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Bolotnikov Peter G.

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion, two-time world record holder, European Champion, multiple champion of the USSR)

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Biography Bolotnikov Peter G.
photo Bolotnikov Peter G.
Born March 8, 1930 in the village of Krasnaya Zinovkino area Mordovskoi USDA. Father - Bolotnikov Grigory Stepanovich (1906-1941). Mother - Bolotnikova Aksinia Feodorovna (1904-1934). Wife - Bolotnikova Raisa S. (1940 g. born.). Sons: Bolotnikov Valery P. (1955. born.) Bolotnikov Grigory Petrovich (1971. born.) undermining Anatoly V. (1964 g. born.). Grandchildren: Bolotnikov Ilya V., Bolotnikova Elizabeth V., undermining Petr, undermining A. Sawa, undermining A. Platon, undermining Arseny A..

. His mother, Pyotr Bolotnikov remembers: she died when he was only 4 years
. Soon her father married again, and the family moved to her stepmother in the Urals. At 1942 m from the front came the heavy news of the death of his father - the commander of an infantry company and an older brother - the trooper. 12-year-old Peter decided to return home. Self came to his native Zinovkino, tore off the board shutters with boarded-up house and lived in it. Despite assistance father's sister, life was not just him alone: it was cold and hungry. Peter soon began to work: drove the hay, harrows, plows, cows, horses. Obviously it worked out then began one of the main features of his character - endurance.

. In 1944, Peter Bolotnikov enrolled in school factory training in Krasnoslobodsk, . and after its completion in 1946 went to Moscow, . where he first began an apprenticeship, . and then began working as an electrician in Spetsupravlenii? 7 Trust "Moszhilstroy",

In Moscow, Pyotr Bolotnikov the first time seriously engaged in sports - in the section Skating and cycling stadium "Builder". His first coach was Anatoly Strunnikov, son of world-famous skater Nicholas Strunnikova, who in 1905 became the first Russian world champion on skates. Throughout the winter before conscription Bolotnikov held on the ice all year round went to work by bike every day to overcome to 15 kilometers.

In 1950, Peter Bolotnikova drafted. Serve it happened in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, the commander of a tank gun. Here, the sport he never left. Of course, a career skater, he could not even dream of - where to find this ice? Find other. Once he heard about the famous Czechoslovak steed Emil Zatopek and his amazing results. Then under the influence of his unprecedented success at the XV Olympic Games in Helsinki decided Bolotnikov certainly do sprinting and even tried to train their own.

Makings for that to Peter Bolotnikova were good. Among his colleagues he enjoyed a reputation as one of the most advanced physically. He could have up to fifty times (!) Catch up on the bar, easily overcame many kilometers crosses with the full kit. It is no accident he did not once trusted to defend the honor of the army division competitions.

Soon Bolotnikova said Army coach and athlete Theodosius Vanin. After the first workout under the guidance of an unknown runner started at a distance of 30 kilometers in the number of participants in the primacy of the Armed Forces. His debut was rated as brilliant: Bolotnikov lost only his teacher and took 2 nd place. On the Sports Day of the Armed Forces in 1952 in Odessa, he took 3rd place in the race for 10 miles and won the obstacle course. All-Union also debut Bolotnikova competitions held in Nalchik, where he won a spectacular victory in one of the qualifying stages for the prize of the newspaper "Evening Moscow".

In November 1953 sverhsrochnika Peter Bolotnikova transferred to Moscow. He immediately went to the stadium, which found the famous coach Petr Sergeevich Stepanov and asked him in the group. In 1955 he retired from the Armed Forces, and since then his whole life was connected with the sports society "Spartacus."

. In 1956 I Spartakiada peoples of the USSR Bolotnikov fulfilled the standard of master of sports and won 2 nd place at a distance of 5 thousand meters, giving way to "gold" legendary Soviet long-distance runner Vladimir Kutsu
. Soon after the memorable day of September 11, when turned off the world record Kuts Sandor Iharosha at a distance of 10 thousand meters, Bolotnikov again finished second, losing record-5.6 seconds. Now he saw firsthand how to set world records.

But not only this memorable Bolotnikov first in his life Spartakiada. He first earned the right in the USSR team to defend the honor of the country in the USSR team at the Olympics in Melbourne. The result, shown to them during the record race Kutsan, said that to fight a new member of the Soviet Olympic team is ready.

. Games in Australia have finest hour for Vladimir Kutsan, who won two gold medals at distances of 5 and 10 thousand meters
. More modest was the Olympic debut of Peter Bolotnikov. In running at 10 thousand feet, he took 16 th place, and at 5 thousand meters - 9 th. However, the results of his recent speeches has prevented many individuals and sports fans to talk about that with Vladimir Kutsan appeared serious competitor and a worthy successor.

. Since 1957, Peter Bolotnikov began to train under the guidance of coach the national team of the famous Gregory Solzhenitsyn Nikiforova
. The solid foundation laid by more Stepanov, allowed Bolotnikov withstand huge pressures on training, which were conducted using a unique technique developed by his new mentor. In general, she replied and sports credo athlete, he developed the eve of the Olympic Games in Melbourne: "Dial kilometers and speed endurance". (By the way, over a lifetime, preparing for competitions and participating in them, Bolotnikov ran a total of more than 70 thousand (!) Miles.) Ultimately, all this largely determined the future results of long-distance runner.

