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Dmitrieva Anna

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, a multiple champion of the USSR, Semifinalist at Wimbledon, newscaster)

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Biography Dmitrieva Anna
Born Dec. 10, 1940. Father - Dmitriev Vladimir Vladimirovich, was the chief designer Theater,. Mother - a famous actress. Stepfather - Kirill Molchanov, composer. Half-brother - Molchanov Vladimir Kirillovich, a well-known author and presenter of TV programs.

The strongest tennis player of the USSR late 1950's - 1960. One of the leading masters of rackets in Europe in mid-1960. First among the Soviet participant's tennis at Wimbledon. Popular sports commentator, one of the organizers of Russia's first sports TV channel ... Such is a brief record of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Anna Dmitrieva.

Anna grew up in an artistic environment, the world's creative elite. Tennis court for the first time I saw a future champion in the suburban house of rest "cape", where in the postwar years often spent summers Moscow Art Theater. Together with his father there on vacation and Anya. Here, girls often witnessed tennis tournaments Theater, full of dramatic intensity, with champions and favorites. At neglected, overgrown with grass court in Pestovo unfolded neshutochnye tennis battle.

The strongest tennis player at the time of the country and the Moscow Art Theater was a great Nikolai Ozerov. But the ultimate authority for many veterans of MAT was granduncle of Anna Dmitrieva - Vsevolod A. Verbitsky. For the right to be called the second racket long dispute waged between them Mikhail Yanshin, Eugene V. Kaluga, Mikhail N. Kidron, Viktor Yakovlevich Stanitsyn, Alexander Komissarov ... Unparalleled names, idols of generations.

They say that in tournaments with the participation Verbitskogo once walked the entire theater, and his tennis victory was celebrated as the premiere. But not on stage or on the tennis court to see him Dmitrieva was not able to. At a time when he taught grandniece of holding a racket, he was already seriously ill. The girl became so fond of tennis, which is almost never parted with the racket. All summer long dreamed show uncle Seva, as she learned to play well. One morning he said Anya: "Today I come to watch you," but at the same morning, Vsevolod Alekseevich died suddenly.

The next two summers, Anya D. diligently worked on the court and succeeded in significantly. Moscow Art Theater has always styled her future champion. Maybe someone really believed that the girl had inherited the talent of his great-uncle. One way or another, but shortly before her seriously question arose of what to do: ballet, which she dreamed, like most girls, or are serious about tennis. The final choice was made in the home of the nearest friend of the family theater artist Boris Erdmann, who after the sudden death of Anna's father was caring for her older friend. Once he invited me to dinner the famous tennis champion 1920-1930-ies Nina Sergeyevna Teplyakova. Learning about girl's talent and her passion for tennis, she invited Dmitriev to his section tennis DSO Dynamo. Then Anya, of course, could not and suggest that it is destined to defend the colors of the club over a dozen years.

January 11, 1953 performed great pride Anna Dmitrieva stood at the wall in winter courts stadium "Dinamo". The first time she, like all newcomers, were to play only at the wall. Initial tennis lessons gave her Nina Leo, who for years was part of the ten best tennis players in the country and led to the Dynamo group of junior girls. Dmitriev worked with great pleasure, although the first time a sports environment seemed to her a strange, almost hostile: and at school and at home she lived in a completely different atmosphere ...

. For the first time in my life real competition starts tennis hit accidentally
. At the end of its first sport of the summer on Sunday at the stadium team championship was held in Moscow, and in one of the teams lacked the younger girls. All running around the stadium and looking for a replacement. In the eyes of head coach of Dynamo B.I. Novikov caught Anna Dmitrieva, calmly walking around the stadium in the new tennis shoes. His first game she lost. But a year later participated in the same competitions as the current champions and easily won peers from other clubs in the capital. Speaking under the direction of NS. Teplyakova, Dmitriev won in individual competition. With these victories 13-year-old tennis player, opened the account of its unique list of titles won by her at the courts of the country and the world.

In 16 years, Anna Dmitrieva allowed to speak in adult tournaments. In 1956 she won the Moscow championship in doubles and mixed doubles, . in 1957 - winning in singles and doubles, . becomes the winner of the All-Union school sports days in doubles, . successfully played on national championship in Tbilisi, . first among the ten best tennis players in the country, . becomes the master of sports of the USSR.,

. After the Soviet entry into the International Tennis Federation in 1958 it as a promising athlete, was made a member of the first Soviet delegation at the prestigious Wimbledon
. The debut was a success: on the unfamiliar grass courts of the Soviet athletes Anna Dmitrieva Beknemskom first won the junior tournament, and then the main youth tournament reached the final, losing to an American Sally Moore.

After its victory over the champion of England I. Tryubi British magazine wrote: "How could it happen that the representative of the unknown red tennis knocked out Britain's first racket?" This is a blow to our national prestige and a reproach to our world-famous tennis professionals.

