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Valentin Muratov

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion, undisputed champion of the world, two-time overall champion of the USSR in gymnastics, the first of the Russian gymnasts Cup winner)

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Biography Valentin Muratov
Born in 1928 in the village Kostyukova Kashirsky District, Moscow Region. Father - Muratov Ivan, worked in a munitions factory carpenter, shop foreman. Mother - Martha Muratova Andreyevna. Wife - Sofia Ivanovna Muratova, gymnast, Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion (1956, 1960), a multiple world champion, Europe, USSR. Sons: Muratov, Sergei V. (1952. born.), Master of Sports in gymnastics, was coach at CSKA Moscow, now working under contract in Mexico, Andrei V. (1961. born.), working as a fitter at the plant at one of the Medical Research Institute. Has two grandchildren and great-grandson.

Valentin Muratov grew up in Moscow. In his own words, in his childhood he was just an ordinary boy, not only does not stand among peers, but lag behind them in physical development. 13-14 years before it was so small and frail that he always gave a year or two or three less than it was in fact. Almost 15 years sport virtually no interest in it. Yet we can not say that at this time Training was quite alien to him, - Valentine participated in all active games afoot in the yard. In the summer they were all well-known "hide and seek", "shtander", "otmeryaly", "hide and seek" and, of course, football. In winter, a favorite occupation was hockey.

In 1942, Father Valentin Muratov was missing at the front. Mother worked two shifts. Nearby schools were closed, and Valentine was left to himself. From the streets of his friends had saved his father by staging his apprentice plumber in GSKB-47 at the factory, where Ivan worked before the war. Six months later, Valentin acquired profession milling-machine operator, fell in love with his work, plant, staff. The shop said: "The father of a guy, a good worker will". He believed that he had found his place in life. But my mother was a different view and insisted on returning to school. Thus, having worked for nearly two years at the factory, he again entered the seventh grade school? 358 Bauman district, where there were many same-age children, divorced from the study of war.

. Soon, the school has a new physical education teacher, a war veteran, who was dismissed from the army after being wounded
. It was VA. Korolkov indicating Valentina road to big-time sports. VA. Korolkov, himself a former boxer, is not only interested in those lessons, with his coming into the home Training School. He skillfully used the inherent desire of adolescents to competition, was able to light a spark in their students wrestling. Two or three times a week at school, various competitions, the winners were declared solemnly to whole-school lineup. The school opened various sporting sections (gymnastics, boxing, athletics, skiing, skating). Only gym class sections regularly visited about 60 students. Among them were the future Olympic champion E. Korolkov G. Burov - later head coach of the country in diving, in. Yurkov, who helped the teacher to engage with newcomers, and many other famous athletes in the future. Once in the gymnastics section came and Valentin Muratov.

In the group of newcomers, he spent a short time: simple exercises mastered faster than many of those who started before his. Every spare moment Valentin gave the gym now: either worked in the school hall, . or practicing at home, . in woodshed, . transformed into his own in the gym (from the wreckage of the old water-pipe he built a crossbar, . washing line with loops at the ends, . flung across beams, . substituted ring, . dumbbells were two heavy iron),
. Results of intensive training did not take long to. For classes with the most prepared students, among whom was Muratov, the school was invited to coach NN. Merkulova, under whose guidance he began learns classification exercise program. Soon after classes begin with a new coach, Muratov, held his first test: it included a team of school to participate in competitions at the championship of Moscow among schoolchildren, which he finished fourth.

. At the end of seventh grade Valentin Muratov entered the Moscow City Pedagogical College of Physical Education
. Here he was in a group to a new coach, the master of sports of gymnastics VG. Andreyev. Now, his studies led the experienced teacher, each exercise carefully planned, every minute was used with maximum. Exercises the third level Muratov handled for six months. The second level required a whole year, but less than six months Valentin successfully addressed the competition program of the first discharge, and after a further two months, scored the amount of points required to obtain a first-class.

. 1947 ended for Muratova significant event in his career - participation in the championship of the USSR
. In the two months before he learned that a team of Moscow, consisting of artists, planned to include two or three pervorazryadnikov. Now, all he did was subordinated to one goal - to win the right to participate in national championship. Valentin, who could never be reproached for a lack of diligence, now practiced twice normal. At the tryouts, he scored the best amount of points and was included in the national team in Moscow. Debut at All-Union Competition in Tbilisi has been successful: among the speakers on the first category Muratov won second place.

. In sports biographies Valentin Muratov 1948 - special: all, without exception, his speech ended with the full, convincing victory
. Among pervorazryadnikov he became the champion of society "Bolshevik", the champion of Moscow, the champion of the All and, finally, the absolute champion of the country. Soon Muratova included in the national team, within which he took part in an international meeting in Budapest - his first competition abroad. He was medalist in the vault and took fourth place on the sum of all-round. Brought home two medals - gold, which was awarded as a team member, won a championship, and a silver for second place in the team jumping. In 1949. Muratov was awarded the title of Master of Sports of the USSR.

Since 1950,. Muratov was a combined team, participated in the intra-competition and in international meetings. Speaking at the USSR championship in 1950, he became the champion of the country in the exercises on the rings (for the complexity of their arbitrary combinations of the rings in. Muratov introduced a number of complex primary wing elements that were carried out on a large amplitude, including a large turnover ago, which in those years but it has only one Soviet gymnast - About. Bormotkin).

