. This ball Sergei was very proud of, kept him and played them almost 16 years, until the ball is not hysteria.

From early childhood, Sergey dreamed of becoming a soccer goalkeeper, although he holds still and skiing, basketball, athletics, and particularly excelled in the high jump: competitions among junior he set a record of. However, in the qualifying competitions for youth athletics has not got a team of Siberia and the Far East. After that Sergei decided to concentrate on basketball, and the benefit that allowed the growth - 190 centimeters, and the experience was no longer hold.

Basketball Sergey worked with fifth grade. His first coach was George I. Decision. Even then he noted the makings of a good Belova that distinguish from their peers not only physique but also the specific game skills, which he bestowed upon the nature. Since filing coach Sergei first allowed to play with older kids, and then included in the command Polytechnic Institute, who spoke on the priority of the city.

. After school, Sergei Belov went to the capital and entered the Moscow Institute of Forestry Engineering at the Faculty of Electronics and computing machinery
. However, the main purpose of the trip to Moscow was, of course, basketball - would be closer to the famous Moscow clubs. Sergei played at the university championships for his institute, he was attracted to Russia's youth team. In the summer of 1964 Sergei Belov said well-known coach from Sverdlovsk A. Kapler and invited him to go to his team. After a brief reflection Sergei agreed, went to the Urals, and soon the first time put a shirt Sverdlovsk Uralmash.

Season 1964 \ 1965 team Uralmash performed in the first league. Sergei Belov, who carried it well and soon firmly established in the top five players on the team. 1965 was a turning point for him to make the transition to the big basketball. He trained like a madman, and by the end of 1966 had already been formed, bright player. His coaches noticed the USSR team.

Debut in the national team was unusually successful. In 1967 Sergei Belov put it in his collection once the top two titles - the champion of the world and Europe.

Even before the World Cup in 1967 Sergey received a proposal to move to CSKA. Fair to say that the first conversation on the subject with him had a famous player of CSKA and USSR team Gennady Volnov. Having played for Uralmash before the end of the season, in 1968 he moved to Moscow, Belov. Since then, over 12 years, he defended the colors of the army club - the strongest in the country. Basketball fans will remember him as a cocky, arrogant player, with a desire to be very strong, very strong in any situation and under any reaction tribune. On his site featured a great starting rate and "latching" movement: stop and take off, "pereviset" rival. Belov just felt amazing race, perhaps the opponent and how to circumvent. Specialists, sports fans, the press thought he was a player, the last seconds, a decisive point ". Indeed, he was typical of a habit to fight to the last, regardless of how the match goes.

. Speaking for CSKA (1968-1980) and the team of the USSR (1967-1980), Sergei Belov was one of the most eminent players of the local and European basketball twentieth century
. During these years he won the title 11 times champion of USSR (1969-1974 and 1976-1980), became a silver (1975) and bronze (1968) winner of national championship, in 1973 won the USSR Cup. In the national team of Moscow, he became the winner of the fifth Games of the peoples of the USSR (1971), sixth (1975) and seventh (1979).

No less impressive his accomplishments on the international arena. Sergey Belov - Olympic champion in 1972, two-time world champion (1967, 1974), four-time European champion (1967, 1969, 1971, 1979), two-time winner of European Cup (1969, 1971), champion of the Universiade 1970. In addition, he became a triple Olympic bronze medalist (1968, 1976, 1980), was a silver (1978) and bronze (1970), winner of world championships, won two silver (1975, 1977) and one bronze (1973) championship of the continent.

. In recognition of outstanding service Sergey Belov confidence in him the honor to light the Olympic flame at the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow
. It was only in the XX century case when such a mission entrusted basketball.

After a sports career Sergei Belov decided to move to coaching. In 1977 he graduated from the Moscow Regional Institute of Physical Education, specializing in the coach-teacher ". In 1981-1982, he led the team of craftsmen CSKA, and this time the club won the championship of the USSR and won the Cup of the country.

. Then in the life of Sergei Belov started a black stripe, which was not directly related to sports, but had a great influence on the course of his coaching career and life in general
. Once in the Soviet Union came to an old friend Sergei Belov of Brazil, Russian by origin. Sergei invited him to play, then to his home, and soon noticed attention to "competent" authorities. As a result, Belov was restricted to leave the long six years and experienced the mistrust of sports management, which apparently feared that Sergei, the man who more than once traveled the world, can become a "defector". The grand master was in the hands of hard-state machine, has become hostage to unscrupulous games in the top sports leadership felt the betrayal of friends ... But it is not broke! Perhaps, on the contrary, believed in its future in a new capacity - coach.

When in December 1988, Belov returned to coaching with CSKA, he already had the idea to create a new basketball club. However, he did not find support. In 1990 he left for Italy, the coach of the city Kossino. This provided an opportunity to see how the work is placed in the professional European clubs, to examine their basketball "inside". The trip proved to be useful both in professional terms, and in everyday. He came to himself, graduated from the coaching courses, gained additional experience, which is very useful to him later.

In 1993 Sergei Belov returned to Russia, he was soon elected president of Basketball Federation (in this capacity he worked until 1998). At the same time led the national team. Basketball, like sports in general in Russia, going through difficult, sometimes critical times. It was necessary to ensure the material basis for the development of your favorite games, with a completely new environment, the complete absence of state support. We had a lot of shook the country in search of people who eventually donated helped Belov and Russia basketball back their positions

. At the World Championships in Canada (1994) team under the leadership of Russia won the silver medal Belova, . yielding, . with a very decent fight, . only the so-called Dream Team - "dream team" of U.S., . where were collected the best players in the world of basketball,
. Then there were the bronze at the European Championship in Spain (1997).

In 1999, a new bright phase in the biography of Sergei Belov. He went from the capital of the Urals, to revive the domestic basketball. He succeed. It takes the club Ural Great "from Perm and became its head coach. With the support of the club's president Sergei Kuschenko, . full understanding of the local authorities, . many fans Belov manage to form a star of the players, . new quality of the game and within one or two seasons to bring the command of the leading clubs in the country and Europe.,

. In season 2000 \ 2001 "Ural Great for the first time in history winning the title of champion of Russia and the Northern League (NEBL)
. The rank of the best team of the country club receives an invitation to participate in the continent's premier club competition - the Euroleague Championship (ULEB). In season 2001 \ 2002 update team confidently continues performances in the championships of Russia and the Euroleague. Now, according to Western experts, "Ural Great" is in the top twenty of the best clubs in the Old World. He does what he likes, really happy to feel part of a large cohesive mechanism has complete creative freedom.

Sergei Aleksandrovich - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1969), the deserved trainer of the USSR. Awarded the Order of Honor, the Medal "For Labor". Sergey Belov - owner of the exclusive titles: by decision of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) he recognized as the best European player of all time, . first of basketball in Europe is listed in the most prestigious museums in the world, . on the basketball - Museum of Fame basketball All-Star (town of Springfield, . Massachusetts, . USA),
. Decision Russia Basketball Federation Belov found the best coach in Russia last decade of XX century.

Lives and works in Perm.

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Belov Sergey, photo, biography
Belov Sergey, photo, biography Belov Sergey  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion, twice world champion, four-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR, the champion of Russia, head coa, photo, biography
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