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SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich

( Honored Master of Sports of Russia, two-time Olympic champion)

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Biography SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich
photo SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich
Born May 26, 1974 in the city of Samara region Novokuybyshevsk. Father - Saitov Elekpay Ahmetgareevich (1944-1997). Mother - Saitova Ekaterina (1947. born.). Wife - Saitova Ekaterina (1983. born.). Daughter - Sophia Saitova O. (2001. born.).

Professional athletes in the family Oleg Saitov has never been. But Oleg's father as a young man engaged in a struggle, and often told his son about how sports helped him to stand up for himself. These stories Saitov always listened with great interest ... But in the sports section Oleg led not the father and elder brother Vadim, who had already engaged in boxing.

The first significant victory Saitov won in 14 years, becoming the second in the youth championship Russia. Since then, Oleg began to receive for their work on food stamps, that the family was not over - Oleg's father was a chauffeur, and my mother all his life worked as a nurse.

His first coach Oleg Saitov believes Konstantin Loginov. "That's him, I began to really work, and formed like a boxer," - says Oleg.

After graduating from the 8 classes, Oleg went to study at Autocrane in Novokujbyshevsk Technical College. Loginov meanwhile Saitova paid less attention - Oleg had to go to the competition alone, and it overflowed in the elementary neprisuzhdenie him a deserved victory. Burnt child several times, Saitov realized that something needs to be changed. On the advice of his brother and European Junior Champion Dmitry Korsun he moved to Zhigulevsk. So in 16 years from Oleg start an independent life.

In Zhigulevsk Oleg in between workouts studied at the car mechanician. New coach Oleg Saitov - Igor Petrovich Utkin - immediately realized that before him a promising and talented athlete. And over time, Igor Petrovich Oleg is not only a coach, but actually a second father. After moving to Zhigulevsk Oleg rapidly improved its results - has become the second in the championship of the Kuibyshev region of adult.

Gradually Saitova began fusing his own style - the ability to go out of any dangerous situation, the traditional "spinning" around the opponent, followed by escalating the pace and winning the final attack. Later, his strongest side would call an athlete the ability to defend and sting like a wasp.

In 1992, Oleg, who represented the CIS team, won the European championship among juniors in the weight 63,5 kg, held in Edinburgh (Scotland). No matter how strongly rooted Scots for his compatriot in the battle against Oleg, after three knockdowns referee stopped the fight because of the apparent advantages Saitova. Beat the Irish, Oleg went into the semifinal, where he met with the Italian. Defeat this opponent Oleg helped his usual waiting game. In the final Oleg easily defeated athlete from Germany. In addition to the gold medal 18 years Saitov went from Scotland to the fulfillment of standards of international class master of sports of Russia. In the same year, Oleg won the junior world championship in the capital of Canada - Montreal. On the way to the final Oleg has not left his rivals no chance, literally all the fighting by sending them to the Knockouts. In Canada, he was awarded the Cup of the best boxer of the world and recognized the most technically championship boxer ... Then there were brilliant victory, already adults at the CIS championships (1993, 1 st place, weight 63.5 kg) and the World Championships (1993, Finland, 3rd place, weight 63.5 kg).

In 1994, when Oleg was 20 years, and behind him - an impressive list of big victories, he overcame the "star fever". Today Saitov not like to talk about that period - then I made a lot of this, which is today just unpleasant to remember ". Utkin, seeing that with the beloved disciple is wrong, were trying to get him back on the ground ", but to no avail. In the same year from Oleg beginning of the recession in the athletic achievements - in the championship of Russia, it took only 2-nd place, and the Goodwill Games held in St. Petersburg, content with only 3-m. Search for the causes of failure in itself did not want - Saitov was inclined to blame the surrounding circumstances. It was at this time Oleg got acquainted with the writings of the Hindu philosopher Osho, who helped him get rid of the "star disease". So carried away by Oleg Eastern philosophy - an exceptional case among boxers. This doctrine and to this day helps Saitova in his career. He even has a universal recipe for victory: "When I go to big tournaments, I try not to judge anyone and to give people as much love and kindness. And what do you do to others, always comes back to you ". Teaching is Lazarev Saitova helps maintain the image of the calm and confident fighter Russia.