At one of the workouts on the eve of the Olympic Games in 1952, performing without a net complicated new element of its program on the crossbar - double somersault, in. Muratov received a serious knee injury. But after two weeks, once able to walk without a stick, came to practice. After some time, mastered the program so much that was included in the team, traveled to Berlin for the World Youth Festival. Injury again made itself felt, to train in full force in. Muratov could almost six months. However, he begins to seriously prepare for the Olympic Games in Helsinki, gradually restoring its lost after trauma skills. Group gymnasts, which trained in. Muratov, in preparation for the Olympics, led the KS. Karakashyants, who Muratov subsequently trained more than 10 years.

In April 1952, four months after the In. Muratov resumed training, held a national championship, which was at once the qualifying rounds for the Olympic Games. For Muratova fateful place in the Olympic team. As the amount of points he was the sixth and rightfully took his place among the 12 candidates for the Olympic team.

At the XV Olympic Games in Helsinki (1952). Muratov, won the gold medal in team competition, and the sum of all-round finished fourth, behind Great Victoria Chukarina and experienced Grant Shaginyan and Swiss Shtalderu whose authority in the gym then, is undeniable. In the same year Muratov given the rank of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

Shortly after the Olympics in. Muratov in the national team took part in the demonstration performances in the GDR. Successful performance in the GDR was a good training for the coming next (winter), the primacy of the USSR in Sverdlovsk, where he was a first for themselves ranked third in the country in all-around. In addition, he became a prize-winning triple in the exercises on the rings and horizontal bar. The length of time before the spring USSR championship in 1953 was in the intensive training and study (at this time Muratov finished Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute). In fact, it was then finally matured and honed his racing skills.

In March 1953,. Muratov became the absolute champion, . medal in all-round (for the jump he got 10 points!) competitions on championship of the Central Council for voluntary sports society "Iskra" (Lviv), . become a dress rehearsal for the future of the USSR championship.,

. The period from 1953 to 1956 - the peak of athletic career Valentin Muratov
. During these years he played particularly well, showing good results, keeping almost all the competitions position in the prize trio. In May 1953 at the USSR championship in Kiev, he became the country's absolute champion in gymnastics.

In the spring of 1954. Muratov won a brilliant victory in the first competitions of the strongest gymnasts of Europe in Frankfurt (West Germany). The arrival of the first postwar Soviet athlete in West Germany became a kind of sensation, and at the same time an occasion for various provocations in the media (one of the articles contained even the threat of kidnapping of a Soviet gymnast, and exchange it for allegedly kidnapped a prominent member of the organization internally displaced persons).,

. On the eve of world championship XIV (Rome, 1954) Muratov included in the basic composition of the team along with Chukarina, Shaninyan, Korolkova Shakhlin, Azaryan, Vostrikova and Dzhayani
. Championship opened competition gymnasts, in which Soviet athletes for the first time joined the struggle for world championship. As part of the women's team performed and wife Valentina - Sofia Muratova, who was leading on the amount of points after three types of exercises. However, the competition to finish it prevented injuries sustained during a workout before the last kind of mandatory programs - vault. "I'll speak for both of them - for myself and for you, . - Promised her Valentin Muratov, . - And the first gold medal, . I received, . - It's your medal ... "His word to his wife he kept: in Rome, he became world champion in the exercises on the upper, . and the floor exercise tied for first place with a Japanese gymnast M,
. Takemoto. Destiny team championship was decided after the first day of competition: the advantage of the Soviet team was undeniably. The question of individual gold in the all-around remained open until the end of the competition: the Muratov and Chukarina was the same amount of points (in the mandatory program was leading Muratov, in an arbitrary - Chukarin). A panel of judges took the unprecedented for major international competitions decision - the title of absolute world champion was awarded to two athletes - Valentin Muratov and Viktor Chukarin.

. Among its most significant sporting trophies Muratov relates medals won at the XVI Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956
. They are four: three gold (for the team championship, first place in vault and floor exercise) and one silver - for the exercise on the rings. Championship of the USSR in 1958 Muratov became the second winner in the exercises on the horse - once disobedient him projectile.

Until 1959,. Muratov retained a place in the national team, won prizes, won the gold medal in the team competition at the World Cup 1958. In 1959, during a speech at the Sports Day of the USSR in. Muratov, is seriously injured. In the same year, he decided to devote himself entirely to coaching work: worked as a senior coach for the gymnastics team in Moscow, then was head coach of national teams of the USSR (1960-1968). Under the leadership of VI. Muratova, Soviet gymnasts continued the glorious traditions of the national sport, having won a series of brilliant victories on the international arena and winning dozens of medals at the Olympics, World and European Championships. Among them: P. Astakhov, L. Latynina, AND. Pervushin, T. Manin L. Ivanova, P. Muratova, T. Lyuhina, M. Nikolaev, L. Tourischeva, L. Gromova, E. Volchetskaya, T. Lazakovich, L. Burda, O. Korbut On. Karasev, H. Kuchinsky, SW. Voronin, A. Petrik, as well as B. Shakhlin, SW. Titov, P. Column,. Lissitzky, V. Kerdamelidi IN. Karasev, C. Diomidov, M. Voronin, in. Il'inykh, IN. Leontiev A. Arch, In. Klimenko, S. Dzhayani.

Valentin Muratov awarded the Order of Lenin, medal "For Defense of Moscow".

Lives in Moscow.

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Valentin Muratov, photo, biography
Valentin Muratov, photo, biography Valentin Muratov  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion, undisputed champion of the world, two-time overall champion of the USSR in gymnastics, the first of the Russian gymnasts Cup winner, photo, biography
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