. After her overseas debut game became more confident, and wins every year more weight
. In 1958, she became the champion of the country in doubles, the strongest on the All-Union school sports day in singles and doubles. Dmitrieva move confidently to his starry hour, in every game to prove their superiority.

. On the court and she was the highest technology, the ability to quickly and correctly predict the behavior of rivals on the court, the variation strokes allowed her to successfully solve a variety of on-court challenges
. Its safe to assume the first Soviet tennis player who have mastered the advanced offensive weapons playing. The tactics of rapid attacks, a variety of attacks at the net, fairly strong, a little recycled attacks from the back line will be the main ornament of the game. All this has allowed Anna Dmitrieva soon become the strongest tennis country and for many years to retain for themselves the title of invincible on the court.

. Anna Dmitrieva 18 times the country became a champion in singles (1959, . 1961-1964), . Doubles (1958-1964, . 1966-1967) and mixed (1959, . 1961-1962, . 1964) discharges, . four times - absolute champion (1959, . 1961-1962, . 1964), . six times - winner of Sports and Athletics meetings of the USSR in singles (1959, . 1963), . Doubles (1959, . 1963, . 1967) and mixed (1959) discharges,
. She has performed in the finals of the USSR championships in singles (1958, . 1960, . 1967), . Doubles (1971) and combined (1958, . 1960, . 1966) discharges, . 18 times grew stronger in the All-Union competition in a single winter (1961-1965), . Doubles (1959-1961, . 1964-1965, . 1967-1968) and mixed (1959-1961, . 1963-1964, . 1967) discharges, . was an absolute champion of Moscow (1959, . 1963 - winter and summer) and CA "Dynamo" (1961-1962), . 14-fold winner of the Winter international tournament in singles (1962-1964, . 1967), . Doubles (1961, . 1963-1965, . 1967-1968) and mixed (1963-1965, . 1968) discharges, . 6-fold winner of the Summer International Tournament in singles (1959-1960, . 1964), . Doubles (1960, . 1967) and mixed (1960) discharges,
. From 1957 to 1972, Dmitrieva among the ten strongest tennis players in the USSR and five times (1959, 1961-1964) led by her.

Great success accompanied her on the international arena. In its asset - the victory at the Open Championship in Hungary in 1962 in the pair and the mixed doubles ", . it - an absolute winner of the open championship of Czechoslovakia (1962), . Uganda (1963), . Games of Asia and Africa (GANEFO, . 1963), . Beknemskogo finalist (1962) and Wimbledon Semifinalist (1963) tournament in doubles, . winner of international tournament in Algiers (1964) in singles and mixed doubles ", . international tournament in Cairo (1965), . winner of the Scandinavian Open Championship (1965) in a pair, . finalist in singles, . winner of Wimbledon "Plate" (1965), . winner of the Open Championship of Yugoslavia (1966) in singles, . finalist paired, . Semifinalist French Open (1967) in a pair, . champion "Royal Club" (London, . 1963) in the pair and Beknemskogo tournament (1965) in the mixed doubles ", . winner of international tournament in Alexandria (1968) in singles,
. In the USSR team in 1968, spent five matches KF (3:2). In 1964 A. Dmitriev won the third place in the classification of the strongest tennis players of Europe, in the same year she was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

Along with performances on the court, Anna Dmitrieva studied at Moscow State University named M.V. University and in 1966 she successfully graduated from the Philological Faculty. After completing her tennis career, from 1969 to 1973 he worked as a trainer in DSO Dynamo. Then, in 1975 became a sports commentator, . a long time worked in the USSR Radio and Television, . then from 1991 - on Rossiyskom TV, . now - on the NTV channel as deputy director of NTV Plus Sport, . continuing to comment on all the broadcasts of the major tennis competitions.,

. The credibility of Anna Dmitrieva in tennis is undeniable
. On these, as they say - professional. Short and succinct comments Dmitrieva deliver tennis fans a real pleasure. Her sensible, without unnecessary emotions, demeanor reports and understanding the envy of many sports. In 1995, she led the first reports from the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which became a real sensation. Since then, every year a large number of spectators watching the tournament live by NTV, despite the time difference between London and Russia. Exclusive broadcast NTV from Wimbledon in 1995-1999 were Anna Dmitrieva, together with Russia's famous tennis player and Wimbledon finalist Alexander Metreveli. In 1997 she was awarded the title of laureate of the "Golden Microphone" in the nomination "the best sports commentator on Russia's television".

In 1986-1991 years in Moscow to hold competitions for prizes Dmitrieva. She - the author of a book about tennis, play their game "(Moscow, 1972.).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Dmitrieva Anna, photo, biography
Dmitrieva Anna, photo, biography Dmitrieva Anna  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, a multiple champion of the USSR, Semifinalist at Wimbledon, newscaster, photo, biography
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