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( Honored trainer of the USSR, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor)

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Biography VAYTSEHOVSKY Sergey
Born August 24, 1931 in Voronezh, in the family of the personnel officer. Father - Michael Vaytsehovsky Yemelianovich (1898-1942). Mother - Vaytsehovskaya Antonina Savelievna. Wife - Vaytsehovskaya Maria Ivanovna. Daughter - Vaytsehovskaya Elena (1958. born.), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic champion in diving, a columnist for the newspaper Sport-Express ". Son - Vaytsehovsky Mikhail Sergeyevich (1964. born.).

The fate of Sergei Vaytsehovskogo much defined the identity of the father - Michael Yemelyanovich. According to the recollections of Sergei Mikhailovich, the father was a man of unique. He served in the tsarist army, then - in the Red. During the Civil War was three times awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Had a personal arms and of Nicholas II, and by Kliment Voroshilov. During the Great Patriotic commanded a volunteer regiment in 1942, died of his wounds.

Older brother - Michael Vaytsehovsky - also was an officer. During the war, at age 31 commanded a regiment and was awarded the Order of Lenin. After the war, died, and not finding a place in civilian life.

Sergei Wojciechowski also dreamed of a military career. He graduated from the Suvorov military school, he entered the Institute of military translators. Appearance (blond hair and steel look), to some extent determined specialization - German and Swedish. But the institution he never graduated. At the penultimate year at the beginning of 1950 was sent to business trip to Germany. Was the military commander of a small town in East Germany.

Then he served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Passion for sports (Sergei studied modern pentathlon, was among the candidates for the USSR national team) led to the fact that in Germany he returned to study at Lviv Institute of Physical Culture. He graduated in the year and a half years, was invited to postgraduate study in Moscow, defended his thesis.

Even then formed his credo: "In our life surrendered always more than losers."

In 1972, SM. Vaytsehovsky was appointed Head of Department of Navigation of the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture. A few months later received an unexpected offer to lead the USSR national team in swimming. And agreed, leaving a prestigious place of work for a rather mediocre team.

Almost a year was selected team of like-minded coaches who believed in the fact that together they create the strongest team of the world. "The main advantage of their believe that managed to gather around him a truly interesting and talented individuals. And not easy, as did many of my predecessors ", - said Vaytsehovsky.

It began with the fact that, along with coaches he first went to a month in Australia - a country with the most significant achievements of swimmers, then in the U.S.. Learn. Establish contacts with leading trainers of these countries, agreements were reached to hold joint training sessions. Sam Vaytsehovsky at that time very well spoken in English, studied a lot of literature devoted to the preparation of high-class athlete. Posted by "The Book Coach", which became a desktop for colleagues and published in many socialist countries.

Practical work in a team started with a crushing defeat. In 1973, a team led by Vaytsehovskogo vchistuyu, with a score of 4:96 has lost two-match with the GDR - the most important and fundamental competition of those times. At the same time, posing with swimmers in Berlin's Treptow Park, head coach written on the back of the photo: "We lost, but we shall win!" And returning to Moscow, said the leadership Vaytsehovsky Sports Committee: "Give me five years. Five years later, I'll ride the Germans on the floor kicking and laugh! "

Team Vaytsehovskogo played brilliantly at the Olympics in Montreal (1976). In total, Soviet swimmers have won it a gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals.

First victory over a team of the GDR was won in 1978. Since then, the USSR team had not lost a German. In the same year the Soviet swimmers won 4 times at the world championships in West Berlin. The German also won only 1 gold medal.

"He is absolutely confident of success and knows how to convey that confidence to us," - said athletes. They Vaytsehovsky was more than just a coach. He succeeded in, . that all charges in addition to school and institute teachers always attended English language teachers, . Driving instructors (almost all the swimmers that generation received diplomas in foreign language courses and driver's license).,

. Triumphal for the team began in 1980
. At the Olympics in Moscow swimmers won 7 gold, 9 silver and 5 bronze medals.

And two years later was followed by a bad performance at the World Championships in Ecuador and Vaytsehovsky was removed as head coach. In reviews of his colleagues still working in many different countries, this team has never been and is unlikely to emerge.

In fact, surprisingly: Vaytsehovsky was not a swimmer, not personally coached. Rather, it had brilliant organizational skills and his devotion to the cause. His coach - in his opinion, the best in the world - he created all the conditions that they decided the only problem: given the desired result. It is not afraid to take responsibility.

The team was really for Vaytsehovskogo sense and a matter of life. Family has always stood in second place. Upbringing of children engaged mainly wife - Maria Ivanovna Vaytsehovskaya. Also the coach of swimming. Itself was a strong swimmer, although the standard of master of sports of the USSR carried out in 32 years, which in itself - a unique achievement.

Identity of the father nevertheless left a strong impression, as if asking the level of requirements for children.

Daughter Elena graduated from the British Special School, Institute of Physical Education. Became Honored master of sports of diving, won the gold medal at the Olympics in Montreal in jumping from a 10-meter tower. She refused to learn in graduate school - chose journalism. Speaks English, French and German.

Son Michael - Master of Sport. He graduated from the Institute of military translators, which had once studied father. Specialization - English and Amharic. Now engaged in arms business. Created in Tula manufacture cartridges "Taiga" enjoyed by the whole team for Russia's clay pigeon shooting, has repeatedly won the most major competitions. In Voronezh - at home father and grandfather - has built a modern shooting range. On the street name of Michael Yemelyanovich Vaytsehovskogo opened a sporting and hunting shop "Vaytsehovsky and son."

For Sergey Vaytsehovskogo meaning of life was nearly lost with the loss of team. He was no longer interested in anything else, even the work of the Director, Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow. In this position, Sergei Mikhailovich worked for two years. He defended his doctoral dissertation and received the title of professor, released two unique sports dictionary, but it could not replace the big-time sports, which Vaytsehovsky was poisoned forever. He invited many times abroad, offered lucrative contracts. Especially was called in Germany, but he snapped: "German uniform, I do not wear never in my life!"

Still gone. In 1989, Austria. In the last interview before his departure he said: "my country, I do not want ..."

Almost immediately after the departure of seriously ill, has suffered several strokes. In recent years, immobile, unable to speak. Carry it in Russia do not recommend doctors - may not survive the heart.

. Hearing on the status of the outstanding coach, . Austrian Government has granted him citizenship of that country, . assumed the payment of necessary medical treatment, . appointed retired, . despite, . that Vaytsehovsky had actively worked out with the Austrian national team less than three years ...,

. SM
. Vaytsehovsky awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1976, 1980).

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VAYTSEHOVSKY Sergey, photo, biography
VAYTSEHOVSKY Sergey, photo, biography VAYTSEHOVSKY Sergey  Honored trainer of the USSR, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, photo, biography
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