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Chiu Konstantin Borisovich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, world boxing champion among professionals versions IBF, WBA and WBC)

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Biography Chiu Konstantin Borisovich
photo Chiu Konstantin Borisovich
Born September 19, 1969 in the town of Serov, Sverdlovsk region. Father - Boris Tszyu Timofeyevich. Mother - Chiu Valentina. Wife - Natalia L. Chiu (1972. born.). Sons: Timothy (1994. born.), Nikita (1998. born.).

The world of boxing, how would this not treated Philistine - one of the most prestigious sports. His place in the sun evolved over the centuries, even millennia. But only in recent years has made boxing sports industry cult spectacle. The stars of this sport has been on the fringes of world newspapers, on the screens of the most prestigious television channels. In the series of the most popular names in contemporary Boxing - Russia's Athlete Konstantin Tszyu. Each of his battle - the object of attention of millions of viewers around the world.

As a child, Kostya was a kind and sympathetic boy. He helped his parents work at home, caring for her younger sister. He was curious and energetic boy, very fond of animals and is constantly bringing home some day zverushek. The energy used to beat him over the edge, and to send it in the right direction, my father decided to write her son in the section box.

In 1978 Kosta first entered the ring in the walls Serovskaya Coach. His first mentor, laid the foundation skills of champion, became V.TS. Czerny. After months of hard training there and the first victory: first at city, district, region, and in 5-7 years - at the Republican, and then the union competitions. He became the first winner of the All-Russia youth games in 1985, won the USSR championship among juniors in 1986 and 1987, finalist in the USSR championship in 1988 and, finally, was a champion of the USSR in 1989-1991.

. With 15 years of Kostya Tszyu became involved in international competitions
. After a silver medal at the Junior World Championships in Cuba (1987), and junior gold medal at the European Championships in Denmark (1986), his 16-year-old, began to attract charges of adult USSR team. In 16 years in the men's team to the RSFSR. Chiu participated in his first international tournament among adults, which was held in Czechoslovakia, and became a winner there. Even many battles had to spend it at international competitions, which took place around the world already in the USSR team. He participated in the Olympic Games in Seoul (1988), . took the title and the best boxer of Europe at the European Championship in Greece (1989) and Sweden (1991), . becomes a winner at the World Championship in Moscow (1989), . was the winner of the Goodwill Games in Seattle (1990),
. It was the most interesting and productive period in the sport life Bones amateur boxing, which culminated in a convincing victory at the World Cup in Sydney in 1991. A year earlier, in 1990, he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

In 1992, Konstantin Tszyu signed a contract in Australia and joined the professional boxing. Since then he has held 30 fights, which scored 28 victories (among them - 23 by knockout), with one draw and one defeat. Here are the main stages of his professional career.

March 1, 1992. Tszyu holds his first fight in professional boxing against Darrell Haylza. The coach said the boxer that he is not particularly laid out in the first round, but Tszyu, who is not a very good command of English, I thought that from him demanding that he knocked Haylza in the first round, which he did.

. January 30, 1993
. The tenth battle on professional boxing. Opponent - former world champion Livingstone Bramble. Tszyu wins on points in a 10-round battle.

January 28, 1995 - 14 th fight at a professional boxing Constantine defeats world champion in the welterweight version of the International boxing federation (IBF) Jake Rodriguez, and selects his title. He defends the title 6 times, until May 31, 1997. Then, after a failed experiment in preparing for a fight Kostya lost his first professional fight American Vince Phillips TKO in round 10, and with it lost his world title by the IBF.

November 28, 1998. Applicant Number 2 rated WBC K. Tszyu to fight No. 1 contender with a Mexican Miguel Angel Gonzalez for the vacant title at welterweight. Since the previous holder of the title, Oscar De La Hoya in 1997, moved in the following categories, the World Boxing Council (WBC) did not have a champion in this weight. However, Mexican, according to the official version, was injured in training, and the match was postponed to April. Meanwhile, the Coast have found another contender, a strong Cuban Diobelisa Hurtado, living in the U.S.. Tszyu knocked him out in round 5 and as the battle with Gonzalez broke not his fault, was named interim champion, as is done in such cases. A full champion he had to admit after the victory over Mexican recovered. The battle took place on August 21, 1999. K. Tszyu won the battle against the Mexican technical knockout in round 10 and became the only Russian boxer, who has a golden girdle WBC, - the most prestigious organization of professional boxing.

. 29 July 2000 Chiu defended his world title in Super weight (63.5 kg) version of the WBC in a battle with Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez, sending him to the knockout in round 6
. Then followed the conquest of another height - the battle for the title of world champion among professionals in the same weight category, but according to the World Boxing Association (WBA). Tszyu fight with world champion in this version - Sharmba Mitchell was held February 3, 2001 in Las Vegas and ended in victory for Bones in round 7, when the judges recorded a technical knockout by his opponent

. In mid-2001 Kostya defended his title of world champion among professionals on the WBC and WBA versions of, . winning on points in a 12-round battle, . held in Casino Moigen San "in Ankasville (Conn.), . a Turk Oktay Urkal, . living in Germany, . and November 4, 2001 in difficult duel has achieved the peak of his career, . winning a unification fight for the IBF Judy Zaba,

Jude made the victory over Kostya Tszyu Russia's first professional boxers - the owner of three championship belts in three versions - WBC, WBA and IBF. He got into a truly stellar company. Besides, there is now only two boxing titles have more than one version: Lennox Lewis (Heavyweight, according to WBC and IBF) and Felix Trinidad (first Welterweight, WBA and IBF). Only Roy Jones (light heavyweight) also holds three world championship belts.

Sports life goes on, and personal - his. During the years of living in Australia, Kostya was married to his compatriot, and they have two sons. Is hard to find in this country more popular athlete than Kostya Tszyu. Here he is worshiped hundreds of thousands of people. And that he deserved his attitude towards life and the people. He maintains friendly ties with former colleagues in the team of the Soviet Union. During the Olympic Games in Australia in 2000, he provided the members of team Russia for training your gym.

In his spare time Kostya likes to travel, read, listen to classical music, playing tennis. Is a fan of the band Pink Floid. With pleasure watching old Soviet movies.

Lives and works in Sydney (Australia).

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Chiu Konstantin Borisovich, photo, biography
Chiu Konstantin Borisovich, photo, biography Chiu Konstantin Borisovich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, world boxing champion among professionals versions IBF, WBA and WBC, photo, biography
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