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Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple champion of the USSR, a finalist at Wimbledon, champion of Europe, the champion of Asia, newscaster, an honorary citizen of Australia)

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Biography Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich
photo Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich
Born November 2, 1944 in Tbilisi. Father - Irakli Metreveli P. (1917. born.). Mother - Anna Tikhonovna Metreveli (1921. born.). Wife - Vardosanidze Natella G. (1943 g. born.). Sons: Irakli Metreveli A. (1967. born.) Alexander Metreveli (1976. born.).

Alexander Metreveli - a unique phenomenon in the history of domestic and world tennis. He is one of the first amateur tennis players from Eastern Europe, . that impressive victories in the tournament of high rank, . brilliant performances in the Davis Cup managed to win the highest rating, and enter the top ten of the best tennis professionals.,

. Alexander Metreveli not by an eminent example of its competitors do not enjoy all the blessings showered on which representatives of countries rich tennis tradition
. And it is not surprising when you consider in which state and what time started her sports career future tennis star. And to make the impossible, he managed by a fanatical love of tennis, innate talent and natural data, denial of life's bliss and loyalty to the sport mode.

In tennis, Alexander Metreveli played with 10 years. His first mentor was a. Hangulyan. Under his leadership, beginner tennis player played for DSO Dinamo (Tbilisi). His best result in those years was winning the national championship among juniors in singles (1961).

. Is growing exponentially athlete already in 1962 entered the top ten strongest tennis players of the Soviet Union and did not leave it on for 18 years, and in 1966-1967 and 1969-1978, he led the her.

. At this time there are dozens of brilliant victories A
. Metreveli on the tennis courts of the country, where he was not equal throughout his athletic career. Confirms this - a unique collection of titles and ranks: Games of the absolute champion of the peoples of the USSR (1975), . 29-times champion of USSR in singles (1966-1967, . 1969-1976, . 1978, . 1980), . Doubles (1967-1968, . 1970-1977) and mixed (1970-1973, . 1975-1976) discharges, . 6-fold absolute champion (1970-1973, . 1975-1976), . USSR Championship finalist in singles (1963, . 1965, . 1968), . Doubles (1963) and combined (1966, . 1968, . 1977) discharges, . 10-times winner of the All-Union competition in a single winter (1964, . 1966-1968, . 1970, . 1978), . Doubles (1967-1968, . 1970, . 1980) and mixed (1967) discharges, . winner of the Open Winter Championship in Moscow in 1963 in singles.,

. Alexander Metreveli was 18 years old when he made his debut in the USSR team
. Beginning in 1963, and for 14 years, he defended the honor team at Davis Cup and in doing so have never stayed on the bench.

By the number of matches in the Davis Cup, he should be referred to the world record. 105 (!) Meetings at the tournaments that rank - is really a fantastic result, which displays Alexander Metreveli in the top five tennis players of all time. Over his matches at the Davis Cup involved only Nicholl Petranzheli Italian, Romanian Ilie Nastase and the Spaniard Manuel Santana. With tennis player? 1 Davis Cup H. Petranzheli Alexander Metreveli first met in 1968 in Italy, and three sets lost only two game, winning the match with a distinct advantage.

. Noteworthy that the permanent leader of the Soviet national team in contrast to its foreign competitors are not always given the opportunity to participate in competitions
. As a result of political "game" the Soviet national team and its leader, sometimes stayed out of the game. In 1965 the USSR team did not participate in Davis Cup. In 1976 she went to the Cup semi-finals, but she dropped out "fatal" lots. Team Chile was not so opponent who could defeat is on the rise of Soviet national team, but the country's sporting interests were sacrificed to political ambitions.

. Significantly, and then, . that stood at the peak of fitness USSR team, . leading force of which were two Georgian tennis player - Alexander Metreveli and Teimuraz Kakulia and that really claim victory in Davis Cup, . in 1977 and 1978 participation in the drawing of "reason" is not accepted.,

. Output in the semifinal of the Davis Cup was in itself a major accomplishment, it required to win in the Euro zone
. Once in the team at A. Metreveli appeared worthy partner in the face Teimuraz Kakulia, the Soviet national team twice sought success in the European zone, having won against the strongest opponents.

. The supreme achievement of the same Alexander Metreveli was reaching the final at Wimbledon in 1973 in singles
. In the semifinal he made zachehlit racket main contender for the Wimbledon crown - the famous American D. Connors. Ahead of the forthcoming meeting with the familiar rival and friend - I. Kodyshem.

Soviet tennis player was clearly on the rise and has repeatedly won in Czech, including the previous Wimbledon. Therefore, as a result of the survey conducted among journalists, 81 per cent of their preferred A. Metreveli. However, their forecasts have not come true. In "normal" games Alexander always captivates the audience for its unusual ease, freedom, confidence, a combination of the finest "gaming lace" with powerful crushing blows, confident actions anywhere in the site, though changed completely.

. "In the match with me going on something strange and unaffected - told a
. Metreveli. - Of course, there I saw "the match of his life, and this created more than ever, the tense psychological situation. Accustomed to my emotional lift, the natural excitement gave way to some kind of equanimity, what's more - apathy. In muscles felt unusual connectivity, traffic stalled and lost their customary freedom. I struggled hard with himself, instead of all in his power to fight with rival. As a result, I did not show that, on what can! That's what a pity.

