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MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion, four-time world champion, five-time European champion, five-time absolute champion of the USSR, a multiple champio)

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Biography MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna
photo MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna
Born July 13, 1929 in Leningrad. Father - Poduzdov Ivan Konstantinovich, worked at a shoe factory "Skorokhod. Mother - Poduzdova Natalia, died in 1942 during the blockade. Spouse - Valentin Muratov, Honored Master of Sport, four-time Olympic champion, undisputed champion of the world, two-time overall champion of the USSR in gymnastics. Children: Muratov, Sergei V. (1952. born.), Master of Sports in gymnastics, was coach at CSKA Moscow, now working under contract in Mexico, Andrei V. (1961. born.), working as a fitter at the plant at one of the Medical Research Institute. Has two grandchildren and great-grandson.

Childhood Muratova had the difficult years of war. In 1941, Sofia, together with the kindergarten, which went to her elder sister's daughter, taken from the siege of Leningrad in Rybinsk. In early 1942, the elder sister took Sofia to Kazan, a year later moved to Kuibyshev. In connection with the frequent crossings in the school had to learn in snatches. But the sport immediately took her life in a dominant position. In 1943, Sophia began gymnastics in a children's sports school under the guidance of coach Paul Zhenkusa and after three months was included in the team championship of Russia among girls, which took 21 th place. Then over her teased: "Being a champion you, the first time - and immediately" point "!"

In 1944 - a new move, this time in the capital. Here, Sofia Muratova continued training at the stadium Young Pioneers led by renowned coach, national team coach Igor S. Zhuravleva. Thrust training soon brought tangible results. In 1945, Muratova won the first in her life major competitions - the youth national championship next year, again won the youth championship in Leningrad. In 1949 she performed the norm master of sports of the USSR and was first included in the national team. In the same year came to her first success on the international arena - a victory for the student games in Budapest.

Sofia Muratova has progressed rapidly and soon earned a reputation as one of the strongest gymnasts of the country. Really, . in the same in 1949 she won her first title of champion of the USSR in the vault, . in 1950, has triumphed in two kinds of exercises, . and in 1954 became the first absolute champion of the country, . beating Olympic champion famous Mary Gorokhovskiy,
. Total the end of athletic career in the piggy Sofia Muratova was five titles in the absolute champion of the USSR - a unique achievement in the history of national gymnastics.

. In the sporting life of Sofia Muratova was a lot of brilliant successes, there were also bitter disappointments
. Being one of the best gymnasts of the Soviet Union, it sometimes fatally bad luck at major international competitions. The first in a series of tragic accidents was an injury on the eve of the Olympic Games in Helsinki, when due to a damaged leg (that subsequently haunt), Muratova had to miss this major international competition. But perhaps the most offensive was the injury received by it at the world championships in 1954 in Rome. Initially, all folded to Muratova the best way. Following performances in its asset already had a gold medal in team competition. In the individual competition, she topped all the projectiles, and it was successfully address the vault. But ... during a workout, she broke her arm and dropped out of the competition just one step away from such enticing victory. Her husband, a gymnast Valentin Muratov, also speaking at the World Cup, vowed to win a medal in the proportion of Sophia. I kept my promise, has become the absolute champion of the world.

Rather quickly after the injury, Sofia Muratova again soon took its place in the national team. In 1956 she went to her first Olympics in Melbourne. And driving with serious intentions, it can reasonably be hoping for success. Olympic debut was more than successful: Muratova won a gold medal in team competition and two bronze medals in the absolute primacy and performances on the uneven bars.

. World Championships in gymnastics in 1958 was held in Moscow
. Unfortunately, he was not entirely successful for Sofia Muratova. It was not included in the top three winners in the absolute primacy and ceded primacy in all kinds of programs. Nevertheless, her piggy bank has replenished the gold medal in team competition and two bronze medals in vault and speeches on the log.

Soon after, Sofia Muratova suffered a recurrence of old injury. Her performance at the Olympics in Rome, was questioned. Gymnast could not only act, but simply to train: she even walked with difficulty. To help the athlete came famous Zoya Mironova. In just three months before the Olympics she did Muratova's unique operation. Her date of Sofia Muratova remembers today: February 23, 1960. Few believed that it was able to speak at the Olympics. But she not only made, but has won just three Olympic medals: a gold - in the team competition, a silver - the sum of all-round and a bronze - in speeches on the log. As a token of gratitude Olympic medal she gave her savior, Professor Zoya Mironova Sergeyevna.

In 1962, having recovered from a difficult birth of his second son Andrew, Sofia Muratova goes to the team at the world championship in Prague. Her performance brought her another, third, a gold medal in team competition. Yes, and in intra-competition Muratova performed no less successful, won the USSR Cup. Therefore, the question of its participation in the Olympics in Tokyo, no one in doubt. But once again the unexpected happened. Already in Japan during the announcement of the final list of team Muratova suddenly heard his name: coach suddenly decided to rejuvenate the team, and Muratov replaced by a younger athlete. After this blow of fate Sophia graduated performances in sport.

In 1965, she became a trainer and worked in this capacity, 34 пЁп+п¦п¦. Her coaching has developed successfully. One of her pupils Olga Karaseva (Kharlova) performed at the Olympics, World and European championships, was the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. On the primacy of the continent in 1969, she won a gold medal in floor exercise, silver - in the absolute primacy, as well as medals in all kinds of exercises, in 1970 became the silver medalist in floor exercise world.

. Sofia Ivanovna Muratova produced dozens of masters of sport, members of the team of Moscow and the USSR
. It is now, after coaching career - a welcome guest of many competitions, often participates in them as a judge.

SI. Muratova - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, . Honored trainer of the USSR, . two-time Olympic champion (1956, . 1960), . four-time world champion (1954, . 1958, . 1962), . absolute five-time champion of the USSR, and 25-times champion of the country at various projectiles,

Sophia and Valentin Muratov - the titled couple in the world of sports: for two they won 6 Olympic gold medals. In June 2001 the couple celebrated their golden wedding Muratova - 50 years of living together.

In the summer of Sofia Ivanovna likes to relax at the cottage, picking mushrooms, with great pleasure occupies a garden, can the grown their own hands fruits and vegetables.

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MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna, photo, biography
MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna, photo, biography MURATOVA Sofia Ivanovna  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion, four-time world champion, five-time European champion, five-time absolute champion of the USSR, a multiple champio, photo, biography
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