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IVANOV Vyacheslav

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, world champion, four-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR)

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Biography IVANOV Vyacheslav
photo IVANOV Vyacheslav
Born July 30, 1938 in Moscow.

Like most peers Viacheslav Ivanov was difficult wartime childhood. In 1941 his family was evacuated to Barnaul. Father in 1943, Cancellation Policy, a volunteer went to the front and died in Leningrad. In 1945, just before the end of the war, died and the elder brother, 19-year-old Michael.

Returning in 1943 from the evacuation, Ivanov family (mother, grandmother, sister and Vyacheslav) lived on the Big Kaluga street next to Neskuchnii garden in which to receive glory and its first "sports education". He loved to "chase race on skates, and, although he was released from physical education (doctors discovered he had rheumatic heart disease), all his spare time playing ice hockey in winter and summer soccer. The summer of 1950 enlisted in the athletics section of the "Wings of the Soviets, and in the autumn - in the Boxing section of society" Spartacus ", which involved three years. By his own admission, boxing has taught many things: the courage, the ability to instantly think, bear attacks in the literal and figurative sense, given the excellent physical condition and tremendous stamina.

Since 1952, Ivanov began to combine training with boxing drills section rowing club in the famous "Arrow", which was literally wall to wall with confectionery factory "Red October", where for many years worked his mom. His first coach in rowing was several times champion of USSR, experienced teacher I.YA. Demyanov. The summer of 1953, Vyacheslav sat on the battered British boat with prosaic name of "perch" and first appeared on the start rowing competitions. It was a race for novices, the winner became oarsman 3rd level. Moscow lanky lad still had to learn and learn rowing, shed a lot of sweat in training and competitions, tempered as an athlete.

At the beginning of 1955 seriously ill mother and Vyacheslav had to leave school. He began working apprentice lathe operator at an engineering plant named after May 1. Many were surprised that the son of deceased war veterans are not hung on the street, as many of his peers, went to work as apprentice plumber but still engaged in a serious and beautiful sport. On the shore he seemed humble and shy. In races at once showed remarkable passion, wit, even trick. One year later, all admired nimble young man, waving his hands in amazement: from race to race, he improved his class, showing a rare talent.

. Since the beginning of the course Rowing Ivanov motto was "fight to the end" or "never let down their oars"
. First success he achieved in 1955, becoming the day of his 17-anniversary of the winner of the junior national championship and bronze medalist of the USSR among men. And if that season Ivanov just biting Masters, . among them, and Olympic champion Yuriy Tyukalova, . then the following summer he was consistently the strongest in the sports meeting of the USSR, . then at the European Championship in Yugoslavia and, . Finally, . at the Olympic regatta at Lake Vendurri at Melbourne! It was one of the main sensations of the Olympics,
. Fairy fame has fallen to 18-year-old Vyacheslav Ivanov.

. Three years later, at the European Championships in France, in difficult weather conditions for the first time in the history of academic rowing Ivanov went on a boat-alone distance of 2000 meters faster than 7 minutes (6,58,8).

. It was generally more peculiar, even bizarre and wrong, rather than logic and common sense
. For example, his style, which does not fit the generally accepted canons. Ivanov was sitting on the "bank" - a movable seat, erect cock that kind, although the classical school recommends as a obmyaknut in the boat, posutulitsya. "Canoeing humpback love" - that joke is not born yesterday.

And his tactics? With a seemingly nonchalance he gave the opponents half of the distance, and even more, put himself at a great disadvantage. In the academic boat oar race rolls on his back to the finish, and if behind, then he has to turn around, and then run off with the rhythm. Different opponent can put fallen behind in the waste water, but it is also lost in seconds. All right, all right. But then began spurt spurt fantastic finish - long, with dense, biting oars, and our champion unerringly chose the moment that in some seconds to break the other's resistance.

. Even at the Olympics in Melbourne, he lost "tram stop" all participants in the final, but in the end not only succeeded, but the last five or six oars caught and passed him the leader of the Australian Stewart McKenzie
. This McKenzie - huge growth in man, was a champion of his country in the discus throw, then, and rarely had a puny strength. But he overcame then Ivanov.

Tweak his technique, polished Ivanova under all had many willing. But it always ended in failure. If the long run, he was not a martyr in rowing, he missed a month or two, to enter into a beautiful form. And when, for example, after the Games in Melbourne, Ivanov was forced to train on the full program, to "snow", then the entire season, he failed utterly. Calculation of a coach was a simple and seemingly correct: if Ivanov won the gold medal with a preliminary preparation, then after the hard training will generally inaccessible. And what it turned out? Ivanov, haggard, emaciated, lost all their condition, not excluding the class spurt. It depends, that for a youth festival in Moscow lost the race Ferenc, a single skater, average.

Before the Olympic Games in Rome, he certainly got. He left in the Moscow suburb Aksakovo, where not only the boat ready, but ran crosses, wood chopping and lugging - in a word, trained on the system "back to nature". He went into incredible shape, won the Olympic final with the rate of 28 strokes per minute, and this, consider walking rhythm. Thus Joachim Hill (GDR), Ivanov has lost 8 seconds, almost three hull! Both, incidentally, after 4 years and competed at the Olympic channel Toda in Tokyo, and there Ivanov won the third gold medal, this time finishing a jerk.

Between the two Olympics, in 1962, was also the first ever world championship for rowing in Lucerne (Switzerland), which in. Ivanov reiterated the title of the strongest paddler-single skater. He was to speak, and in Mexico, although it has not been his best times. But closer to the Games he again was able to enter into a fighting form, won the race in Mexico City-estimations. Before you apply on our team, gathered all interested people, not excluding the then chairman of the Sports Committee of the USSR by Sergei Pavlov. And then the coach of our second-rower in solitary declares that he is ready to give full guarantee: his pupil would become the Olympic champion.

. This, of course, was impressed, even though the next day it became clear that nothing real behind this promise is not worth a gamble clean water: a great understudy Ivanov failed to break even in the final
. Shortly thereafter, three-time Olympic champion quit the sport. In 1969 he graduated from the Volgograd State Institute of Physical Culture, and before that, back in 1960 - an external student officers' school. Rose to the rank of Captain 3 rank, VN. Ivanov went to the well-deserved rest. But the pensioner he does not look like. Bygone be easily guessed it, yes, and full of energy, a lively interest in life.

Moreover, even in the boat sits, baluetsya in the discharge of veterans. Not so long ago the organizers of the World Cup in rowing at the Yugoslav channel, where Ivanov won his first international victory, invited several famous rowing veteran. They offered Slava and Steward MacKenzie, a long-standing rival, to walk some distance in a boat. Australian refused: all the skills lost, he said - will move. Ivanov also got into the boat, and even how well done it looks, not forgetting their applause once victorious strokes in front of the stands.

VN. Ivanov - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1956), Olympic champion (1956, 1960, 1964), Peace (1962), Europe (1956, 1959, 1961, 1964), USSR (1956-1966) in rowing (boat Single ). His achievements are marked with state awards: the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1960) and two orders of Honor "(1956, 1964).

Lives in Moscow.

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IVANOV Vyacheslav, photo, biography
IVANOV Vyacheslav, photo, biography IVANOV Vyacheslav  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, world champion, four-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR, photo, biography
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