That hurt a long time did not give the rest to Alexander Metreveli. However, his dedication, persistence, the most honorable sportsmanship he has done everything possible to climb the tennis Olympus, contribute to strengthening the authority of Soviet sport. Evidence of that - an impressive list of his titles, . won numerous international tournaments: 3-times finalist at Wimbledon in singles (1973) and combined (1968, . 1970) discharges, . 16-times European champion in singles (1970-1971, . 1973, . 1975, . 1977-1978), . Doubles (1970, . 1972, . 1974, . 1976-1977) and mixed (1970-1974) discharges, . absolute champion of Europe (1970), . winner of the open championships in Scandinavia and Sweden (1966) in singles, . Champion of Asia (1970) in singles and mixed doubles, . semi BNL d'Italia (1968, . 1970), . Australia and France (1972) in singles, . French Open semifinalist (1966, . 1974) in the pair and the U.S. (1975) in mixed doubles, . tournament winner of five Australian states (1971-1972), . Open Championship of Egypt (1971), . Kent County (Beknem, . 1972-1973) in singles, . Open Championship in Cairo (1972) in singles and mixed doubles, . finalist of the tournament "John Player" (1974) in singles, . 16-year-old multiple winner of international tournament in singles (1965-1967, . 1970-1971, . 1973-1974), . Doubles (1967-1968, . 1970-1971) and mixed (1964, . 1966, . 1970-1971, . 1973) discharges, . 10-times winner of the winter international tournament in singles (1966, . 1968, . 1971), . Doubles (1967, . 1970-1972) and mixed (1968, . 1970-1971) discharges, . bronze medalist of world tennis championship in 1974.,

. In the national team of junior team of the USSR A
. Metreveli won the Cup Galea (1964). Defending the honor of the National Team of the USSR in the years 1963-1980 he spent 105 games, achieving a record for the Soviet tennis results - 78 wins (with 27 lesions). In 1974 he was the first time in the history of the Soviet tennis took 9 th place in the world classification of tennis players.

In the Davis Cup A. Metreveli was replaced by three generations of tennis players. Participating in competitions with Thomas Leyusom and Sergei Likhachev, Teimuraz Kakulia and Vladimir Korotkov, Konstantin Pugaevym, Vadim Borisov and Alexander Zverev, he hardly knew lesions. Metreveli has always been a true leader and, if not the political conjuncture in the history of the Davis Cup tennis player would be a Georgian absolute champion of all time. It is hard to imagine anyone else over the past two decades, managed to skip the game of the highest class and stay on the leading positions.

. Alexander Metreveli inherent in his own creative writing, only for his distinctive style and manner of playing
. Style, this is quite natural, it does not contain excessive artistry, but also makes an indelible impression on the audience. Tennis for it - sport and spectacle, which should bring the viewer an aesthetic pleasure. Organic fusion of these two components of the game and fueled the tennis handwriting Metreveli.

Interesting A. Metreveli was always a person. With its combination of sharp, unexpected and well-thought moves and attacks, intelligence, he always won the respect of all who had dealings with him. He was a true gentlemanly ethics tennis.

Most accurately described by Alexander Metreveli an outstanding athlete and commentator of the People's Artist of USSR Nikolai Ozerov: "Metreveli - tennis player from God. When you watch him play, you experience a true delight. This - not just a game. This - the high art. There is everything that is inherent in the great art, tennis: the formidable attack, a clever defense, filigree technique and, finally, a bright imagination, subtle improvisations, without which true art is unthinkable. Metreveli - the first among the Soviet tennis players who managed to fully master the technical and tactical games universal wisdoms, to demonstrate in practice many of the advanced ideas Tennis 1960-1970-ies. "

To 35 years of AI. Metreveli left the sports arena. Gone undefeated. But the greatest passion of his life he never left and never lived a single day without the thought and care about the development of tennis. In 1981-1982, he was a trainer of high sports school and team Georgia. From 1982 to 1987 he was deputy chairman of the Sports Committee of Georgia, vice-president of the All-Union Tennis Federation, a member of the Steering Committee of the International Tennis Federation. Over the years, AI. Metreveli team of Uzbekistan has been a consultant and advisor to the Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and Sport of Russia.

Alexander Iraklievich never lost ties with his native Georgia. Thanks to him in the republic established tennis. The merit of it consists in the fact that Tbilisi has often hosted the prestigious event at the Davis Cup, and the Georgian sports fans and tennis players are not just given the opportunity to see firsthand the recognized masters of the game.

Educated AI. Metreveli - Journalist. In 1968 he graduated from Tbilisi State University. In 1988-1992, he was a columnist, the Georgian news agency and now serves as a sports commentator on NTV. His tennis reports confirm that he has tremendous experience and in his case he is a true master.

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR AI. Metreveli was awarded the Order of Honor, medals "For Labor Valor", "For Labor". He was one of the first foreigners to be awarded the title of honorary citizen of Australia.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich, photo, biography
Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich, photo, biography Alexander Metreveli Iraklievich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple champion of the USSR, a finalist at Wimbledon, champion of Europe, the champion of Asia, newscaster, an honorary citizen of Australia, photo, biography
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