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G. Gorshkov

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, Olympic champion, six-time world champion and European)

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Biography G. Gorshkov
photo G. Gorshkov
Born October 8, 1946 in Moscow. Father - Georgy Gorshkov (1910-1968). Mother - Maria S. Gorshkov (1912-1995). Wife - Irina Gorshkova (1958. born.). Daughter - Pakhomov, Gorshkova Julia (1977. born.) studying in Paris. The son of the couple - Belyaev Stanislav (1978. born.).

The world-famous pair Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov - the first in the history of Olympic champions in sports dancing on ice. They won the Olympic gold medal in 1976 at the Games in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, having over 10 years the way a difficult test, starting almost from zero and rising to the very top.

. When, in 1966, Ludmila and Alexander for the first time together to test their strength on the ice, few people believed in what ever it is this couple can become the best of the best
. "The beginning was so far away, so timid first interest ..." - These poetic lines exactly reflect the situation of those years. Pakhomov was already true champion of the Soviet Union (with Victor Ryzhkina), but Gorshkova, the pupil of the army club, no one knew: he was a modest pervorazryadnikom without, apparently, any prospects.

. However, the young couple believed in their strength
. As believed in them and the young coach Elena Chaikovskaya, which together they began to create entirely new - Russian! - Style of ice dancing. It is not standard, . completely original approach to the ice dance theme, . based on the achievements of Russian and Soviet ballet school, . Russian classical and folk music, . allowed Pakhomova and Gorshkov in just three years to make a dizzying leap in the sports hierarchy.,

. Already in 1969 they won bronze European Championship, but lost the World Cup only a world champion - the British Diana Tauler and Bernard Ford
. It was then at a press conference after the British athletes in the competition as the successor called the Russian couple. And they were right.

In 1970, Lyudmila and Alexander became the first champions of Europe and the world. In total, they had their six times - more than anyone in the history of ice dancing. Only once gave Pakhomov and Gorshkov highest step of the podium - at the European Championship 1972 (Germany pair of brother and sister Beech), . But two months later launched at the World Cup such a devastating retaliatory strike, . that the German dancers were forced to complete their athletic performance.,

. In the first year of his World Cup championship Pakhomova and Gorshkov had a chance to withstand incredible for that time competition from the best skaters of Great Britain, Germany, USA
. And they not only survived, but also far ahead in his creative search. Along with Tchaikovsky in these years have been created memorable for millions of viewers dancing - "La Cumparsita", which became a model for several generations, "Waltz" to the music of AI. Khachaturian, "In memory of Louis Armstrong", "Joker" by Rodion Shchedrin and dozens of original and arbitrary programs that received the judges of the highest ratings.

. Last year before the next - 1976 - the Olympic Games had an accident, almost perecherknuvshee all the creative and sporting biography and Ludmilla Alexander
. After the European Championships in 1975, which Pakhomov and Gorshkov won with a huge advantage on the way home, Alexander felt a pain in the back. At first it seemed that it was an elementary and a cold a few days it will be possible to begin training. But it turned out that all is far worse. As a result, Gorshkov landed in the hospital, where he underwent a unique operation on lung. Only this plus huge physical conditioning saved his life. Moreover, he returned to the sport. And although the World Cup to make a stellar pair could not be on the ice, they still came out and showed that the Olympic hopes for them fully preserved.

It happened. In Innsbruck Ludmila Pakhomov and Alexander Gorshkov again had no equal. Their separation from their closest pursuers was more than convincing. The first Olympic gold in the sport ice dancing went to Moscow.

The same thing happened four years later, when "dancing gold" again won the disciples of E.I. Tchaikovsky - Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponosov, most of whose career took place and has been there for close to our first champion, on whose experience could create a solid foundation and our own success.

Fleeting Sporting Life. On the eve of 1977 Lyudmila Pakhomov and Alexander Gorshkov leave the ice. Pakhomov, to become a coach, Gorshkov - to become sports officials. Of course, vast experience has helped them to quickly and confidently start a new life. Moreover, the young trainer L. Pakhomov successfully graduated from the Faculty GITIS choreographer and could fully equipped to educate their own students - young dance couples. It was hoped that soon it will grow new Russian champions, but the worst thing happened: her waylaid illness. Ludmila struggled with it as well as their entire lives struggling in sport. She continued to work until the very last of his days and left behind a whole galaxy of young dancers, who subsequently became successful coaches.

After a sports career. Gorshkov from 1977 to 1992 worked as a trainer for the National Figure Skating Sports Committee of the USSR, and since 1992 he heads the Office of International Relations of the Olympic Committee of Russia (CBR). In 2001, a. Gorshkov was elected a member of the executive committee of the ROC. Since 2000 he is also vice-president of the Moscow Regional Federation of figure skating and president of the Regional Charity Foundation "Art and Sport" name Ludmila Pakhomova.

. But the main thing in his life continues to be inextricably linked with their favorite sport and his work in the technical committee on dancing on ice the International Skating Union (ISU), . of which he first began back in 1984, . and in 1998 was elected chairman,
. It is this committee, . Being creative core of ice dancing, . designed to determine the strategy for the development of the sport on the international arena, . develop new rules of competition, . annually adjusting them, . monitor and evaluate the work of judges, . ensure the improvement of their knowledge and skills,
. This means that it is from Alexander Gorshkov is largely dependent, in what direction will the ice dance.

. As a result of his activities as are a number of significant changes in the rules, which allowed further enhance the technical complexity and entertainment dancing on ice
. Since 1998, it became possible to use vocal music to create compositions of original and free dance, and became mandatory inclusion of the specially defined technically complex elements.

All these and other innovations introduced by technical committee and annually adjusted the rules, demanding the transition to a higher level of awareness of judges, without which their work will be ineffective. To this end, the technical committee began holding annual conferences and seminars for referees to be invited from all over the world, where developing this wonderful sport.

In 1988, L. Pakhomov and A. Gorshkov for its contribution to the development of ice dancing and sporting achievements have been elected honorary members of "Glory Museum of Figure Skating Federation of the U.S.". As six-time world champions (1970-1974, 1976) and Europe (1970-1971, 1973-1976), they are inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Original Dance Tango Romantica ", prepared by the athletes, along with coach EA. Tchaikovsky in 1973, is included and executed so far as the compulsory dance at all competitions in sport dancing on ice.

A.G. Gorshkov - Honored Master of Sports (1972), Honored trainer of the USSR (1988), Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia (1996). Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1976), Friendship of Peoples (1988), "Badge of Honor" (1972).

On a serious hobby for Alexander G. practically no time left. He loves technology, he repaired his car, corrects all home appliances. In the literature prefers the works of favorite writers - Mikhail Bulgakov and I. In with pleasure watching almost all Soviet films. It likes to meet with friends, many of whom are artists: A. Domogarov, A. Mordvinova, IN. Rakov etc.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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G. Gorshkov, photo, biography
G. Gorshkov, photo, biography G. Gorshkov  Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, Olympic champion, six-time world champion and European, photo, biography
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