In 1995, the sports career of Oleg again went up the hill. In the championship of Russia, he took 2 nd place in weight category 67 kg. Accordingly, the second he walked in team Russia. But fate would have it so that at the World Cup in Germany, in Berlin went exactly Oleg. There, he quite easily reached the final, but could not beat the Cubans, who won on points. Meanwhile, this Superb television broadcast to the whole world - light and maneuverable style Oleg conquered many.

In 1996, Oleg has won 1 st place in the Championship of Russia, the 3rd place at the European Championships in Denmark and went to his first Olympics. Oleg went to Atlanta as a holiday. However, the thought of victory Saitov not even admitted: "I knew that I could trigger with men on equal terms, trick ... But to become an Olympic champion for me was something unreal, unattainable ". Do not expect from Oleg Olympic gold in the team of Russia ... The most difficult for Oleg was the first battle - not yet ripe sense of the ring, and have to boxing with one hand - the second was divided. But, in spite of everything, Saitov won this battle and took the highest Olympic award in his weight 67 kg. "When realized that I - the champion in me as if a bomb exploded in joy," - later recalled Oleg.

1997 was marked for Oleg's victory in the championship of Russia and the World Championship, held in the capital of Hungary - Budapest. At the World Championships Saitov spent five toughest battles in the semifinals, defeated three-time world champion Cubans Hernandez. In the finale the same Oleg left with severe injuries of both hands, but showed courage and still won the gold medal.

In 1998 Saitov decided to build on the pace and won gold at the European Championships (Minsk), and in 1999 again became the champion of Russia. But after a succession of victories the past three years from Oleg slump, a peak which was the departure of the first circle of the European Championship 2000. In the qualifying rounds for the Olympic Games in Greece, Oleg became more familiar to an athlete of his level of 1-st place, but still very few people believed that he was able to take Olympic gold in Sydney. "On the one hand, it was a shame, but on the other side - calmly. After all, when you especially do not expect much less nervous, "- says Oleg. As a result Saitov came second after Boris Lagutin the double Olympic champion in the national boxing and was considered the most technically boxer of the Olympics - has taken away from Australia's most prestigious in the world of boxing Val Barker Cup. Prior to that, from the local athletes this honor in 1964 was awarded only Valery Popenchenko.

. Realizing that the diploma locksmith 3rd level can not sustain his family, and conscious of the need for higher education, soon after his victory at the Olympics Oleg entered the Kazan State University, the Faculty of Journalism
. Nowadays Oleg might well be proud of his journalistic experience. At one of the world championships in boxing, he tried his hand as a commentator a few battles - those who have heard, noted that "the attempt failed". He penned a number of publications on the topic "Boxing Against Drugs". Make plans for the future Saitov not like, but do not exclude that may become a sports journalist or commentator.

By 26 years Oleg Saitov has a rather impressive list of titles. In 1995, for sporting achievements in 1992, . 1993 and 1995 he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia, . in 1996 he entered the top ten athletes Russia, . in 1996 he was named an Honorary Citizen of Zhigulevsk, . 1997 - Knight of the Order of Friendship for the victory at the Olympics in Atlanta and the best sportsman of Russia,
. In 1998, Oleg has received the prize "Fair Haven Play" Olympic Committee of Russia and the Committee of "Fair Play" ( "fair game").

In addition to philosophy, Oleg fond of music - composing and singing their songs. Playing guitar gives him great pleasure. Oleg has already released two audio cassettes. He writes exclusively for the inspiration and connect their lives to show business is not going to. All their songs Oleg Saitov devotes close people.

Saitov loves outdoor activities in nature, bathhouse. Moreover, like hunting, fishing and playing chess. Favorite sports other than boxing Saitova - football, basketball, water skiing.

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SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich, photo, biography
SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich, photo, biography SAIT Oleg Elekpaevich  Honored Master of Sports of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, photo, biography
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