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( Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia, President of Olympic Committee of Russia)

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Biography TRACTORS Leonid
Born October 10, 1946 in the village Dedenevo Moscow region. Father - Tyagachev Vasily Petrovich. Mother - Tyagachev Atonina Feodorovna. Wife - Tyagachev Svetlana. Daughters - Alan and Alexandra.

. Whatever may be said, sports - it's a real field of politics and the Olympic Movement - the top of a giant pyramid, which synthesizes the prestige of the nation, the commercial success of the largest companies in the world, happiness and tragedy of the many outstanding athletes
. Over the past decade become a world sports industry, one of the most effective businesses. Sport - the object of professional management. It is decided the fate of people are great resources: financial, material and information. All these factors bring to the fore special caste of people. In countries such as Russia, where the traditions of sports, his nerve is especially strong in the management of sport across the nation, people come extraordinary - large managers, the connoisseurs of sport, authoritative people in the world of sports ...

. In the XXI century, led the National Olympic Committee was L.V
. Tyagachev. On his shoulders, the master skiing, top-class manager, is charged with an enormous responsibility in the eyes of society, many amateur and professional sports, from his actions depends the fate of Russia Llimpiyskogo movement.

. Leonid Tyagachev working career began in 1962, workers at the Dmitrov electromechanical plant
. Since childhood fascinated skiing, . graduated from specialized ski school, . at age 14 joined the junior team of the USSR, . trained under the guidance of famous coaches Preobrazhensky brothers played for the youth and national team of the country,
. From 1966 to 1972 he worked as an instructor at the ski lodge, then - as a senior coach of the VSS Trud in Moscow.

After serving in the Soviet Army L.V. Tyagachev returned to his hobby - sports, alpine skiing. In 1973, he graduated from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute named after NK. Krupskaya (Faculty of Physical Education) in 1975, undergoing training in the ski school in Austria in the town of Kirchberg in Pepe Shotepeka.

In 1975, Leonid Tyagachev appointed head coach of the Soviet Union in Alpine skiing. His pupils have achieved notable results in the international arena: A. Fats in. Zelenskaya - repeated winners and winners of the World Cup, V. Tsyganov - winner of World Cup, V. Andreev, H. Andreyev in. Makeev - repeated stages of World Cup winners, C. Gladysheva - World Championships bronze medalist in 1991 and silver medalist in 1994. Many students Tyagachyov become winners and winners of youth and youth world championships and other major competitions. As a result - the recognition of L. Tyagachev in 1981, the best coach in the world of downhill skiing.

Leonid Tyagachev coached and foreign athletes. Under his guidance, trained Austrian skiers, including multiple World Cup champion celebrated Mark Zhirordelli. For many years, L. Tyagachev worked with the leaders of the Austrian sport T. Sailer, F. Klammer, Charles (Carl) Kar, as well as famous athletes L. Rod, X. Vayrayterom, X. Ennom 3. Walcher, A.-M. Moser-PrцTll. Actively participated in organizing the World Cup in Saalbach, Schladming and Site-Anton.

By nature Leonid Tyagachev - creator. Under his leadership, established centers for winter sports in Moscow, Moscow Oblast, the Republic of Adygea, Kamchatka, in Kabardino-Balkaria, the Kemerovo Region, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk region, etc.. In 1983, at the request of the Uzbek leadership, he participated in the creation of ski resorts in the republic. In the 1990's the first time in Russia in the village Dedenevo Dmitrov district, Moscow region opened a sports non-state boarding school for candidates for a combined team of Russia in Alpine skiing, . received the name of their countryman and the initiator of its creation - Honored coach of the USSR L.V,
. Tyagachev.

From 1996 to 1999 L. Tyagachev headed Goskomsport RF. Since 1998, he - the first vice-president of the Olympic Committee of Russia, and in July 2001 at the Olympic Assembly RF unanimously elected president of the Olympic Committee of Russia.

. Leonid Tyagachev Russia led the Olympic movement in a difficult and fateful time when the highest state level really understood the need to revive physical culture and sports in the country
. January 30, 2002 a meeting of the State Council, devoted to these pressing issues, chaired by the President of Russia VV. Putin.

They begin to bear fruit, the economic program, which the Olympic Committee of Russia under the leadership of L.V. Tyagachev exercises with its partners, including large domestic holdings, Gazprom, Interros, Lukoil, Sberbank, Russian Aluminum, etc.. Managers of large domestic businesses realize, . that the credibility of Russia's sports and, . particularly, . Olympic Committee of Russia - a vast and not yet in full use of capacity in the economic sphere is, . which plays an important role image products, . prestige people, . have given preference,

Towards the realization of development programs of the Olympic sports to be solved a myriad of tasks. Among the priority, according to L.V. Tyagachev, . - Provide good conditions for training of Russian athletes for the successful performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, . every possible way to take care of and protect them, . pay tribute to all good performance, . seek, . Olympic heroes to become the vanguard of youth.,

. No less important, . and perhaps even the main and constant objective Leonid Tyagachev calls to preserve and exalt the coach, . providing full support sports teachers, . remained loyal to the profession and continue to carry out their noble mission,
. In the nearest future Russia's leading athletes and coaches will feel the significant support: the President's decision scholarships for the best Russian athletes and coaches.

LA Tractor - master of sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia. Decorated with Orders of Friendship of Peoples, of Honor, "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degree.

Leonid Tyagachev succeeds on its own. But he's a brilliant acts together with his wife Svetlana Nikolaevna. His good beginning, she, the head of village administration Dedenevo, earned the unquestioned authority among fellow. On its initiative in the village of restored old church, reconstructed the local school, revived Hospital, founded more than 100 years ago.

Leonid and Svetlana Tyagachev very similar to each other. Both - bright, confident, with all the signs of true leaders. Svetlana reconstruct a small part of the world - a small country, hoping that this world echoes resound in the cities and towns of the Fatherland. Leonid converts big sport in Russia and believe that the success of Olympic sports will breathe life into the village, like his mother Dedenevo. Both ways are correct ...

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TRACTORS Leonid, photo, biography
TRACTORS Leonid, photo, biography TRACTORS Leonid  Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia, President of Olympic Committee of Russia, photo, biography
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