. At the national championship in 1957 at Moscow stadium "Luzhniki" Bolotnikov beat Kutsan 10-kilometer distance
. First, he, as usual, step by step, following him, without succumbing to the "tricks" of the champion, which usually falls through exhausting rivals. But then Bolotnikov suddenly burst forward and finished the first. After a few moments to him ran Vladimir Kuts, saying: "I continue to keep both, . Petro! "Since then, over 8 years, . until 1965, . Bolotnikov anyone in the country did not yield the palm to the distance of 5 and 10 thousand meters, . became 16-times champion of the Soviet Union,

Season 1959 Peter Bolotnikov has brilliantly. He scored 9 consecutive victories in international tournaments, with competitions in Prague, defeated his longtime idol, the legendary Czech Emil Zatopek.

Next - 1960 was for Bolotnikova truly triumphant. If today there was an ancient Greek custom of calling the name of the Olympic Games athlete, winning competitions in running, then certainly the Rome Olympics in 1960 could be called the name of Peter Bolotnikov.

. Here's how to describe what happened on the track stadium Foro Italica, "witness" golden "race Bolotnikova Honored Master of Sports, repeated Olympic champion Lidia Skoblikova:

. "Sorokagradusnaya heat hung over the stadium
. Running at 10 000 meters, in which all the strongest master of the world, is nearing completion, and 80-seat stadiums was in an agitated hive. Ahead now and then flashed a blue jersey of the German athlete Hans Grodotski and blue Australian runner David Power's. Bolotnikov held at the fifth position, but the fact how difficult it would give him every meter of distance, one could assume that the Italian "warmth" is doing its job.

. "The heir of Vladimir Kutsan loses - chattered in microphones dozens of radio and TV commentators
. - He is not fighting with rivals, but with a burning sun. "

Frankly, at first I think so too. But, looking at the run Bolotnikova more closely and realized that neither the proposed rate of rivals, nor heat did not weaken his will to fight for the victory.

Remaining two terms. The blue shirt was standing at attention for the Australian blue Grodotskogo, and they are looking at each other on two parallel tracks rushed forward. Most have apparently dropped Bolotnikova accounts. But Peter, as if having found a second wind, and ran after them, with every second of narrowing the gap. Spectators in the stands at first fell silent.

No, I have not seen anything like. Stadium rose from their seats. Above them hung a roar of thousands of votes. Here Bolotnikov already approached the leaders. Here he is on a par with them. Not expecting such a turn of events, Grodotski and Power were morally crushed by the courage and audacity of an athlete who seemingly could not threaten them. As if on wings Bolotnikov bypassed them and headed for home stretch. Stadium raging ... "

28 minutes 32.2 seconds showed Peter Bolotnikov and almost 15 meters ahead of Grodotski ". In the last 300 meters, he played a German athlete as much as 5 seconds - a rare event in the history stayerskogo races! Until the world record of Vladimir Kutsan he lacked only 1,8 seconds.

Olympic victory inspired Bolotnikova. Also in 1960, he set a new world record in the race to 10 thousand feet (28 minutes, 18.8 seconds), and two years later and it has improved (28 minutes, 18.2 seconds). In 1962 he became the champion of Europe in the run on the 10-kilometer distance in the future have repeatedly won various international competitions. But most of all he remembered one victory ...

It was preceded by a tragic page in his biography sports. In just 10 days before the Olympic Games in Tokyo at a recent workout Petr Bolotnikov injured. And this despite the fact that on the eve of the Games, he showed a stable, high results and serious plans to bring one more Olympic gold. Give up, however, did not Bolotnikov, and his pain at the Olympic lift yet released. In this half of the 10-kilometer race was even in the top three leaders. Then, however, no strength in him, and he finished the race 25 th.

Olympic champion Tokyo - Robert Shuliaev - Bolotnikov still won. A year later, in Kiev, at the traditional meeting of Soviet and American athletes. Despite the fact that Schulz was younger Bolotnikova almost 8 years, the Soviet runner won a difficult but very necessary victory. To learn how hard the struggle, said the fact that only a photo finish determined the winner then - on "polnosa" Bolotnikov was the first.

At the time of withdrawal from large sport behind PG. Bolotnikova were school coaches and Institute of Physical Culture. After the speeches almost 20 years, from 1965 to 1985, he was senior coach of Spartak Athletics. From 1985 to 1989 he worked in Algeria, the Algerian trained runners, trained champion of Africa and the party's Olympic marathon in Seoul. In 1990-1992 he headed the Central Council of the DSO "Spartak", . and now a member of the presidium and the honorary chairman sportobschestva "Spartacus" (1996), . Chairman of the Central Club of Russia "spike Young" (1995), . chief judge for the competition for the prizes of the newspaper "Trud" and the Cup, Moscow Luzhniki "(1992),

PG. Bolotnikov - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1959), Chevalier of the Orders of Lenin (1960), Friendship of Peoples (1985), Honor (1995), "For Service to the Motherland" III degree (1999), honorary citizen of the Republic of Mordovia. His thrice elected deputy of the October District Council of Moscow (1980-1986).

It's 9 years Bolotnikov is retired. His favorite hobby - villa, where all he did with his own hands. He loves sauna, regular walks with her beloved Great Dane Legate, and the day they pass through 20 kilometers. Even Peter G. likes to play the balalaika, and most importantly - does not lose a sense of humor in all situations.

Lives in Moscow.

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Bolotnikov Peter G., photo, biography
Bolotnikov Peter G., photo, biography Bolotnikov Peter G.  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion, two-time world record holder, European Champion, multiple champion of the USSR, photo, biography
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