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Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion, Commissioner of the North European Basketball League NEBL, Ambassador Extraordinary and Honorable Minister of the Embassy of Lithuania in the U)

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Biography Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas
photo Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas
Born June 13, 1964 in Kaunas. Father - Mar-iulionis Juozas (1930. born.). Mother - Marchyulenene Laimute (1930-2001). Daughter - Christa (1987. born.), learns and lives in San Francisco (USA), playing basketball.

Sarunas Mar-iulionis - the legend of the Lithuanian and European basketball. He is one of the few athletes of the former Soviet Union, which has achieved global recognition among basketball players of outstanding U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA).

Way =arLnas to the heights of sports has begun ... with tennis. During the first three grades of school Sarunas seriously engaged in this sport. However, in 1974, he was fascinated by basketball and he decided to retrain. His first coach was S. Fedorov, who eighteen months later was replaced by O. Butautene.

In 1981, W. Mar-iulionis began to advocate for the command "Statyba", was her captain. In the same year he won his first title - the champion XVI Spartakiad students USSR. The following year he made his debut in the major league championship of the Soviet Union. Already in 1983 the young players have noticed coach.

Sarunas Mar-iulionis constantly perfecting their skills. Enriched and piggy his titles: Champion III Youth Games of the USSR (1982), European Junior Champion (1982), silver medalist World Junior Championships (1983), champion of the Universiade (1985). At the European Championship 1987 in Greece, where the combined team of the Soviet Union won the silver, it was included in the symbolic five of the championship, while recognizing the second player in Europe. In 1995, the European Championships in Greece (Athens), defending the honor of the Lithuanian national team, he again became vice-champion and was named the most valuable player of the championship.

Interestingly =arLnas emergence as a player. In the words of chief coach of the USSR AY. Gomel, one time it just "scored" in training and he had almost lost myself. Then Alexander Yakovlevich told him: "Let's date, you've won some healthy!" And Sarunas was just all scatter. At a very short time Mar-iulionis earned a reputation as one of the most powerful players in Europe. Stand in his way was impossible - he rammed any protection and at the same time has an excellent long-range throw. All these qualities made him one of the most popular athletes in Lithuania and one of the best basketball players of the Soviet Union.

1988 was truly the star in the life of an athlete. Then the combined team of the Soviet Union, headed by the Honored trainer of the USSR and Lithuania Alexander Ya Gomel, won the Olympic gold at the Games in Seoul. Great contribution to all that memorable victory, introduced and Sarunas Mar-iulionis.

In the Olympic tournament he has participated twice more: in the national team of Lithuania won the bronze medalist in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996). In 1992 he was named the most valuable player in the Olympic qualifying tournament.

. June 24, 1989 was the first Soviet basketball players Sarunas Mar-iulionis signed a substantial contract with one of the clubs in the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA)
. For eight years he acted in the most prestigious in the world championship, . gained a reputation as a player an extra level, . gained enormous experience of a professional basketball player, . playing in such teams, . as: "Golden State Warriors" (1989-1994), . "Seattle SuperSonics" (1994-1995), . "Sacramento Kings" (1995-1996), . "Denver Nuggets" (1996-1997),
. He gained fame as the best player NBA, leaving the replacement, as well as twice in 1991 and 1992, admitted the best sixth player in NBA

. Unfortunately, injuries persecuted Sh Mar-iulionis, he was forced to leave professional sports and their experience transmitted to a good cause of this wonderful sport in Lithuania and Europe.

. Playing in the NBA, . he was able to close enough to get acquainted with the structure of the leading American teams, . Organization of managerial work in the clubs, . features of the advertising campaigns and liaison with the media,
. This knowledge and unique experience, he applied later in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), founder and permanent president of which is from 1993. One of the latest endeavors of the outstanding sportsman - the North European Basketball League (NEBL), founded in 1999 by. Every year, competitions, conducted under NEBL, are becoming more and more popular. It, along with European clubs and play Russia's wizard. Teams CSKA Moscow and Ural Great, won the Cup NEBL. In 2002-2003, NEBL be a part of the European club competitions.

A great place in life =arLnas Mar-iulionis takes charity work. While still a player in the NBA in 1990, he founded his own funds in Lithuania and the United States, which for years has many programs to assist the needy. In particular, the means of W. Mar-iulionis were purchased and shipped to Lithuania unique medical equipment and supplies, . organized and financed a special visit to Lithuania of American doctors eye doctors and specialists in surgery of the face, . have organized trips to the U.S. of the Lithuanian children, . need special medical care,

Sarunas Mar-iulionis assumed patronage over the number of orphanages and boarding schools, regularly sending them food, toys, tools, tutorials. For several years he has sponsored 135 children in Lithuania, established an annual prize for best children's book. "

Many makes Sarunas Mar-iulionis and for the development of children and youth basketball in Lithuania. Its funds over 2.5 years, funded by the command "Statyba and youth basketball team Eryalyay". In 1992 he founded the original basketball school with additional education, in which all the conditions for comprehensive development and disclosure of basketball talents of future champions. In addition to her basketball lessons are held ethics, aesthetics, English language, there are computer classes. Sam Sarunas gladly shares the secrets of his skill with 800 pupils.

High results achieved Sarunas Mar-iulionis and business. In 1992 he created his own 4-star hotel "Sarunas", located in Vilnius on the banks of the Neris River. It offers excellent conditions for living, work and leisure guests. The hotel has 57 beautifully appointed rooms, 5 conference halls, restaurant, bar, sauna with gym and other amenities.

. Honored Master of Sports, . Olympic champion Sarunas Mar-iulionis is rewarded with the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas I, . III, . and IV degree, . Soviet Order of Honor, . Order of Honor of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, . Korolya Mindaugas medal and a medal I degree for high achievements in sports,
. His efforts marked a diploma of the International Basketball Federation.

Since 1998, W. Mar-iulionis is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of Lithuania in the U.S.. He was elected an honorary member of the Vilnius club.

Despite the enormous employment Sarunas still manages to play his favorite game. In addition to basketball, he enjoys tennis and football. As a professional journalist (in 1988 he graduated from the Faculty of History, Vilnius State University in Journalism), . now he is writing a book about the years, . conducted in a large sport, . which shares his impressions of meetings with the best basketball players of the world,
. Remaining still one of the most popular athletes of Lithuania, he frequently speaks at press conferences, television programs, gives many interviews.

In addition to sports Sarunas Mar-iulionis lively interest in the economic, cultural and political situation in the world, happy to read books about the mysterious phenomena. Among his hobbies - astronomy. He loves to play guitar in a circle of friends. And they had a lot of - musicians, singers and, of course, athletes.

Lives and works in Vilnius.

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Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas, photo, biography
Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas, photo, biography Mar-iulionis Raimondas-Sarunas  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion, Commissioner of the North European Basketball League NEBL, Ambassador Extraordinary and Honorable Minister of the Embassy of Lithuania in the U, photo, biography
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