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Kuschenko Sergey

( Basketball Club president 'Ural Great', champion of Russia, Vice-President of Russia, basketball, general manager of the national team of Russia on basketball)

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Biography Kuschenko Sergey
photo Kuschenko Sergey
Born in 1961 in the village of New Lady Ordzhonikidze district of the city of Perm. Father - Kuschenko Valentin (1936 g.rozhd.). Mother - Kuschenko Zoya Ilinichna (1938 g.rozhd.). Wife - Kuschenko Svetlana (1967 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Anastasia (1993 g.rozhd.) Son - Alexander (1999 g.rozhd.).

At the end of XX century in Russia, a new sphere of activity - management sports. Often, the representatives of the profession in the shadows, rarely become public figures, but as a rule, it is powerful, visible and significant personalities. Most often they are driven by ambition, they have well-developed intuition and business nous, they are often artistic, charming. These are not mathematical conclusions apply in this case to a specific person. This - Sergei Kuschenko, . recognized manager? 1 Russia's basketball, . fast break into a world of popular game, . honest toil has won well-deserved prestige by a series of unique evidence - real achievements, . are inextricably linked with his name.,

. Genome Project Sergei Kuschenko as successful businessman, a sports manager of a new type of track is not possible
. His parents owned a completely different profession, were typical of Soviet builders, strong masters of their craft. Lived difficult (barrack-room "Khrushev"), and there were no signs that their son would become a real celebrity.

The makings of a future leader emerged from Sergei very early. Student school? 129 Kuschenko was constant instigators in the class, playing the guitar at school parties, spent the best disco in town. In high school, with friends, he enrolled in the basketball section of the local home sports. First coach Sergei Vitaly Veniaminovich Torsunov his pupil was able to instill a love of sports, which does not go over the years.

After graduating from school and train college, in 1981, Sergei won its first sports title - as part of the team "Star", he becomes the champion of the Perm region's Basketball.

After serving in the army (1981-1983) Sergey completely devoted himself to the beloved - disco. The most famous musical projects - disco "Sounds of Time" and the city Humorina. Glory to one of the best in disc jockeys leads him on TV. He is leading the popular program "Hello" at the regional TV. At the same time with his friends created the first in a private recording studio.

In the early 1990's leaving the business, and here he succeed. However, he does not forget about basketball. Along with old friends, basketball continues to practice your favorite sport, participating in the championships of the field within a team of "Great". It is this group of enthusiasts in 1995, took the initiative to establish on the basis of team "Polytechnic" new Basketball Club Ural Great ". People who have achieved great success in business, decided to invest their money in command of a new type.

. Having started in 1996 with 24 seats in the top league of the national championship, "Ural Great" under the leadership of Sergei Kuschenko just a few years managed to achieve unprecedented success
. The city has started a real basketball fever.

"First," Ural Great "was a common hobby and passion, - says Sergey Kushchenko, -" but the hobby is over very quickly. In Perm quickly become accustomed to success and become not just wait, and require. Now, "Ural-Great" I do not belong - is the team of the city, region, and throughout the country. "

Since 1998, the team plays at the biggest basketball Russia - in the universal Palace of Sports "Hammer", which collects up to 7500 fans. The club from Perm quickly attracts the attention of the sports community of the country - in 1999 at the site UDS "The Hammer" took "All-Star Game of Russia, which until then held only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Ural-Great" faster than anyone accustomed to the new economic and social reality, understand how to live and work in this situation, - says Sergey Kushchenko. - The future of Russia's basketball due to the province, namely in the regions of concentrated enormous material and human wealth, which can be directed to good ends, without waiting for instructions from the capital. So far only addressed local issues in our region. Stop not. That's when it all again on a national scale, then we can talk about the revolution in Russia's basketball. We are often asked - give money, and we will do no worse than in the "Ural Great". My answer is - five years ago at the command did not give anyone money. At first it did, then the sponsors themselves came and asked to take the money ".

2001 was the most successful in history "Ural Great" - club of Perm became the champion of Russia, winner of the Russia Super League regular season and won first place in the prestigious North European Basketball League

. Ural-Great ", . created and headed by Sergei Kuschenko - is not only a professional team, . but powerful structure of the development of basketball: under the auspices of the club in the area has dozens of children's sections, . which involved more than 6000 thousand young Permyaks, . a team "Ural-Great-Junior" appears in the premier league championship,
. Summer and fall of the city championships in street basketball, which are held in Perm, on the initiative Kuschenko since 1997, collecting up to 10 thousand participants

. For services to the domestic sport in 1998, Sergei Kushchenko awarded the Medal "For Merit in the development of physical culture and sport" of the Ministry of Physical Culture, . Sports and Tourism, RF, . in 1999 awarded the title "Man of the Year in Russia's basketball", . elected as a member of the Board RSE, . In December 2000, report-back election conference of RBF in Perm - Vice-President of Basketball Federation of Russia,
. In 2001 he was appointed general manager of the team Russia. Decision Russia Basketball Federation Sergey Kushchenko named the best sports managers in Russia last decade of XX century. Today he is - one of the most influential and popular men in the national basketball

. Here is the opinion of eminent colleagues Kuschenko of basketball shop.

. Valery Kuzin, . President RBF, . Duma deputy: "Sergei Kushchenko - people, . whereby in Perm virtually from scratch in a mere five or six years to create not just a professional team, . a whole system, . then, . what we call the pyramid in the basketball development,
. That is the real work to promote basketball.

. Sergey Chernov, first vice president and executive director of RFB Super League: "Kuschenko belongs to the category of people who are perfectly geared not only in a purely basketball issues, but also in sports management in general
. People who come up with ideas, not too little. But to the practical realization of their zadumok the majority are not an issue, he has it all turns out how to order. Sometimes, it seems that Kuschenko knows some magical way-road. In fact, everything is due to the enormous efficiency, honesty and the highest demands of himself and his colleagues.

. Stanislav Eremin, head coach men's team in Russia and the Kazan Unix: "Kuschenko - supertalantlivy man
. This light head. What he does not, consistently making great strides. How to explain this? He has a rare combination of high ambition and vanity of human decency and intelligence. I am very glad that Sergey is now working in basketball. "

Great work does not interfere with Sergei Kuschenko continue to play basketball. He - repeated champion of the Perm region and the world championship bronze medalist among veterans in the team "Great".

Do not forget to Sergei and enthusiasm of his youth - he collected a unique library, which comprises several thousand records. He is fond of scuba diving. In 1999, the decision of the International Diving Center was awarded the title "Dive Master".

However, business, basketball, career - all this is secondary to the main. But the main thing - the rear Sergei Valentinovich, its strong and very united family. Wife and children are attracted to basketball is not less than the head of family. And the first words spoken by the little son Sergei Kuschenko Sasha, were "basketball" and "Belov.

Perm is undergoing a basketball boom. Two years ago, Sergei Kushchenko and his colleagues decided that each yard must put basketball board. This is almost a year and were engaged. Now, even when it's winter, the guys throw the ball in the ring.

Lives and works in Perm.

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Kuschenko Sergey, photo, biography
Kuschenko Sergey, photo, biography Kuschenko Sergey  Basketball Club president 'Ural Great', champion of Russia, Vice-President of Russia, basketball, general manager of the national team of Russia on basketball, photo, biography
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